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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. billybob Member

    Just ran across this VERY interesting new INSIDER complaint on Ripoff Report:

    It's SUPER TL/DR but worth it.

    Here's a few crazy snippets:

    There's much, much more.
    Please read:

    This place sounds like a real horror story.
    Best Drug Rehabilitation, in Manistee, Michigan - Really needs to be shut down, now!
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  2. Internetzin Member

    Very succinctly laid out complaint. Horrifying in it's familiar sound, only difference in this complaint to many others I have read is the presence of Nation of Islam security.
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  3. Internetzin Member

    Billybob took the liberty of posting this brilliance across to Rock center Narconnon thread for consideration hope you don't mind
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  4. Anonymous Member

    This has been one of my worries since the shotgun wedding of the NOI to the cult! :mad:
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  5. Internetzin Member

    Also see the application of slappy tech
  6. eddieVroom Member

    Ho. Lee. Fuck.
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  7. jensting Member

    nice comment :) OSA still hasn't found the article - no negative votes :D

    Seriously, I hope the author of that piece gets in touch with the movers and shakers.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    Hmm. This seems to be the site for "Best Drug Rehabilitation Center":
    Previously, Per Wickstrom lost his Narconon franchise, and was running not-a-Narconon "A Forever Recovery":
    It seems to be a different location, also in Michigan.
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  9. billybob Member

    The same group owns and operates several locations in Michigan:

    Best Drug Rehabilitation
    The Cedars Drug Rehabilitation (apparently this is the old name for Best Drug Rehabilitation)
    A Forever Recovery (formerly known as Narconon Stonehawk)
    Narconon Freedom Center
    Tranquility Detox
  10. Anonymous Member

    Good eye as one front company becomes a liability another will emerge to replace it, these are truly evil people
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  11. anon walker Moderator

    One of the problems we encountered with Stone Hawk and MI least one member of the Kellogg family (of Battle Creek MI cereal fame) is a Scilon.

    Money talks.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    The original Dr Kellogg probably would have approved of Narconon, seeing as he was such a flake himself.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Merciless sociopathic predators: Scientology's valuable final product.
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  14. I was also a student with Margaux when she was in BDR. And I'm sorry to break it to you crusaders but she is COMPLETELY full of it!! She is a spoiled brat who threw fits when she didn't get her way about how the world was "run by money, and if you didn't have any, you were nothing!" ask her about it. She did not even do the program, and her "employment" was receptionist and a go-for for the Executive director. She is just a loser sitting at home crying because she cant stop getting high...
  15. grebe Member

    Is there any specific part of what Margaux wrote that you disagree with, BDR? I will assume that the parts you don't mention you don't disagree with.
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  16. YouSeeNothing Member

    Not sure if Best Drug is a Narconon property. Per Wickstrom owns and operates it, he was former Narconon but continues his own brand of rehab using LRH tech and a For-Profit facility. Since he's For-Profit his tax returns aren't available for public consumption and we can't see if/how much money goes uplines. I think we'd find that he may be a member of W.I.S.E. and/or Friends of Narconon now.

    Check out the Freedom Center lawsuit thread and Per Wickstrom thread for more dox. The while Michigan rehab story is a real quagmire. Giggity.
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  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    Wow! Came here just to tarnish the reputation of one person speaking out on BDR? Using "Crusaders" in a negative context to describe those of us who are trying to help people and close these dangerous rehabs just shows your real intentions, and just doesn't sit right. I'm sure she didn't do the program as you say--I didn't even read the report (they are all the same)--I'm sure she was smart enough to realize what a load of bullshit any rehab with LRH tech is, left and warned others.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Yes, we should completely ignore anything she says because you say so.

    Per Wickstrom is a scumbag courtesy of being a scientologist.

    Take the time to look at the guys history with "rehab" he has operated and try not be an ordinary-run-of-the-mill-garden-varity-humanoid-not-even-trying.

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  19. YouSeeNothing Member

    He'll go down with the rest of them...probably harder as he's not protected by the COS. Get his ass shutdown, prove the LRH tech dangerous, the referral systems fraudulent and use those cases as ammo against Narconon Intl. Per Wickstrom is already a defendant in a lawsuit that bundles him and his rehabs WITH Narconon.
  20. YouSeeNothing Member

    Good morning fellow Crusaders,

    Just take Graduate of BDR's cla(i)ms with a grain of salt...
    Why We Protest | Activism Forum - Error
    The following members could not be found: graduate of BDR.
  21. Internetzin Member

    If I'm to be a crusader where do I apply for ma cape?
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  22. grebe Member

    Yeah we know. Hover your cursor over black colored names and nothing happens. Hover over gray names, like "YouSeeNothing" or "grebe" and you can click a link for info.

    Used to be only members could post. Now non-members can also post.
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  23. YouSeeNothing Member

    Gotcha. Assumed they created the account, posted, then deleted it. Thanks.
  24. FYI, Registered Members of WWP can't delete their own accounts.

    Unregistered "Guests" can post to threads, but have no access to PMs, or any of the other many luxuries enjoyed by Registered Members; Gym, Sauna, Bar, Casino, Hazmat Suits, etc.
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  25. YouSeeNothing Member

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  26. vaLLarrr Member

    You ain't a true scientologist until your tits turn purple.
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  27. I was a student at BDR and I graduated the program. Where I am thankful the program bought me a couple months of sobriety, it didn't really teach me anything. It is true that the building is run down and the clients are responsible for cleaning it. I'm unsure of the other claims in the original post but I wouldn't reccomend this treatment center to anyone. When I was able to go home, I felt like I was on day one of sobriety and was extremely overwhelmed. Having no emphasis on the programs of AA or NA at BDR besides a weekly meeting, I had Scientology beat in my brain for a majority of the day. Honestly I rushed through the books as fast as I could so i could get out as soon as possible. I didn't learn any tools to help me remain sober. I owe all of that to AA, NA, and my sponsor.

