Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, by Jenna Miscavige Hill

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Boris Korczak Member

    I personally do not believe that Jenna and many others would join the society at large without the five years of Anonymous knocking the wisdom into their brains and exposing the cult os Scientology to millions of people.
    Someone should thank Anonymous, (I do), and make it clear that cults and Lords Xenu and other weird ideas are not true and are a product of crooks, deceivers and psychopaths.
    Anonymous, you guys worked hard without any support, advisors, commitees, money and medals for long five years. Thank you.
    Stay safe.
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jenna Miscavige Hill: Church Of Scientology Forced Women Into Abortions, Abuse, Manual Labor (VIDEO)

    Former Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill joined HuffPost Live Thursday to share her personal story of growing up in the church and to explain how she escaped from it.

    Hill, the niece of church leader David Miscavige and author of Beyond Belief, told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin about the oppressive practices of the church, which include forced abortion and abuse.

    "If you do become pregnant when you're there, you get kicked out," she said. "Or many of my friends were actually coerced into having abortions."

    Hill also described tales of forced labor and abusive teachers, and said she knew she had to leave the church after being exposed to the outside world on a mission trip abroad.

    "When we went back to LA after that mission, it was like, everything was in plain view," she said. "Back to fifteen minute meals, you can't go to bed before 1:00 AM, you have to stay up all night even though you did yesterday...It put a lot of things in plain sight. There was no denying it. They started taking away your phones, your internet access...that was a big turning point for me."

    Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live.
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  4. hushpuppy Member

    Not exact cuz of timezones, but really close: account #81600 was created on January 1st, and the most recent poster has account #82594, which makes it damn close to a thousand. 145 of them are banned spam accounts - still, it's over 9000!!!!:p
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  5. wolfbane Member

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  6. tigeratbay Member

    I can't get it to cut in for me. Comp just too old I guess. No flash update
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    A Scientologist's Horrifying Memories of Child Abuse and Exploitation

    By Tracie Egan Morrissey


    It's one thing to think that Scientology is weird, gawk at its bizarre relationships with celebrities, and be horrified by stories from ex-members. But it's another to be confronted with the abuse of little children who were brought into the religion by their parents and forced into a life of oppression, severe punishments, and psychological control that borders on torture, as Miscavige Hill describes in her book. As far as brainwashing, miseducating, financially defrauding cults go, Scientology is right up there with the FLDS in its treatment of children. (Interestingly, Miscavige Hill's coauthor was Lisa Pulitzer, who also cowrote Stolen Innocence with Elissa Wall, who escaped the FLDS and became the star witness against polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs at his trial for accomplice to rape.)

    More, and open comments:
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  8. moarxenu Member

    Thanks, Boris. I remember in 2008 there was a crisis within Anon and much criticism of us. You and MichaelOTVIII hung in there and said, "Anonymous will be what it will be and do what it will do."

    It helped me have faith in Anon in tough times so that after that when there was a crisis I could say, "Anon will figure this out; it always does."

    Best regards and thanks to Rob also.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    FUck the motherfuckers who criticizE Anonymous

    We are teh force for good

    Drunk posting!
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  10. moarxenu Member

    Thanks! It really makes a difference when Jenna can do an extended 34 minute interview. I have been following Ahmed Shihab el-Din for a while now on the Twitter. He is very good. It is obvious he has not only read her book but digested it. Very well done, and he draws the best out of Jenna. Must-see interview.

    Here is the link to the entire interview :
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  11. RolandRB Member

    Finally, the public are catching onto the Child Abuse aspect of Scientology. After they have looked for it and found it then they will go on the attack.
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  12. jensting Member

    Trying to get this onto as a review (the one I wrote two days ago not having made it)

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  13. mnql1 Member

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  14. TrevAnon Member

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  15. mnql1 Member

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  16. moarxenu Member

    This is great - Jenna's book is in English, French, Dutch, and Italian. Any others like maybe German?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Haven't found an announcement for a German version.
  18. Boris Korczak Member

    Anonymous is a force that is like a sea. It has its ups and downs and sometimes make you angry but most of the time you love it even when the waves bring the trash to the shores. (trolls).
    Anonymous is the power making you think, rejecting the bad from good and making you be a judge of yourself, your character, your dids, your affiliations, and the society at large.
    It wakes you up, sometimes with a hadache, sometimes with a smile but always constructive even when it hurts.
    Anonymous is the force that has a potential to change the society, discard the trash that the waves brought to the shore and still ask for caeke.(LOL)
    Thanks for the greetings so...
    Stay safe.

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  19. moarxenu Member

    Larry Wright, unfortunately, missed the significance of Anon. Here is what Jenna writes starting with the impact of the great Anonymous YouTube declaration of war on Scientology on January 21, 2008:

    Almost immediately, Anonymous's message became not just about Internet censorship, but also about standing up to the Church and bringing awareness to the violations of human rights.

