Best way to find other Anons locally

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ideafarm, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. ideafarm Member

    How? I'm new here. I want to find other Anons in Mountain View, California. What is the best way to do that? What ideas to people have for making it easier to find other Anons individually, to communicate with them (without blowing their anonimity), and to obtain a list of nearby active cells/groups?
  2. Juster Moderator

    Or just use the search field here on this forum.

  3. IMHO the city arresting and prosecuting him is a FOI problem. He doesn't advocate violence or promote hate. He shouldn't be charged with felonies because he puts up signs on a trailer and parks it in the street.
    No. I'm not him.
  4. furball Member

    Just when we thought you could not be any more pathetic or retarded. Nice try, faggot. Now GTFO
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  5. ideafarm Member

    I've been told that Noone speaks for Everyone. You must be Noone. No, that wasn't me. I never post anonymously, here or anywhere; it's not my style.

    I am "for real". Young people are immobilized by cynicism and fear. To overcome that obstacle, I've completely waived my right to privacy and have, for six years, lived "in a fishbowl". My life is totally transparent and practically every minute of it is documented on a web site. Voice recordings and email text documents practically every conversation that I've had with anyone over those six years. Anyone who wants to know who I am can go to that web site and listen to me interact with my friends, acquaintances, grocery store clerks that I've known for years, attorneys, the court, my daughters, my mother, my brothers, cops, EVERYONE.

    How many of the people here would have the nuts to live "in a fishbowl" that way? What would it reveal about their personality and character? Why do I do it? Because I have spent my life creating something that will be lost to humanity if young people do not take notice and receive my gift. I don't have much time left.

    Notwithstanding your troll posts, the operators and moderators of WWP, and a few of those who post here, appear to be "for real", too. Don't you realize that your troll posts reveal much about the kind of person you are and practically nothing about me?
  6. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Best way to be anonymous, IMHO...
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  7. ideafarm Member

    Hmmm. You're not as stupid as you look, Ann. :)
  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    No, but you are.
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  9. RightOn Member

    check the waffle houses
  10. furball Member

    People here are not that stupid.

    How nice of you to sacrifice the privacy of others for your own selfish needs.

    Are you trying to cheer me up?

    This is not about me. It is about exposing you for the nut that you are. Thank you for your cooperation.
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  11. ideafarm Member

    I've read the full "Getting newfags started" thread. I've tried to use several times to find a cell near Mountain View, CA. I've tried searching WWP several times. Hey, guys, the Emperor has no clothes! Nothing at WWP that I've been able to find enables me to do this simple thing.

    What is needed is a list of all active WWP cells, worldwide, on a single page. Yes, that would reveal how fucking sparse the coverage is, today. But it would enable every fucking noob who comes here to instantly see where the nearest local cell is, and would motivate that person to think, "Gee, that's the first thing that I can do to help. I can register myself as a cell, so that if someone else searches locally, they can find me!".

    Anonymous cells that engage in illegal activity would, of course, not want to be listed. But cells committed to engaging only in lawful activities should be fine with being listed, especially if it brings them new people regularly.

    I want to register myself as a WWP in Mountain View, CA. I can create a subdomain on my web site for WWP/Anonymous and list myself there. I can include a link to a thread here on WWP so that Mountain View specific chat can be done in a way that does not expose IP addresses. But shouldn't such a list be on WWP itself?

    RFC: Proposal: Create a page on WWP that allows a single enthusiast to register and list himself/herself as a WWP cell. The form would take these fields:

    (1) Country
    (2) Postal Code (e.g. "zip code")
    (3) City, State or Province
    (4) URI to WWP thread
    (5) URI to web page (optional)

    It would be nice to automatically flag a cell as inactive if there is no recent activity on the associated WWP thread.
  12. ideafarm Member

    I do it legally. That means that I always have to give notice. Occasionally, with someone who has never met me before, it's a conversation stopper. But the conversations in my transparency document (the "archive" link on my web site) know that they are being recorded for publication, and they are OK with it. Many people seem to like it, actually; I think that it gives them a sense that they have a voice.
  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    People historically been advised to search for relevant threads in both protest planning and followup. Its also reasonable to assume a need to travel to find an active cell most geographically close to you. Other than that you might like to post a Call out thread for anons in your preferred area.
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  14. ideafarm Member

    Such a thread would quickly drop out of sight. I see the need for a page that proclaims, "Hey, there is a WWP Anon in Mountain View" and keeps proclaiming it, even if it takes six months for someone to indicate interest.

