Beghe, Moltavo, Rathbun and the Law

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by KittyKatSpanker, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. pooks Member

    They wanted the PI circus. It's like an addiction for them. They have to have all this crazy
    game playing in their lives. Plus it allows them to make videos showing what victims they are.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    It proves they were willing to risk their own safety to check on their wives, they are true, amazing heroes who only want to help others!
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  3. DeathHamster Member

    So M&M cleverly threw OSA off track by shutting down their phones and lost the PIs.

    Then they parked in a parking garage three blocks away.

    And it was only when they switched their phones back on that OSA/PIs were able to find where their car was parked (in a different building) over two hours after losing them...

    My only question is: Is this real stupid, or fake stupid?

    As for the home pickets, that was standard operating procedure against critics back when M&M were in charge of those things, and yet now they are SHOCKED, completely SHOCKED!
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  4. Anonymous Member



    You've been staring into the Abyss too long.
  5. theLastAnon Member

    On the one hand, replying to your poorly made argument doesn't do anything to advance the destruction of scientology, so I'm disinclined to do it. On the other hand, allowing your tirade to go unchecked in someway gives it validity that it doesn't deserve which is bothersome. Finally, my post was not a personal attack (even with the snarky "why so full of shit?" comment) but you seem to be taking this personally. I suppose I could just say "y u mad bro?" and move on.

    Instead, I'll simply point out that "ad hominem" is two words not "a pretty word."
  6. subgenius Member

    Oh its real baby.
    Also to remember these bozos have no real educational background.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, but M&M have enough practical experience with PIs, noisy investigations and having personally done blow-drills and whatnot, that they should know that a large number of goons and PIs could have just fanned out and searched on foot in two hours, and still had time for burgers and coffee. (Assuming that CoS didn't already know where they were going.) There's no need to postulate leaky phones or even a mole in the cell phone company.
  8. Here are some issues with their video/statement:

    1. What I saw in that video was normal Southbound rush hour traffic on PCH. The fact that they were moving at all is surprising because that road is a main thoroughfare for Ventura County residents that work over the hill. I've been stuck on that road for hours, barely moving at all.

    2. They were by the Topanga Canyon Blvd section, and the traffic coming from that street was very light which is very unusual at that time in the morning. Rinderburn should consider themselves lucky for being able to move at all on that street, Scilon goons and all.

    3. You can lose someone tailing you for two hours but not get very far away from them. Los Angeles is very big, but when traffic flares (which is almost all the time) two hours can get you less than ten miles. If they were downtown (Rathbun mentioned that they were in a 'high rise', and there aren't too many places with high rise buildings) you can walk faster than drive around downtown during parts of the daytime. Rinderburn would have been better served if they dodged their goons via public transportation and the subway, and I would have given anything for a picture of that.

    4. The goons probably knew the general location of Rinderburn's destination(s) so it isn't hard to have teams of goons swarming an area looking for a scent.

    5. Rinderburn knew that their wives would be ambushed and they've both admitted to using disposable phones to throw off the PIs and DM (read Rinder's comments on Marty's post) so they had specific reasons to 'test' the goons to be 'found' after they knew their wives would be ambushed.

    My conclusion is that this was all orchestrated and Rathbun's comments are 95% hyperbole and exaggeration; this situation was created by them but amusing to me just the same. I will change my mind only with further dox that they were harassed like they claim they were.
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  9. subgenius Member

    just commenting on overall stupidity, not this incident in particular
  10. AnonLover Member

    These are the two biggest outpoints that makes this story seems like bs...

    Where's the police report, did they NOT file charges on lunatic lebow ramming their rental car? Rental car companies usually get almighty pissed when you return a dented/wrecked car and dont have the police report showing you obeyed the fine print of the contract. And even when you do got one, if you didnt get to the airport 1-1.5hrs early to deal with the damage reports - you aint making your flight.

    Also - if they were sitting in conference room meeting in some highrise - why in the hell would you not use a land line to phone home in an emergency???
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  11. It's truly disgusting that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder overlook their horrible treatment of critics and Scientologists alike when they were in positions of power at L. Ron Hubbard's abusive Office of Special Affairs for decades.

    ALL of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology is and has been Radical Scientology since its inception regardless of who is selling the scam.

    According to LRH himself it was originally sold as an exact "Science" of the mind but changed to a "Religion" using religious cloaking when and only when the convicted fraud Hubbard was being investigated for medical malpractice due to his outrageous claims of using his e-meter "technology" and processing to produce "Clears" with perfect vision, perfect recall and cures for many medical problems.

