Beghe, Moltavo, Rathbun and the Law

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by KittyKatSpanker, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Optimisticate Member

    Insanity. Pure and simple.

    Online blogs can and will be used as evidence nowadays, in both criminal and commitment trials.

    Keep writing Marty. KSW, WTF, and all that.
  2. exOT8Michael Member

    This is just all caught up in a vortex of ego faggotry that allows no self-inspection or sanity of viewpoints. Good for LULZ but not much else.
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  3. elwood Member

    Right in one, Barb.
  4. Smurf Member

    I'm curious what this was...


    Filed by Attorney for Pltf/Petnr

  5. AnonLover Member

    is this odd maybe because i only see FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION FOR NEGLIGENCE in the original complaint?

    or was there an amended complaint filed since marty released the first pair, that we havent seen yet maybe?
  6. Smurf Member


    BC456610 - Montalvo vs. Bridge Publications... the judge has called for both sides to try to mediate this to settlement. They are to report back to the judge by January 26, 2012, if the parties can't come to an agreement on settling the case. Trial by jury scheduled for April 2, 2012.. 09:30 am, dept. 56, 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA.

    BC456611 - Montalvo vs. Church of Scientology, Int'l - A hearing on Demurrer -Motion to strike was held this morning. (A Demurrer is used to tell the court that the allegations in the complaint do not provide legally sufficient reason for the defendant to be sued). Motion denied. The cult has filed an additional motion "to strike" (have the case dismissed). That hearing is scheduled for September 25.

    Sources inform me they have been unable to locate defendant Jesse Reiss (headmaster, Canyon Oaks Ranch School) who is in hiding and the cult denies knowing his whereabouts (what's new?) A summons for him to appear in court, because Montalvo's attorneys were unable to serve him personally, appeared in a publication notice - Los Angeles Business Journal). The cult has added a new attorney to represent the cult - Gary S. Soter.

    No trial date scheduled yet.

    SC112116 - Javier Hernandez et al. vs. Jason Beghe (Moxon's process server assault case). The cult's attorney Gary S. Soter has been hired to represent the cult. Jason has hired entertainment attorney David Bass to represent him. He has also filed a cross-complaint vs. Javier Hernandez. No trial date scheduled.
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  7. AnonLover Member

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  8. Nancy Beazley Member

    Interesting that either Moxon & Kobrin or some white-shoe law firm aren't representing the church. Which brings up the question, raised earlier in another thread, of whether Helena Kobrin has actually requested a refund from the church. Does anyone know if that question was ever answered definitively?

    As lawyers for the cult go, this one (Soter) looks like a pretty weak resource. This means something. But I don't know what.
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  9. Smurf Member

    Yes, it was answered "definitively". The Indy Scilon requesting the refund acknowledged it was an error.

    "Be THRILLED!! It is true. The FSSO Chaplin sent Helena Kobrin's repayment request to me. If you look at the letter that the Chaplin sent it's addressed to me and references Helena Kobrin also. I asked the FSSO Treasury Secretary about the $17K amount listed and he replied back that it was a mistake. Read the other PDF file I put on my blog that shows the emails between myself and Krister Nilsson (FSSO Treas. Sec.). Yeah, they did F... Up!!"


    Tikk (attorney) made an excellent point...

    "I don't know exactly what to make of this but it seems to me that the far more plausible interpretation of events is that which you suggest--that someone at FSSO was told to send Lerner's releases and waivers to Kobrin (which would make sense, probably to check over for accuracy) and mistakenly created a release packet in Kobrin's name (even helpfully researching the account balance) and sent it to Lerner.

    This is the kind of mistake that could easily get a paralegal fired, especially as it discloses confidential information to distinterested parties (and indeed, the world), but seems far more likely to have occurred than for them to have mistakenly sent over Kobrin's actual release forms to Lerner.

    If Kobrin was going to leave Scientology my guess is that it'd involve more than boilerplate legal forms given what she does for Scientology."
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  10. Nancy Beazley Member

    Thanks, Smurf. Didn't see Lerner's clarification.
  11. Mitsu Too Member

    I think I may be missing something here. Smurf were charges actually ever laid against Montalvo for the alleged theft of the hard drives?
  12. Smurf Member

    Yes, but Jason and Daniel's legal team aren't talking.
  13. Mitsu Too Member

    OK I thought there would be a case docket on it in the public domain or something.
  14. Smurf Member

    You can do a name search at the LA Superior Court website for, I believe, $10.95 and retrieve the case info.
  15. Mitsu Too Member

    Why would I do that? You posted the other stuff and you always seem to have the legal links with your background so I presume you'd have ready access. It was a simple question but not a big deal, at least not $10.95 worth.
  16. Smurf Member

    You asked. I answered. No big deal. Unfortunately, when the California courts decided to start charging fees for certain information as a source of additional revenue in this cash-strapped state of ours, my "ready access" was limited.
  17. Mitsu Too Member

    Makes sense. Thanks anyway.
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