    Ok. The next step seems to be for me to create a page on my web site that links to a thread on WWP that is dedicated to Mountain View, a thread that is dedicated to all of Santa Clara County, and a thread that is dedicated to all of California. The page on my web site would be provisional; I would want to use it only to show you what I have in mind, in the hope that WWP would create such a page. (IMO, it really should be on WWP.)

    May I have permission to create those three threads?
  15. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ah but see if you posted that Mountain view thread then that thread would appear in anyones forum search for Mountain view ever after :)
  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    I believe we already have existing threads for Cali in general, dunno about Santa Clara, feel free to post as you wish, but please check if the threads exist in the first place. It will save us having to merge your extraneous threads with existing ones.
  17. ideafarm Member

    True enough. But what if there is a cell in Cupertino. I'll never find it unless I search specifically for each of the fifty cities in the San Francisco Bay Area that I would be willing to travel to for meetings and street activities. The problem is even worse for the Los Angeles basin, as well as for any metropolitan area where the same locality is identified in several ways, such as neighborhood names or historical town names.

    Sometimes, only a list will do. I'm ready to go on this, but I sure as hell am not going to create any more "experimental" threads without someone giving me a blessing.
  18. White Tara Global Moderator

    You see each newfag from each new area, render the search for their area. Then failing finding one they post a callout for said area. The system works and it helps people.
  19. ideafarm Member

    Wilco. That's another reason why the list that I'm going to provisionally put on my web site really should be on WWP.
  20. White Tara Global Moderator

    Staying anonymous in name, and even general location has always been popular around these parts, JS
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  21. ideafarm Member

    I'm skeptical, but I will try that first, if that's the way that it is currently done.

    Understandable. There are advantages each way. But that way is definitely not noob friendly. It might be the biggest reason that so many noobs come to WWP, proclaim that they are willing to die for the cause, and are then never heard from again.
  22. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I don't think various Anons want their groups ( plus contact info I assume) readily available to alphabet agencies and cults. It's disorganized and that's the way we likes it.
    Truly this is Rube Goldberg-ish and searching here is clumsy but it's better than the published directory of Anonymous. Between searching here and Anonstillalive you will come up with something. Assuming there are Anons in Cupertino lol they may not want their Employer to track that down.
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  23. furball Member

    As White Tara said:

    Of course, if you are not capable of working alone, well that's another story. But even then all is not lost. There are plenty of resources here to help newfags get up and running. Additionally, there are also some very helpful moderators here that can point people in the right direction.

    Uhm, no. Just, no.

    It may also help to bear in mind that a large number of the cells are very tight and are not open to new members.
  24. ideafarm Member

    That gives voice to what my instincts were telling me, which is that the real reason that WWP doesn't make it easy to find local cells has nothing to do with OSA/FBI posers. It is that admission into a cell is by "invitation only".

    As a noob, I'm in no position to question the wisdom of that cultural feature. Presumably it promotes the ability of the cell to conduct its business using its existing resources. But I can point out that it is completely at odds with (1) enlarging those resources, and (2) serving the needs of the noobs who come to WWP highly motivated and ready to contribute resources.

    I awakened this morning with an idea on how to promote those objectives without changing WWP culture. I will post it on a new thread as RFC.
  25. Dallasanon Member

    I found active likeminded anons via Twitter. No I'm not a hacker nor do I protest scientology. We're just some people that like to help others that society scoffs at and steps over in blind disgust. Personally I wish to remain anonymous because I'm not looking for kudos or recognition.
    That is all.
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  26. The Internet Member

    What is the plan?
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  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    As it may be seen in the welcome thread the germination of this site, and the vast bulk of interest and discussion here centers on matters pertaining to the bringing down of Scientology.This fact by its very nature has made it necessary to maintain anonymity as the highest priority, yes OSA..

    Interestingly as wwp evolved and added further initiatives, that same security conscious attitude translated and served people well. Think of initiatives involving security sensitive areas such as Iran, or even Occupy, yes Alphabet agencies and worse.
    Not to mention the idiocy that is trolls who just troll for the shear love of it.

    Rather than as you have suggested above, that admission to cells is by invitation, it is in fact an evolution in and of itself. Please go back and check out some of the geographical call outs for local cells. You will see some that evidence the first contact point and some of the 'getting to know you' probing. People give an indication of who they are, what they stand for by the nature of their posts. Over time a sense of trust is built via analysis of past posts and ongoing conversations in thread and via pm (trufax, dont be pm'g people uninvited)

    Cells are not exclusive, but as with any societal grouping, trust is gained over time. That is human nature, you are on a fools mission if you somehow think you will change this most basic fact. Most 'cells' are more than happy to accommodate new protesters. Provided they don't think they are going to walk in and automatically be bff's with everyone, let alone go all leaderfag on the cell.

