Bicycle signs - ways to spread the word innocently

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by TorontosRoot, May 15, 2011.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    Dear mods, if this is the wrong section for this, please feel free to relocate this thread to it's proper location. You may also edit this to improve it, to correct any grammer or for the lulz. "Innocently" was meant to be "Anonymously".

    This has been in use on the bicycle I ride for various activities in toronto, basically a sign hanging from the rear of it. I thought this could also be used to spread the word about things we are fighting (scientology) and also other ways of the mighty formats of activism.

    For most of us who ride bikes, most of which I have seen don't have baskets. Now this is where the idea comes in:

    Attach the sign to the basket, using a clear sleeve and string/wire and paper clips, or ties. It has to be able to hold a standard piece of paper inside it, preferably white. Also needs weights to prevent the wind from flipping it upside down (pending you are riding in a storm) making the message confusing to most.

    Now once the sign is attached, you simply go about your usual activities, people will notice it and it will catch the eye. Something saying "WE ARE LEGION" or "EXPECT US <date/year>" can really make people think, "could this be an event?". So please input your thoughts. This is a very good idea and we should take it to our advantage.

    Note, in the above image, that paperclips (holding the sign in place from the top) and a coat hanger can be seen being pinned by clothespegs, (or binder clips if available) holding the sign to the hanger, therefore keeping it in place and not flapping around in the wind, if any, or back draft.[IMG]
    The image above shows the content, which could range from anything such as a shortened web link to a phrase, though this one applies to both anonymous, a religious segment and a quote from an obscure movie titled Wishmaster.
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  2. Durga Member

    this is a fine place to keep the thread as long as you're up making one of these and showing us how it's done.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Do you wear a mask while you ride?
  4. TorontosRoot Member

    I'll have some photos posted shortly. I already have the sign on the basket, all it needs is a photo to be shown. Photos posted in initial post.
  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I don't know if I'd want such a thing on the back of my bike considering scilons also drive cars, and bikes generally lose fights with cars. Maybe bumperstickers for cars/trucks?
    But go ahead, what-ever turns yer crank! Tell us how it turns out eh!
  6. TorontosRoot Member

    No, but people tend to get away with it by saying "I was asked to have this sign in place", nobody would know if you were anon or not.

    Most think the sign I have is religious, but it is not.

    I would have to go masked if I was on the way to a protest.
  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Keep it simple to a info site URL maybe?
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  8. TorontosRoot Member

    I did this with before. Only during that day it rained and the ink got washed off, permanent markers are key.
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  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Sticker kits are cheap, half decent spray stencils don't wash off.. Lots of ways to get the word ouyt, the more the merrier, and.... this is omething anyone regrdless of age/gender/place, can do too! Sort of like the YFTC iniative, many ways to do it, just play safe and logical!

  10. If you have You could get away saying that you are get $40 a month to ride around with it. Scilons might still pose a problem, they will probably take a pic anyways and just assume you are lying and are Anon. At least I would if I was a cultie.

    I had suggested something like this to go on a ride with masks etc with more Overt sayings. Basically I wanted to do this at the Super Bowl in February, get some Anons to ride bikes with FOI and anti cult banners like flags from our bikes.
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  11. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Aww just keep it simple and be aware of what may/may not namefag ya. If you gots no fears it is a bit different than one trying to keep anominity.
    Keep in mind just how fucked up cult and its policies really is/are, fair game is not dead and CoS has proven it time and time again.
    Connecting bikes/cars/possessions/whatever to anon is something to be avoided or at least cautious of
    if one chooses to remain nameless/faceless, simple common sense imho.

    Play safe and play smart All!

    And Rock on Anons~!
  12. TorontosRoot Member

    bumpy, photos added in the original post.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I'm not sure I understand why you are quoting this...?

    Legion is a group of demons referred to in the Christian Bible. The New Testament outlines an encounter where Jesus healed a man from Gadarenes possessed by demons while traveling.
    The Gospel of Mark, 5:9, describes the following:
    And He (Jesus) asked him (the man), "What is thy name?" And he answered, saying, "My name is Legion: for we are many."
  14. EDIT: as an added thought... if you ha a few different, "Chaff Adverts" it would be easier to pull off. Have a sign that's pro Anon, and then also have some other Advertising space for some other company or something.
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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    As somewhat confusing as it may seem, I put it there to confuse scilons, most won't notice the smaller text until they look closer. It's easy to read when parked. It's balanced as I should say. It's in no way meant to be religious now that it has on it. I basically say to whoever asks, that it's part of some activism (just don't want to encounter some culties) and a quote from a movie.
  16. Durga Member

    Someone's new around here...
  17. Anonymous Member

    It's a great idea for the Dutch anons, as in Holland bycicles are used widely. Everybody has one that they ride to work or gym, or while going out. It's amazing really. I think I've seen a couple of Dutch threads here.
  18. Anonymous Member

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    Go make your bones elsewhere.

    If people think 'we are legion for we are many' originated with Anonymous or a movie then the Church of Scientology has nothing to fear.
  19. grazanon Member

    For the last couple of years i have carried my spare GF mask mounted on the passenger seat head rest in my van while driving around town from job to job (service work)

    Quite often people ask Why the mask ? this gives me a chance to inform them what scientology really is all about

    This may not be safe in some cities but there's not many scientologist left in my part of SEQ AU I do this for innoculation of the uninformed rather than harassment of the handful of scientologist left
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