Biden: U.S. won't stop Israeli strike on Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. More like the US CAN'T stop an Israeli Air strike.

    Especially if they move over Saudi Air space, even if they don't the US isn't going to shoot down Israeli Aircraft if they violate Iraqi Airspace in bombing Iran, that's just asking for trouble.
  2. The head of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Mullen, said the exact opposite today.

    e.g. that the move would be destabilizing and lead to some "really, really bad outcomes".

    As far as Israel acting unilaterally -- sure, in theory it could. It could also enjoy being hung out to dry by the U.S. and others regional players.
  3. Maybe it indicates a split within the US ruling elites. Maybe the US regime is about to be toppled. Oh no! We are the good regime!

    I say we psychoanalyze every word by every official in the US government and military and speculate on what it means.
  4. yes, scrutinizing every last utterance of your elected officials is what you do in a democracy. i hope you guys don't think we actually trust our own government. there's a reason we all own guns.
  5. Uhhh yeah if the mils were plannng sth I'm sure they would use the media to display their military intelligence.

    I made a funny.
  6. Stacy Member

    It would be stupid for Israel to make a move right now. Of course, there is unrest in the Middle East, always has been and always will be. The battles of the Middle East go back thousands of years.

    I don't think Israel will "strike first" against anyone. Israel and anyone in the Middle East going to war would be a worldwide event and I think Israel knows this. I also believe with all my heart, if someone strikes Israel first, they will go after that country immediately.
  7. Right on! You hit the nail right on the head.
  8. watsongs2012 Member

    trust our government?

    someone said once that the reason we have the 2nd amendment to the constitution..(the right to bear arms), was in case they try to take away our 1st amendment. (the right to free speech)! viva liberty!!
  9. Hmm, I wonder....

    Umm, do da name "Osirak, Iraq" sound familiar?
  10. This whole "Israel is going to attack Iran" crap is a pathetic last ditch attempt by ahamad-the-fag to scare the protesters so they will fall into line. It is so old, this used up line the regime uses over and over and over again. Don't they realize that everyone sees right through it now?

    Israel has no reason to attack Iran now. The regime is going to eat itself. Why waste the bullets on them? The people of Iran want to be free, and they do not deserve to get caught in another crossfire. Their own government is killing too many of them (one is too many) already.

    The regime in Iran will fall. It is just a matter of time. And the closer they get to the edge, the more and more desperate their attempts at distraction are going to be.

    I wouldn't put it past them to start a war themselves, and then blame it on the Americans or Israelis. They need to be stopped before it gets that far, because enough people have died already.
  11. You're kidding, right? Do you really believe that 1981 is even comparable to 2009?

    While the Israelis are known to be rash, they are not known to be stupid, and going on a bombing raid in Iran right now would be stupid.
  12. Stacy Member

    You are talking about past, I am talking about now.

    Yes it is familiar to me, so is RIP Saddam.

    I don't think ANY COUNTRY in the Middle East would have slept one wink with Saddam and a nuclear reactor. We do know that Saddam gassed his own people. I don't think there are many people that think Saddam would have used something like that for "good" at all.

    Again, people have to remember there is a long history of the countries in the Middle East, thousands of years, thousands.

    Israel also sits over there basically by itself with several countries against them. If Canada was anything like Iraq was with a leader like Saddam, I would have a great issue with them having a nuclear reactor and wouldn't trust for a minute that it was for good. I would expect the US to take it out.

    Osirak was a very real threat.
  13. And an Iranian reactor is not a threat if the people of Iran are free. If the regime stays in power, it is a threat. So why would Israel want to unite the people of Iran behind the regime by attacking it? Only the regime would benefit from that.

    Talk of Israel attacking smacks of regime propaganda.
  14. Stacy Member

    We were talking about the reactor in Iraq.

    I'm kinda confused about your statement. There is well known tension right now between Israel and Iran right now.
  15. Yes, I think Biden must be in on it with the regime in Iran. I never trusted that guy.

    And it looks like the head of Mossad is also working for the Iranian regime.
  16. Unfetter roge

    Biden is an idiot who says stupid things, and the latest stupid thing he has said has been taken by the regime and twisted into part of their propaganda and taken out of context. Israel is not going to attack Iran. Not unless it attacks them first.

    I bet Nejad sure hopes they would attack, though. Then he could officially declare martial law and it would make his using the West and everyone but himself as an excuse for what he does look that much better.

    He has no one to blame for what is happening except himself, the sepah, and the ayatollah. Everything else is his fear mongering and attempts at distraction.
  17. There is a difference that made the attack in Iraq necessary, and it makes an attack on Iran unnecessary. There was no freedom movement in Iraq. No chance of the country becoming free. It is different in Iran. So it means the smart choice was to attack Iraq, and the smart choice is not to attack Iran.
  18. Stacy Member

  19. Stacy Member

    WHAT? Where do you get that from?
  20. Have you read the thread? This and another, the one saying some newspaper reported Saudi Arabia had given Israel the go ahead to fly over them to attack Iran. Yes, they are saying Israel is going to attack Iran. They are using these out of context news stories to support that theory. That is the debate.

    And it also is an obvious attempt by the regime to spread fear among their own people so they will stop protesting and unite behind the false government. This is Iranian government tripe at its best.
  21. Stacy Member

    No one HERE is saying that.

    I've read a lot of Middle East papers online about this, it does not matter what their headline says, read the article. I read one Israeli news article that said "US gives the go ahead" but when you read the article it CLEARLY stated that Biden said we could not stand in the way of Israel doing anything (he also didn't say "Israel" he said any country).

    There was question if the US would deny airspace over Iraq like we said before and that question wasn't answered. Here's just one of the articles and this is from an Israeli newspaper.