    I simply cannot express how much this meant to me. Up until then, it felt as though I and a few others had been fighting the Church with our backs to the wall, people were telling me I was crazy, wrong, and suppressive. To see a group of people rise up like this in defense of the many who had been wronged by the Church was a huge testament to the kindness of the human race. Most of these people had no previous involvement with the Church. Unlike the media, this group wasn't afraid of what the Church said, or about getting sued. Now it felt like there was a whole army in our corner.

    Kindle edition location 5489 - 5494

    Jenna FTW!!!
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  20. mnql1 Member

    The Paris daily newspaper Le Parisien published an interview with Jenna Miscavige Hill on February 8, 2013. Title: "I was deprived of my childhood." Quotation highlighted in the second column: "I know at least six girls who had abortions under pressure, some several times ..."
    Full size image:
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jenna's book promotion tour continued this morning with an appearance on TV station KATU in Portland. There's no video up yet, just an overview.

    Inside Scientology with Jenna Miscavige Hill

    Story Published: Feb 8, 2013 at 10:15 AM PST

    The Church of Scientology is one of the most secretive and controversial organizations in the world. Now for the first time, a former member of the Church, a young woman born into it as the niece of its leader, David Miscavige, has put pen to paper and exposed what it is like to grow up in and ultimately escape from the Church. Jenna Miscavige Hill, author of the new memoir, Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, joined us to pull back the curtain of secrecy and mystery to reveal a society of conformity, intimidation, fear, and control over its most vulnerable and loyal believers.

    For more information, visit the book website.
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  22. wolfbane Member

    That's OK... At least he didn't drop dozens of balls in his fine piece of work and then shit where he eats like Reitman dumbly did when she blatantly dissed us after we spread promo for her book at ComicCon and all over the interwebz not to mention we essentially made her market for her in regards to widespread public awareness and interest in the subject.

    Journalists don't often get us 100%, but we still run this and they benefit no matter what they say from the click love we generate. The Exes know it, the families of those who are victimized know it, as well as the cult recovery & academic research experts plus certain authority figures who likewise know it. In the long run those are the only peeps who really matter. When Scientology's bullshit is no longer worth writing about, the journalists will no longer matter anyway.
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  23. RolandRB Member

    If released in German then that would cause a major uproar here in Germany. They don't like sects and they like child abuse much less. Combine them together and I can imagine a few cult windows being put in.
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  24. RightOn Member

    Polish translation is really needed
    Taiwan can use some copies too
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

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  27. jensting Member

    still hasn't made it to . Odd. This is my second try. My review of Lawrence Wright made it onto in a matter of hours.
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  28. TrevAnon Member

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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Is Jenna Miscavige Hill Scientology’s most powerful opponent? - The Globe and Mail

    By John Allemang

    To the Church of Scientology, Jenna Miscavige Hill is an apostate – a discredited troublemaker bent on destroying the faith in which she was born and raised.

    The soft-spoken 29-year-old mother of two doesn’t come across as a heretic worthy of Inquisition-era damnation.

    Three-page article with open comments:

    By the way, the Globe and Mail is the largest newspaper in Canada's biggest city.
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  30. failboat Member

    The video is up now

    This article contains a summary and 2 excerpted paragraphs that describe some of the labor conditions under which Jenna and the other children were oppressed. They may bear cross-posting into the Scientology=Child Abuse thread, if they're not already there.

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  31. Puppetmama Member

    Great article!
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  32. AnonyVix Member

    So pleased this is available directly on Kindle and print in the UK.

    Managed to get a copy of "Going Clear" via import.

    This morning I emailed my local MP concerning our Defamation Bill which should put an end to publishers being reluctant to publish such as "Going Clear" in the UK; the bill has been saddled with a clause related to media regulation in a political move that could set it back months. (I urge those in the UK to follow suit)

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  33. Anonymous Member

    At 4:44 in this video of a Thursday, February 7, 2013 interview with Jenna Miscavige Hill on the Canadian CTV network, the interviewer asks Jenna if she knows what happened to Shelly Miscavige, who hasn't been seen since 2007.

    Jenna replies: "The truth is that I honestly don't know. If I had to guess, I would say that she probably got in trouble for something, and now she's no longer in her position as his [DM's] assistant, and she's working somewhere, sort of out of the public eye. So nobody gets to, sort of, hear her side of the story."
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  34. BigBeard Member

    Love this quote from Jenna at the end of the article:

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  35. RightOn Member

    so very happy!
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    Looking at you, Mr David "He's not insane" Miscavige!
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  37. Puppetmama Member

    I wonder if she has been coached to reply like this for legal reasons? Not that I know what laws she would be responding to. The response strikes me as very odd. If she hasn't seen or spoken to her aunt in years and there are at least eight people who are willing to swear that her uncle responds both irrationally and violently when provoked, then there is ample cause to suspect that her aunt is or has been in physical danger. Why would Jenna parrot what is essentially the COS line "she is somewhere, working out of the public eye". I wonder if they worry if too much pressure is put on Miscavige, if Shelley is alive, that he might harm her.
  38. Maybe she is expressing what she believes is the most likely scenario.

    For all we know Shelly might have decided she no longer wanted to have sex with the little guy and asked to live and work somewhere far away from him.
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

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  40. Horseradish Member

    My copy arrived in the post today :D
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