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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    I'm something real. Not V for Vendetta, Batman, or spell check. I don't give a shit about whether or not there be aliens in that there desert, or whether George Bush cheated to get elected. Hell, I don't even give a rats ass whether we actually landed on the moon. Because, who cares. Really. What is all this for? Revolution.....I've seen those before. First everyone wore bell bottoms and tripped on acid, then shot up heroin and wore flannel, now we put on V for Vendetta masks. I hoped it was more then just a fashion trend. More then another reason to take another drug. More then a meme, or catchy slogan. That this time it would stand for more then just a huge financial boom for Guy Fawkes mask manufacturers. Unfortunately, this world isn't in the condition it is because a few have repressed the many. It's like this because the many have repressed the few. The majority of people like things just how they are. They'll certainly put on the mask and Troll the forums....but they are not the Revolution. Things are how they are because we want them to. It's the one concept anonymous has missed. There are no people to save. No repressed to free. There is no beast....only the belly. Woodstock 1969.....when it rained, we saw how many truly many actually gave a shit. To be fair even most of those only stayed because they were spun out. When the rain comes.....and the mask fade and crack.....when the next fad rears it's ugly head......only the soldiers will remain, and they will be far and few between.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    The fuck?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I'm referring to the fact that this has been more about batman and spelling then sexual abuse. No one actually cares. It's about meme's and Halloween masks. This isn't my first revolution. I remember believing grunge was something. I was a little young, but I believed.......fact of the matter was it was a reason to wear ripped pants. It was more important to know the lyrics to Blackhole Sun, rather then change anything. I get the same fuzzy feeling right now. Don't worry. I can handle it, even with all the clever pictures. I'll handle this myself. Enjoy the revolution. Have one on me.
  8. PresidentShaw Member

    I think that what people mean is that your plan needs to be thought out more carefuly, now I'm trying to be nice to you since you seem a bit slow, but vigilantism only works in comic books, in real life it turns into this:


    Which is ironic considering your watchmen analogy.
  9. PresidentShaw Member

    And one day you will realise that you aren't special, that you're not one of the few that ''get it'' and that you were just looking for a way to feed your own ego all along.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I'm not posting the exacts on an open forum, and the fact that my mother, and wife really don't feed my ego....but I digress.

    The internet. That's how you catch them. They are messy. They don't cover their tracks. They don't even know what an IP address is. What is it that you all do on here? Did you think I meant dressing up as Batman and grabbing shotguns while eatting fruit pie's? I don't think so. I meant peaking at what they do online. They are not hiding. Not playing it safe. Most pedo's are caught emailing or texting the abused. You understand? When it comes to ego's.....I'm certainly out numbered. If we are not going to fix things....or stop bad people nonviolently with the internet....then explain to me the point of all this?
  11. Anonymous Member

    For the slow and idle minded:

    Step 1: Identify accused...basically need a trusted source who have been violated by a possibly active sexual predator.
    Step 2: Peak at online interactions, or attempt contact with possible victims. If no proof exists....vanish and say "My bad." really quietly.
    Step 3: If proof ,as in convicted in court of law proof, is found, hand it over to the authorities anonymously and continue on our merry way.
    Step 4: No Batman, no Guy Fawkes. Just results. I never said announce to the fucking world what we are doing.....much like I just did. We wouldn't call our selves anything. It's not about recognition.
    Step 5: You don't even have to bend the law, or invade privacy. Hell, it would be possible to merely ask a few questions. Watch closely. Be observant.
    Step 6: Have a LOL rave and grow a mustache. A kick ass mustache....forget it.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Step 7
    Do what you should have done in the beginning and check out the several threads on pedophiles, OpInnocence, No Rape. Srsly you energy is wasted here. But lulzy.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I've noticed. Lot's of links....flaming, trolling, homophobic rhetoric......not really much else. It's like debating with 15 year olds on Xbox Live.
  15. CarterUSP Member

    Was this reply intended for me? The REPLY button works and it helps people.
    Congratulations on having the most fail post I have seen since the sneakster.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    U were not looking at the threads then, hyperbole
  17. Anonymous Member

    Only D.) was. I did notice I was in totally the wrong place. I zigged when i should of zagged. Would have been cool if someone would have said, "Oh, hey dude, you accidentally posted in the wrong forum. This is the Scientology specific section. You want one of the one's below it......"

    It's kinda like the Lava level in Mario. One miss step and BURN!!!! Anyways, I found my rightful thread and they have been wicked helpful.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Can anyone explain, WTF, I just read?
  19. Anonymous Member

    A wizard did it.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Something about being Batman and a Bat-signal. To which Anonymous is not.

    This is the correct Anon-Signal:
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  21. The Internet Member

    A few hundred years of experience with legal due process... I dunno. Seems maybe we shouldn't ignore that.
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