Berlin, 03/20/2011, Big Pillow Fight

Discussion in 'Deutschland' started by FluidFlow, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. FluidFlow Member

    Feather-Explosions everywhere!
    Yeah Folks,

    last sunday a flashraid was just not enough. So we went to the big flashmob-pillow fight. Hilarious! Just watch the pix at:

    After we got rid of the fu**ing feathers we visited the dianetics booth. It took some minuetes but finally we realized: Ingo's not bossing around anymore. He was actually working at the booth, wearing a red dianetic jacket, getting orders by Karina and Olaf. Poor Ingo taking the same fate as Peter: being in Scientology for over 20 years, and never be promoted!
    Ingo, Peter: There is a better life outside, (with better pillow fights)!

    The Situation
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  2. Too bad the Scientologists couldn't play pillow fight too. Sounds like most of them could really use the change of pace.
  3. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Sons of bitches are everywhere, Are they like rabbits? seems to be now its spring they are out in force and there numbers have increased!!

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