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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by billybob, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Talk to a lawyer. As the one who gave it, you have the legal right to revoke that Power of Attorney. Once that's done, they have no legal right to hold your son against your wishes, or his if he's of legal age. And I believe a lawyer will tell you a lot of what's in that contract will not hold up in a court of law.

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    Tory Christman can help. Her email is
    Phone number (818) 588-3044
    (relax mods this is public information from Tory's website)
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    Bump for Wendy
  5. I went to BDR on September 8, 2012 everything this person said about this rehab is true
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    You guys from Best Drug Rehabilitation center need to talk to each other, compare notes (take care to remain anonymous) and consider your action. Read as much as you can about it!
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    Did everything turn out alright for Wendy and her son?

    Also, a little confused on the power of attorney thing here, Was her son under 18 or legally deemed unable to take care of himself? Because under 18, you can revoke your allowance of the facility's poa and I believe that he still has rights to contact a local attorney and such. If he was legally deemed incapacitated, thats a different story. Am I missing something here?
  8. I have a child there and I'm very worried, things just don't sound good on here and my child is planning on staying there to "work" I am afraid they have already sucked her in from the way she is talking and I need help as what to do to reach out and get my child back. I want her to stay clean I'm just afraid I'm now losing her to them..
  9. I cannot begin to imagine the pain you must be in, I can however hear your sense of urgency.

    To access WWPs personal messaging system you will need to sign up, however you don't need to use your personal details, and you are not under any obligation to use the account hereafter.

    This will allow you to PM David Love ( member name- Intelligence ) A member here who is incredibly informed and connected with regards this subject. He is a passionate believer in justice and if he cannot help you directly he will point you to someone who can.

    Due to the lateness of the hour be patient waiting for a reply, in the meantime you can inform/arm yourself about your and your child's situation over at this site, there are also fabulous people here who are uniquely equipped to help you:

    Good luck I hope you succeed.
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    ^^ good post
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  11. Omg people it's a drug rehabilitation. I guarentee you every single rehab will lie thru their teeth to get I there. Michigan, Florida, Oklahoma, London Canada out of the country, ANY rehab center. Just be thankful that whichever facility your loved one is placed, is safe an going to keep the person clean during their stay there. Once they LEAVE, that's up to them. Whether or not to use the tools they learn. I am a net comin graduate. I have worked at BDR. And many other rehab centers for many years. It's up to the person. The people complaining about BDR aren't serious about their recovery. Plain and simple. Who complains about a rehab center? If staff hit students, BDR would be shut down. I am a recovering addict myself. I know the scans and bullsh*t. The minipulations, lies. I've done it all myself. Anything to get me out of an institution...because I wanted to go get high. Narconon saved my life, thanks.
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    Which one?
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    What does " I am a net comin graduate" mean?

    And, though you know about the "minipulations," do you know about the maxipulations? ... well, there's your problem.
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    I'm glad you got clean.

    But, not all institutions labeled "drug rehabilitation" are - in fact - the same.

    The narCONon organisation which fronts for the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology is mainly a moneymaking machine. Their top priority is to take money, their second priority is to make new recruits for $cientology and their third priority is to keep the bad PR to a minimum.

    The narCONon treatment is physically dangerous, for no good reason whatsoever. There are good reasons why they were shut down in Canada. In France, they have not been allowed for more than 20 years, and that is as it should be.

    Please also look behind the curtain and educate yourself about how different treatments are not all the same.

    narCONon gets away with deaths arising from medically unsafe practices - if not with outright murder - only because a drug user is not considered a very reliable witness (as you allude to). However, the narCONon programme is even less reliable than a drug user, as far as telling the truth goes. Check out Mary Reiser's interviews if you don't know what I mean. Check out the court sanctions in the case brought by the Desmond family against narCONon in Georgia.
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  15. Best Drug Rehabilitation is currently paying a search engine optimization company, and creating a multitude of sites to push to the top of results so all the rippoff reports and forums like this get sent to the bottom. Showed up on a Mechanical Turk hit with the vendor CrowdSource. Seems like they are trying to drown out the critics. They have .com, .org, .net, .biz and .info domain names for multiple versions of their company name. So much for the democracy of the internet.


    Sooo sleazy. Rejecting ALL the Mturk hits for them in the future.

  16. I recently completed BDR's rehabilitation program in Manistee MI. I find it absurd that these totally false accusations are allowed to be written here. It' is a case of defamation of character. All these NEGATIVE comments are coming from SOUR DRUG ADDICTS with an axe to grind. The staff is not Islamic, the facility is not filthy. I hope BDR takes action and sues these people who are spreading false words. Ifinished my program nov th. I would like to say that the staff members are great, and very supportive. And another thing, there IS NOT any DRUG or ALCOHOL what so ever in the facility. I highly recommend anyone with an addiction to SEEK OUT BDR. ( And to those disgruntled EX PATIENTS ) who spread these false accusations. I hope your sued. BDR DID NOT SEEK OUT YOU, YOU WENT TO THEM. I will be forwarding any and ALL false statements that Ex patients write on this page, and I will send them directly to BDR ETHICS. You know, it's really too bad that people say these things...REMEBER, all these false accusations are coming from DRUG and ALCOHLIC patients who obviously have an axe to grind. I bet their still using drugs. Good luck to you sour, negative people. I hope you find peace.