    Now these 2 abusive pricks want to play victim to the same types of black operations they themselves, oversaw, ordered and covered up using LRH'S fair game policy to utterly ruin if possible legitimate critics of this abusive, controlling, phony religion scam.

    Their carefully selected admissions of wrongdoing while in Scientology seek only to portray David Miscavige as the villain while they merely followed their superiors orders. The classic Failed Nuremberg defense, anyone?

    They could be extremely helpful in exposing the horrendous abuses they engaged in as part of Scientology's hierachy. Instead these 2 abusive, cowardly fucks choose to try and sell their own version of the scam for personal gain.

    Imho, like ALL Scientologists, they too are indeed victims of too much LRH processing and the dangerous following of his brutally abusive policies. This does not excuse their recruiting Ex-Scientologists who finally have a chance at overcoming the negative effects of living under LRH's abusive policies for so long.
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    KKK is Martay's PR man.
    Spanker, How come Marty censors comments on his blog? Does that reflect the Freedom of Speech you are supposedly for?
    Do you think that Doubt is a crime?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    LMAO at the OP. As if anyone is going to believe Marty's version of the "Truth".
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  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

  17. It is in the end his blog not a Messageboard. It is intresting that I get heckled about me posting over there and not over the CONTENT of my postings.

    Doubt is not a crime no.

    xenubarb | June 5, 2011 at 10:23 am | Reply

    Hey Marty,
    The next time you come to LA, I would love to trail around with you and get the full RTC experience.
    I was suspicious of the Montalvo story. Too many unexplained holes people were trying to fill in with speculation. Good to know.
    BREAKING NEWS! This just in, TMZ does not vet its sources or research stories given them by Scientology, Inc.

  18. Anonymous Member

    LMAO Ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now that was interesting.

  19. Just stay on target

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  20. Anonymous Member

    "A=A" is Scilontalk. ^^OSAOSAOSAOSA
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  22. Anonymous Member

  23. I am not intrested in someones crocodile tears. I am intrested in what I personnaly do get through over there.

    EXHIBIT 1. I did put the wrong link in it It should have been a link to Pooks posting here on WWP or on ESMB

    Cat Daddy | June 2, 2011 at 8:54 pm | Reply

    Next ploy of Miscavige to get money:
    Subj: CCHR Call To Arms
    Thanks a lot to all of you who already helped out on this rush cycle; for those who haven’t here is the info:
    Our president, Jan Eastgate needs your help. She is right now in Australia, launching a huge battle against a major psych who got $11 million for labeling & drugging toddlers as young as 3 years old!!!!
    Major research investigations are ongoing to combat this and we need to raise an additional $8700 to pull this off. Please flow $100/$200/$500 or whatever you can!
    Can you please help?
    Contact John now!
    John B Fleming
    CCHR International
    Cell: 727 647-2692 or
    PS: THIS IS WHY “Mental health testing planned for three-year-olds as part of early intervention program”
    Do not forward – for you only!
    If you would rather not receive these e-mails,
    reply to with “Unsubscribe Me” in the subject line

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  24. Anonymous Member

    The reference to disappointment because someone wanted to do an “interview” again – that is a direct threat to repeat what they did last month at my home with four Cult members attempting hold me at bay at my own front door –

    Note, they note they will have to visit Mosey (Monique Rathbun, my wife) whom they know will be alone by virtue of their access to airline computers. Please also note the lewd sexual allusion. They recently sent a dildo addressed to my wife at her work address.

    The allusion to “interviewing” Mosey “alone” is a oft used tactic by Miscavige – “every time Marty leaves, send thugs in on his wife, and step up harassment just before he leaves in hopes he doesn’t leave and thus arrive at his appointments with justice.”

    I am making this report in advance of anticipated harassment to my home and family expected and threatened sometime between 31 May and 3 June.
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  26. Random guy Member

  27. LarryBren Member

    I might be completely wrong here but I suspect a few real abuses might not be overlooked shortly when Janet Reitman's book comes out.

    I find these titles of chapters within Janet's book that is being released this month to be interesting:

    Lisa died a horrible death over what must have been an agonizing 17 days at the hands of at best completely incompetent people who had no right to be in charge of the well being of someone under great mental duress. And the "tech" they employed was that of a man completely and totally incompetent in the field of mental health who, while lying about his own credentials and promising great cures, himself died a babbling madman, a victim of his own greed.

