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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    What I want to do. Catch pedophiles in our public schools. Not the hot female teacher that every teen boy dreams about, and the government loves to catch. The dirty old men that rape and violate. The sexual predators that stalk the hallways and locker rooms like and infectious cancer spreading pain and hate with no fear of being caught or held responsible for their actions.

    Every female I know, from my wife to my mother, my friends.....they all have a story. How is this possible? At this rate it's like a 90% molestation rate! It happens because WE allow it. We are so focused on where Nike's are manufactured, why Mastercard no advertise, and what is the deal with Tom Cruise? I don't care. I'm here on the street level and it will consume us long before the Federal government can turn us into meat paste, or John Travolta become president of the world.

    Plan: Gather intelligence. Everyone has stories, but no one has proof. We find a target, investigate, and turn over evidence. That's all. Nothing shady....much. Fact is only the victims know for sure. No huge public outings, or trolling the accused, because if we do and we are wrong....then we are the bad guys. We move silently, gather what we can, and turn it over without ever allowing the target know we are there. If we can't track a 60 year old pervert then....we are doomed. One pedo captured could equal 10 innocent girls. Think about it.

    Why Batman? Because if the ultimate evil can exist 100 times over, then at least one Batman must also. Together we can make him exist. Let everyone know that there is more to the world the rapists and killers. There is The Batman.
  2. PresidentShaw Member

    The batman is a nutjob though
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  3. PresidentShaw Member

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  4. CarterUSP Member

    You seem to think that only men commit sex offences against children.
    You are misinformed.

    And Batman? Really? Get back to your comic books.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    No nudes upstairs - HOC
  6. Anonymous Member

    A.) Batman is not real.
    B.) Many things could happen. Some good.
    C.) Women can be sex shit. Your wisdom knows no bounds.....yet you fail.
    D.) "Get back to your comicbooks?" REALLY. My favorite comic is V for Vendetta. Do you even know what your profile pic means? Well, sorry to interrupt the circle jerk. Enjoy your rave, mustache growing contest, or what ever you guys do in between eating mushrooms and thinking you are the only person that understands Pink Floyd.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    U r this kind of batman
  9. Anonymous Member

    Did you make that picture yourself or google it.....maybe Bing it. I hear Bing is popular with ass hats. Not that you yourself are an ass hat....I just assume because of the ass hat-ish behaviour.....not that I judge, I just wonder Why you no use own words......ass hat maybe?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    You is this Guy Fawkes.

  12. Anonymous Member

    Try other threads already started about this. Lots of info and tips.
    Arriving here calling yourself Batman will not bring you the acclaim you are seeking.
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    To be fair, Batman & Robin were also on TV -

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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    I didn't say I was batman...I don't think....I said there should be one....but I'll take your advice and search other threads. For the record....not looking for acclaim. My mother, wife and many friends where repeatedly raped as children. Step fathers and High school couches. I want to stop it. Nothing amazing about that. Seems like a pretty fucking normal reaction. I know where one is. He moves from school to school. The towns never have more then a population of 500. I know for a fact one girl he molested. I'm certain he hasn't stopped. Sorry to waste all your time and use up your kick ass meme's. Continue what ever it is you do. I'm sure it will reshape the world.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Raped by couches? Got pix of that?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Let's not be sexist
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. tonicmole Member

    sucking dicks is funny.....coaches.....not couches! Read what I mean not what I type! You understood Why u haz no cheezburger but can't switch couch to coach...jeez!
  22. Anonymous Member

    High school couches! I can almost remember those.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    yes......couches.....we covered that....if the fate of the world ever depends on proper spelling you guys will be ready. Unless your sucking each other off, then it'll be a second.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Ah! He casts off his mask!!
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. tonicmole Member

    Not really...I'm still wearing a mask....
  28. Anonymous Member

    So, enter the Anonymous vs. Scientology Forum, tell WWP Anonymous to Be Batman; demand that WWP Anonymous read what you tell people to read (regardless of typing fail) and be butthurt. Great first impression whoeverthefuckyouareoraren't. Congrats! You've arrived on my Ignore list faster than a speeding batman n00b.
  29. Anonymous Member

    What OP wants
    Sorry, cant allow that upstairs - HOC

    What OP gets
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Not butt hurt.....joking.....jesus! I like batman as an do We could call ourselves the Elmo Bandits for all I fucking care! Forget it. I understand. Spelling #1. Hipster mustache #2..........#112 do something for others not related to getting laid.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I believe the last is #9000
  33. Anonymous Member

    This whole thread plays out like FOX NEWS! guys are winning.....something.....I'm just not sure what it is. Who will Watch the Watchmen....
  34. Anonymous Member

    Please don't go.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I didn't say I was leaving!
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. 00anon00 Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    What this thread needs is more Rick Santorum
  40. HOC Member

    Sorry to be a bit of a killjoy guys, but if we could leave nudity out of threads upstairs please, it'd be appreciated. :)

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