    John B. Ex Patient at BDR
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    Very very odd that this would show up here. shouldn't OSA be at the big super powers opening? Why would they be on an sp forum like this? Are they afraid that their little rehab scams will start drawing federal scrutiny?

    Do we have a data thread on the deaths, failures, and fraud allegations from scilon based rehab scams? I think a data thread would be very helpful for all future investigations into this scilon scam.
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    Here's hoping your liver wasn't further damaged by niacin. I'm not sure we can help with your brain, tho.
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    Well, not everyone is going. there seems to be a small contingient left at each org who no doubt are struggling like hell to look like they kept stats up during the party.

    I'm guessing this is one of Wickstrom's places so I personally am leaning toward one of those Beau-clones at one of those generic intake websites who just lost a potential client because they went researching on the internets.

    Suck it, vultures.
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  24. I was in a really bad way this year when I was sent to this facility..I was so wacked out I don't even remember my parents dropping me off 6 hours away from home! I went thru the bdr program and it was hands down the worst experience of my life and I was a drug addict! The facility was disgusting it does look like a run down asylum the staff isnt responsible for cleaning the clients are! The staff are all "used to be" users which is a fucking joke half of them looked hung over or high the whole time I was there, they screamed at clients including myself put u down made racial remarks and treated u like the scum of the earth not a one helped me with a god damn thing ..when I was there staff got fired for having sex with clients ..clients jumped out windows over the fence snuck in alchol u could by drugs off staff I got in numerous fights there and put seperation order on me when u are supposed to be kicked out ..its scientology based staring at someone without blinking the book said can q fish swim ...this whole place is a joke . U have no support from family bc staff doesn't want u to contact them n tell them all the shit that goes on there . They will say anything to get u to stay they lie straight to Ur face and lie to Ur family I was put in the hospital n my family wasn't even informed n staff talked about it with clients which us a violation of HIPPA rights ..I learned more lies manipulation and about drugs in that facility then I knew on the streets as an addict ..there's no ventilation so many ppl were sick the bathroomms in shower rooms were a joke nasty I got athletes foot from the showers 60 ppl using 6 showers and no staff cleaning them wtf ..3 washers n dryers that didn't work half the time for 60 ppl on one floor? The food was far from nutritional which they claimed was "key to Ur success" I was drinkingshakes to gain weight in there bc the food made me so sick and only after I was hospitilized ...not being able to make a phone call unless its a happy one Luke wtf what's really bad is the staff they really put you down its no place to get better the only thing positive I got from this place was that it scared me so much it was like an eye opener into prison life ..I got out and swore I would right a review so parents family and friends could hear truth of this place noone deserves to b tricked by these ppl esp pplgoing thru addiction they are hopeless and down enough this place made me wana jump out the fucking window everyday do not send Ur loved ones here its a lie u have been warned
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    I hope you are all right now, Speakn the Truth! Ripoff report is possible the best place to start adding a review. You should also head over to which has a forum that specialises in Narconon.

    Good luck!
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    Can you tell me anything about Riverbend in Louisiana? Paul
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    It looks like a large facility. Five buildings.
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    Yeah. How's this. Unhealthy doses of niacin that could kill you. Hours in a sauna, then hours more exercising. Talking to ashtrays. Staring at another detoxee for hours and hours on end. Straight up indoc into pure scientology, which was entirely written by a hack whose only claim to anything is that he wrote some sci if books. Treatment and/or supervision by tenuously clean or still using addicts. Filthy conditions that, oh, by the way, you are responsible for cleaning. Utter lack of medical supervision, so if you get sick, well good fucking luck.

    And, if you decide to go to this shithole after knowing all that, and later on you get a fucking clue and decide you want OUT, they will do everything they can to make sure that you DON'T get to leave. But, if you or your family make enough noise, they'll finally cut their losses and drop you on a street corner with a five spot (if you're lucky) and tell you to GTFO, even if your home is 1000 miles away.

    Anything else you want to know?
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    I afraid that it is true, and probably not the half of it.

    Another place with good information and advice is here:
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  33. Manistee BDR is fucking awful. Been there. It's a lock down for juvees, Not a recovery center.
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    There were Sea Org reported at the Denver Narconon, but that was for renovating the place. Possibly the poster was mistaken, because that doesn't seem likely.
  35. ALL of what you have said PLUS more is absolutely the truth about this place! Please don't send people you love here, they need closed down.
    uote="billybob, post: 2170071, member: 57644"]Just ran across this VERY interesting new INSIDER complaint on Ripoff Report:

    It's SUPER TL/DR but worth it.

    Here's a few crazy snippets:

    There's much, much more.
    Please read:

    This place sounds like a real horror story.
    Best Drug Rehabilitation, in Manistee, Michigan - Really needs to be shut down, now![/quote]

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