    Also BDR advertises an impossibly high success rate, and many of my friends from BDR have relapsed. Though I am still sober and thankful for the experience, I was lied to quite a bit and would advise everyone seeking help to do a little research before they enter any facility. I was very vulnerable and willing to go anywhere the day I left for Michigan, but I wish I would have looked into it a little more. I hope this helps.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I hope you continue to do well.
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  29. I can. A few thousand mg of niacin can make you react just like my Purif avatar (avatar courtesy of Scientology Purification Rundown Picture Book)
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  30. Yes I hope you do well also. I too was their in August. This place is terrible. I was willing to do anything to get clean. Unfortunately my wife whom is not in recovery found this hell hole. The admission guy TONY lied to my wife and I and represented it has 12-step program. Never mentioned Scientology. He knew if he did I would not have come to this place.

    I started to get a bad feeling in Detox when the staff was instructed not to talk about BDR or AFR. If you think Scientology is the best thing for recovery why not shout it from the mountain tops? Some clients that had inside knowledge gave me a heads up on what to expect. I tried to keep an open mind since I really did want to get clean. After 4 days of boring ass detox I was driven 3 hours to children of the corn land, Manistee, MI.

    The building looks like a old horror movie asylum. The inside is worse. Nasty flies everywhere especially around the dinning area. Hot as Balls the A/C barley worked and the patients were telling me the A/C was broken for two months. I had a sleepless night laying in my own sweat. The next morning I went to group and was promptly handed a L. Ron Hubbard workbook. Once I tried the first few exercises, "Do Birds Fly"?, "Do Fish Swim"? I Said WTF? Then I could see the group of patients that were three weeks a head of me and they were staring at a wall for two hours. Something about learning discipline. No 12-steps in sight and I could see no tools that would help in my recovery.

    Every patient I talked to felt they were lied to and weren't told it was Scientology. I got the fuck out. It cost me $300 cab to get to Grand Rapids MI. Well worth it, I felt so good leaving that crabby place. I had to laugh the program director Amber said we can do 12-steps for you. Yea right.....I got into a good program called Stepping Stones to Recovery in Jacksonville, Fl. I'm still sober over 90 days and I hit meetings 5 times a week and work with my sponsor.

    The whole BDR experience cast me $4000.00 and 5 days of my life, but I'm very grateful for my recovery. The only thing BDR did was make me very grateful for good programs and happy if I stay clean I ill never be in a position for a shit hole like BDR.
  31. anon walker Moderator

    Heh. The only advice I can share on staying clean is this: think about the downside. Like meth? Not so fun at 3 am with nobody to talk to, is it.
    Or heroin; think of the guy in his 60s who has wasted his whole adult life stuck in a little room unable to leave because heroin sales is your only income and you don't want to miss anyone. And all he's got is a tiny b&w tv with rabbit ears.
    Or alcohol, and the fun of a paralyzing hangover.

    It's all fun and games until it isn't. Then you got a problem.
  32. Anonymous Member

    That'd suck because all TV broadcasts are digital now.
  33. anon walker Moderator

    Was a real guy 20 years ago. Prolly dead now. Or his tv is...
  34. Anonymous Member

    Not all and "over the air" digital transmissions can be received with a rabbit ear antenna.
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  35. Narconon has used large black men as muscle from the beginning. Lots of raw meat to choose from.
  36. My son is currently in bdr. I found this place by way of an 800 number. I am desperately trying to find my son a way out. They lied to me about the program. Had us sign over power of attorney over him and change his address to theirs. I'm in Alabama so I'm pretty far away to go get him. There 16 page "contract" consists now what I look back on as weird bull crap. He also attended stepping stone which is a normal program but he just wasn't ready. I am disappointed in myself as a mom for not looking into this place more. Seeing all the posts about drinking and drug use there has me worried. My son calls and complains 2 times a day on his calling card because in 2012 I guess they don't offer long distance. Stepping stone did. Anyone looking for rehab check stepping stone in Jacksonville Florida. He complains of being told to talk to ashtrays , touch walls, walk back and forth while touching walls, being punished for yawning while reading, being made to stare for 2 hours at a time. He says the stress is incredible. Everyone in charge that I complain to says they are not a scientologist. Everyone. The contract states that if u want to leave they will transport you to a bus station or anyplace within 45 miles. How convenient they drove him 50 miles from battle creek to the middle of no where. No one mentioned manis tee to me. I am so mad at these people. They word everything in the contract just so it works out that your screwed. I've called a cab company who agreed to go get him and take him to a bus station. For $200. I'm working on that. I'll have to wire the money and trust the cab company to go it cause they won't give my son the money I send. I've got a dilemma. My son said one guy actually threw his stuff out the window and ran out the front door to his wsiting wife. God help me get him to another rehab. And I'm not hiding behind a fake name.
  37. Anonymous Member

    There's a site called Reaching For the Tipping Point .It's all about Narconon and supporting people in your situation. The sad thing is that unscrupulous salesmen/women receive up to three thousand dollars a pop for their referrals. They act within a grey area of the law and are doing this to families all over the US. There's much more, much more to it, please read as much as you can about scientology and Narconon. That something like that is able to operate in this time and place despite the deaths of patients is a travesty.

    PS:Many people find they need to have law enforcement accompany them to get their friend or loved one.

    Good luck. :)
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  38. rickybobby Member

    Please post this to Reaching for the Tipping Point. They have great information and a lot of collective experience there.


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