    In a manner not too dissimilar to the late departed BrainStorm, you have ceaselessly asserted that we all are 'Doin it wrong' and you have taken it on yourself to fix us all.

    Try to imagine a site where certain activities have worked historically to protect peoples privacy and security. You are in effect, asking them to give up all that has worked up to date, risk exposing themselves to OSA/FBI and general trolls, simply because you have decided there is a better way to do things. How do you think this is being received?.
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  28. Ersatz Global Moderator

    The easiest way to find anons is to make a trail of Cheetos, Doritos, cans of Mountain Dew and
    porn leading to a secret tree house. Build it. They will come.
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  29. ideafarm Member

    OMG, if that is how I am perceived, then the problem is easily fixed. I have absolutely no intention of coming in here to WWP and changing anything! If there was less trolling and more conversing, you would already know that. Even if I wanted to, I don't have any time to take on any new projects!

    I envision becoming active as an Anon and perhaps calling out Anons for particular activities in Mountain View. Those activities would be totally the way that Anons do things; I would just be another Anon showing up to hold a sign, putting on a mask, etc. But the main thing in my life is to launch another organization that is entirely separate from Anonymous and, in form, completely the opposite. Some of the callouts for particular activities in Mountain View might be related to my organization XXX. Others might have nothing to do with XXX. And I would definitely show up for any legal activity, just for "all for one - one for all" reasons, even if I didn't care about the particular objective. For example, I don't really care about Scientology, but I would show up and hold a sign in such an event.
  30. The Internet Member

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  31. ideafarm Member

    First, it's true. Trolling interferes with the conversation. Second, trolling is so effective in quickly revealing the target's character that the benefit to the community outweighs the price paid for it, namely that conversations are impeded. Third, no noob can say whether WWP needs LESS trolling or MORE trolling. Fourth, even if I had an opinion on the question, no one has asked for it and I frankly haven't given it a thought until just now. (I still don't have an opinion on it because I have no information to base it on.) Fifth, even if I had an opinion on it, WWP isn't my creative work; WWP is your thang. Sixth, even if for some reason I felt compelled to come in here and leaderfag, where am I going to get the time and energy to do it? (I am already quite fully committed to my own projects, thank you.)

    Anyone who thinks that I came here to leaderfag just isn't paying attention. I am here for three reasons. (1) It's wonderful to find other people who care about making the world a better place; for many years I thought that I was totally alone in this. (2) I came hoping that someone would help me with my totally important problem. (3) What I've learned about WWP by reading and conversing persuades me that you guys are for real, which blows my mind and is giving me visions of very exciting possibilities.
  32. The Internet Member

    Isn't there some forum full of fluoride avoiding moonbats out there where you might belong, ideafarm?

    Perhaps the comments section of the Huffington Post.
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  33. furball Member

    Wrong again. The reality of the situation is that people make their own choices and it has nothing to do with WWP. Thank you for playing. Your ignorance knows no bounds, it seems.

    Pro tip: Anonymous people usually prefer to remain anonymous. Go figure.
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  34. furball Member

    O RLY

    and wtf? jailed for spousal battery, jailed for battery and false imprisonment... unstable much?
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  35. Dallasanon Member

    Good morning moralfaggs and lurkers of ill-intentions.
    The plan is simple enough, spend a few weeks collecting can goods warm clothes blankets then go out looking for the alcoholic the addicted and the mentally ill. Approach with caution and leave them a care package. Yes we understand that it will likely make little difference but if just one person has their faith in humanity restored it will have been worth it.
  36. Ann O'Nymous Member

    ... and stupid enough to use the same peudo here...
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  37. The Internet Member

    Ideafarm is his legal name.

    But if the male has had some kind of brain injury, he ought to do what his honey tells him to do. She will have much better social judgment, due to having a non injured brain.
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  38. Ann O'Nymous Member

  39. The Internet Member

    You can call me "The" because I like you.

    Woo Ideafarm. I kid you not.
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  40. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Dallasanon, the post wasn't directed at you. "What is the plan?" Is a meme on WWP. It's used in response to any moonbat requesting Anonymous' assistance in really important shit and then arguing about what important shit it is and demanding that we fix this horrible shit by following a shit plan.
    OpSafeWinter is not such shit.

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