    U.S.: No change in policy on Iran or Israel - Haaretz - Israel News

    So, let me ask you this. If Israel decided to attack Iran, do you think the US should step in?
  22. Yes, those evil Iranian regime minions working at Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post, and the NY Times, spreading their evil propaganda!!!!

    We must stop them!
  23. Any country?

    Wonder if Biden would ever say something like this: "

    "Iran can determine for itself - it's a sovereign nation - what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Israel and anyone else."

    Stephanaopoulos posed the question three times, and each time Biden repeated that Iran was free to choose its actions. "If the Ahmedinejad government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that. That is not our choice."

    After all, Israel actually has nuclear weapons whereas Iran does not and is not close to having them either.
  24. Visionary Member

    Does anyone actually believe Israel would nuke another country?
    There are other countries with nukes that we don't worry about other than Israel. Why? Because they aren't a threat to use their nukes.
  25. Does "we" include recognition of the fact that we are the only country to have used nuclear weapons?

    Or the fact that Israel has invaded and occupied land for land in several of its neighbouring countries, while Iran has not started any wars in hundreds of years?
  26. Stacy Member

    You want me to read the mind of the VP of the United States? Sorry I don't have that ability.

    You never answered this:

    So, let me ask you this. If Israel decided to attack Iran, do you think the US should step in?
  27. Stacy Member

    And why don't you lay your beef out on the table instead of dancing around it?

    What's your beef with the US?
  28. Visionary Member

    The first part is irrelevant and sidetracking.
    The second is based on your opinion.
  29. He is being sarcastic. The other thread about Saudi Arabia being willing to allow Israel to fly over to attack Iran claimed that their source heard it from a Mossad official. Funny, how they didn't say who the middle man source was. Anyone can call up a newspaper and say "a Mossad official told me this..." and tell them a bunch of bullshit they made up.
  30. The US should be consistent.

    Cant be interfering in the internal affairs of one country, and yet saying that we do not have anything to do with the possibility of military attacks by another country.
  31. Stacy Member

    Ah, ok. I couldn't see anyone from Mossad "helping" Iran with everything between Iran and Israel. Also, if a person from Mossad did, Mossad is very, very good at Intel and they would be found out and shot, immediately.
  32. Stacy Member

    Afraid to answer the question?

    So, you are saying that EVERY situation is the same then, right?

    There is no grey, only black and white. There is NEVER any reason for the US or anyone else to be involved in anything that goes on in another country, then, right?

    What if we had let Saddam continue in Kuwait, what would have been next? His eye was on Iran.......

    But please, answer the question.
  33. Its pretty simple. Be consistent.

    The US was quite happy and helpful in getting Saddam to invade Iran. The rest of the world sees the hypocrisy.

    Either completely butt out of other peoples business. Or respect the sovereignty of every nation.
  34. Stacy Member

    I came back and read your statement again.

    That's the same thing, not interfering in Iran and not interfering in Israel.
  35. Stacy Member

    You refuse to address what people post that you don't agree with, huh?

    Again, is every situation the same?

    What about situations that can affect the US?
  36. If Israel attacked, no, I don't think America should step in. Doesn't affect America in the large picture either way it goes. But it would be a huge mistake on the part of Israel.

    Israel's goals are to make their country safe. Attacking Iraq did make them safer. Attacking Iran would only give the ayatolla an excuse to slaughter all the protesters remaining and unite the rest of the country against Israel under an even worse dictatorship. It would make Israel less safe, not more. They could blow up all of Iran's nuclear sites, and I'm sure a little cash slipped to North Korea would give them everything all over again. So it would be a complete waste of time.

    Israel attacking Iran would not hurt or help America, so why would they step in either way? But it would hurt Israel a lot, and make them a lot less safer, with an even worse Iran near them than there is now.

    I know Israel is not that stupid, anyway. The Iranian propaganda agents like to make them out to be a bogeyman, to scare their own people into obedience, but it is a bunch of bullshit. Israel would only attack if they were attacked first. That is a bigger worry.

    It amazes me that these propaganda agents that the Iranian government spreads around do not realize how old their usual lines have become. They dress in plain clothes, walk among protesters pretending to be one of them, and when they see them take out cameras they arrest them. They come online and spread rumors and propaganda pretending that they are not Iranians, mainly with the intent of scaring their own people who do get past the blocks and to try and make the erst of the world stop looking at them and forget what is going on. They are very sneaky, and have absolutely no honor or decency in them at all. They are disgusting, and at the same time completely oblivious to how obvious they and their lies are.
  37. So civil war in Lebanon and establishing a puppet dictatorship in Syria and the Gaza Strip don't count, I guess? Right?
  38. Let me make this a bit more simple.

    The US interferes in Iran's decision for a civilian nuclear power program. The fact that it is a civilian nuclear power program has consistently been confirmed by the IAEA. The have been confirmed by US military intelligence reports, which Cheney tried to suppress. It is also confirmed by the fatwas of Khamenei. You know the same fatwas we shriek in horror about when they don't agree with our agenda? But unless the US has some magical ball or mind reading skills to substantiate claim of a military nuclear program, we should shut the fuck up.

    On the other hand, we tell Israel that its none of our business what they do in their military and foreign affairs. "We cant tell you whether you should take military action against another country or not."
  39. Stacy Member

    I would assume you are a different anon than I have been talking with. That's the thing I hate about this anon.

    Israel attacking Iran WOULD involve the US, most definately. Right now the US is very much an ally of Israel. If Israel attacked Iran I have NO DOUBT that other ME countries wouldn't get involved, against Israel.

    Yes, that would end up putting the US right smack in the middle of a Middle East war.

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