    Yet scientologists and some ex scientologists argue over whether "the tech" of this madman was "properly applied", completely missing the point that "the tech" was at best worthless. Both try to profit on the continued usage of Hubbard's "tech" as they argue whether or not the useless and highly dangerous "introspection rundown" should be 2 days or 17 in duration.

    And who ordered the destruction of evidence thereby ensuring that such "tech" can claim further victims and that the loved ones of Lisa could never indeed get true closure? Are these not actual examples of the real abuses and insanities that define Hubbard's legacy?

    I grieve every time I think of these victims of Hubbard's "tech": Lisa, Kyle and so many others who were harmed or destroyed "for the greatest good".

    These and the other countless destroyed people and families are the real stories of scientology IMO.

    Maybe our courts and governments have forgotten about justice here but I suggest Karma has not. I think Janet's book will be interesting in exposing the truth of what happened in Lisa's case and I do not think that those responsible have yet embraced the horror of their real reckoning.

    Another related comment about Janet's book from ILove2Lurk that I found interesting was:

    (my emphasis added)

    I am not siding with Anne Broker even remotely but who was it that went out and collected this woman when she had escaped to freedom and dragged her back to the hell of Hemet? It will be interesting again to see how Janet covers this.

    Each of us who were once part of organized scientology must ensure we do our best to expose the lies, the abuses and the wrongs that are part of it, take responsibility for what we have done and do what we can to try to ensure it never reoccures.

    This nonsense of spies vs spies and whose interpretation of Hubbard's crazy policies is "the best" makes me think that some people are not trying hard enough.

    In the meantime the games can be entertaining.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Thank You, Larry.
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  29. Smurf Member

    It's plausible. Law enforcement are always confronted with situations where they have to use their discretion in determining whether an offense was committed. When they have questions whether or not offense was committed, they'll take a report and send it to the DA or City Attorney (as they did in my case with Flyer Guy). Then the decision on whether to bring charges rests with the DA. If the DA chooses to bring charges, it resolves the Sheriffs department of any liability because they weren't involved in the decision to prosecute.
  30. Smurf Member

    I don't buy this shit. Marty is claiming in his statement that the police took his side & detained the PIs. If the police "detained" anyone, there would be a police report. I would love to see it. I suspect that the PIs bumped his car with theirs & told the police it was accidental, took Marty's info and while getting the PIs version of the events, permitted Marty to leave. Of course, Mighty Marty has to appease his adoring, fawning fan club by claiming it was a heroic decision in his favor. Scumbag.

    Too bad the PIs didn't "accidentally" run his ass down.
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  31. Smurf Member

    Seriously, with all that M & M has been through (getting a well-deserved dose of their own mistreatment of others when they were in the cult), they would have known better than to leave their wives alone UNLESS M & M had an ulterior motive in mind. In Mike's case, Christine is not alone in the house. Haydn James & his wife & Tom DeVocht also live in the same house in Tarpon Springs.

    I assume Mosey didn't travel with Marty (as she often does) to Los Angeles because she had to work.. which Marty claimed two months ago she quit to become a fulltime auditor at home, but last month contradicted that in his blog.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    His "Heavy Ethics" were not merely an experiment. It was at the core of his dogma.
    It is not as if he just tried it out, and dropped it. It is all his policy.
    You are a fan of Hubbard and a freezoner. lol
  33. Anonymous Member

    Note to Marty: Apologies work, and they help people.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Uh, no. Tom DeVocht does not live there.
  35. Just because Marty never even met Hubbard, doesn't mean he's not the single most expert of Scientology on the planet.

    Marty knows Scientology better than Hubbard, Hubbard's version of Scientology has now been demoted to 'Radical Scientology'

    Marty is man's last hope, only Marty can save the universe from the Marcabians.


    Queue the Galactic Patrol Marching Song

    Marty's Scientology is now the real Scientology.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for that. Well done.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    In for one enjoy the M&M vs. DM show. I bear him no grudge.
  38. I have to admit it's a guilty pleasure of mine too. It's like watching Bum Fights, with retards being substituted for the bums.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    FFS! M&M just can't shake off the CULT mentality can they!

    How many men in their FIFTIES - for chrissake! - are still living in a little groupie-group-student-fucking-living arrangement?


    What the fuck do the pair of you contribute to society?

    Oh FFS!! Just fuck off my planet and take that snivelling little dwarf turd and his army of ass wipes with you!


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