Biden: U.S. won't stop Israeli strike on Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Stacy Member

  2. You don't have to mention it.

    It is self-evident.

    As Stacy pointed out, as long as Iran developed its nuclear program under our supervision it was fine and acceptable.

    But once they chose to develop it on their own, we have a problem.

    That applies as far civilian nuclear programs.

    With military nuclear programs, multiple European countries and the US have nuclear weapons. But that has never been considered a problem. But once India and Pakistan developed them, we had a big problem. We seem to have gotten over that a bit, but with concerns about Pakistan's arsenal coming up again.

    It is the hypocrisy of a country that possesses the largest nuclear stockpile on earth raising hell about another country's plans for a nuclear program, regardless of whether its civilian or military. You may not see the race dynamics in there. They do.
  3. Stacy Member

    I just saw something online that it cost N. Korea about $700 million for all the weapons that shot the last few days.

    They said it could have solved N. Korea's hunger problems.
  4. Stacy Member

    Well I know who I'm dealing with now, the same liar as on the other thread.

    Point out and quote and post it where myself or ANYONE has said ANYTHING that speaks of racism or retract your obvious lie.
  5. Stacy Member

    So then all the people from all those other countries that live in the US and have a problem with some of these other countries developing nuclear weapons are racists?

    So my friend, whose mother is Jewish, but from India and her father is from Iraq is racists against her own race???

    Oh, that makes tons of sense.
  6. We are talking about governments here.

    How governments can find certain actions to be acceptable if done by certain groups, but unacceptable by other groups.

    There is a second level of how citizens, regardless of their personal race, buy into that logic. There was no shortage of "native informants" among colonized peoples, who approved of colonialism under the pretence of "enlightening the inferior races."
  7. Stacy Member

    Again, you seem to think everything is black and white.

    Why did the US have a problem with Iran's nuclear program?

    1. The US KNEW what the program was, they were the ones actually developing it. We sent OUR scientist there to do this.

    2. When relations between Iran and the US broke down and there have been crazy tyrants running Iran, the US had enough sense to know those people did NOT need nuclear weapons in their hands.

    It's not black and white, real life never is.

    Every person, group, situation is not the same. There are people that have a key to my house and there are people I would NEVER allow to have a key to my house. So am I wrong? No.

    Do you think North Korea needs to go unchecked? Do you want that crazy person having the same nuclear weapons the US has? I would hope not. If he had them, this entire world would be gone.

    Get off the black and white, the world is not that way and it will NEVER be that way.

    Oh and your mention of the Iraq WMD's. He DID have them at some point, did he not? He killed his OWN PEOPLE with them.

  8. well any regime who can systematically slaughter in the hundreds its own people in its t streets certainly does not offer much hope for a ''Peaceful Nuke theory''they are trying to play..

    spin it and twist it as you like, Iran is a great country with great people but it is lead currently by a group of murderous power hungry war mongers with illusion of grandeur...
  9. Stacy Member

    Again Richard, exactly.
  10. LOL, but arguing is so fun...
  11. Visionary Member

    Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate it.

    Hmmm...Eisenhower again. :(
    He caused way too many problems for us in Iran.
  12. North Korea shoots missiles on the 4th, and Iran executes protesters. I'm thinking Iran is a little worse.
  13. Visionary Member

    Cause President Obama is known to be a huge racist.
  14. Visionary Member

    Well to be fair, we don't know if North Korea executed any protesters or not.

    That said I doubt too many people there have the strength to protest what with not having any food and all.

    Anyway, just pointing out that North Korea's oppression is nothing to be taken lightly.

    ...but I'm getting away from the main topic.
  15. I don't think many have a problem with India having nukes. Pakistani the other hand, yeah. What's the difference? They're both "darkies" to use your term. The difference is one nation is full of radical war-mongers and the other is not.

    China has had nukes for decades. They are "darkies". What is your take on them? They are part of the UN Security council.

    It doesn't matter one spit what the skin color of the people making nukes is. What matters is if they will use them for non-defense reasons or not. You are looking for insults where there are none.
  16. Good point.
  17. Stacy Member

    Yeah, but Kim Jong-il SLOWLY kills his people, he starves them to death. Personally if I had to die by being shot or starved, I would choose to be shot. Starvation is a long painful death.

    Also if you google Iran Nuclear Program, there was a lot of info on the timeline of the development of their nuclear program.

    Oh and Obama, I was thinking the same thing. :)
  18. Visionary Member

    Yeah we all know how Obama just hates people with dark skin.
    I'm pretty sure he said something about that In Cairo, right? lol
    (I find it ironic how often I have to defend him on here...considering I didn't even vote for him)
  19. Stacy Member

    LOL, makes you mad doesn't it? I understand. :) I would rather spit nails.
  20. Kruge Moderator

    Damnit, you bloody fools got it all wrong, it's a MISSPRINT!

    You got the RIGHT TO ARM BEARS!
  21. Stacy Member

    Well I've got a bear and he knows where the key to my gun safe is. ;)
  22. ScottLucasUK Member

    Still confusion over whether Biden was representing a White House line or mis-spoke. Israeli media is reading this as a "green light", however, for tough action. We've posted an update --- comments welcomed.

    Scott Lucas
    Enduring America
  23. Stacy Member

    I think he just opened his mouth too quick. I expect to see some "fallout" from the White House on this statement, or some kind of spin.
  24. Stacy Member

    But......I took what he said as Israel has the right to decide and the US wasn't going to get involved in their decision, not as "go ahead, we want you to do it".
  25. Nedjarsan Member

    What a big unuseful action !

    That only destabilizes the whole thing down there.

    What a moron could openly say something. It is only fresh water on the mills of all Middle-East hardliners
  26. Visionary Member

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that he meant that the US didn't have the right to interfere, if Israel felt it needed to do this to protect itself.

    Not "it would be totally awesome if Israel decided to bomb Iran tomorrow, [wink wink wink]".
  27. Stacy Member

    Personally I knew he was a moron before he was elected.
  28. This entire thread completely misses the fact that Biden is a flaming idiot who is famous for saying stupid shit at the wrong time/place/topic.

    I personally thing the US should just repaint the entire 5th fleet bright green and leave it sitting in the persian gulf just to make Amadinnerjacket sweat...would be funny as f*ck
  29. Stacy Member

    Ummm.....I didn't use the same words you did, but I think when I said I knew he was a moron before he was elected pretty much said what you did. :)
  30. We think alike <3
  31. Stacy Member

    We just didn't have really good choices this last election.
  32. Yeah, no kidding...

    /facepalm :eek:
  33. Visionary Member
  34. Stacy Member

    I've seen some of the TV news today ripping Biden a new one over this and his statement about the White House and the Economy.

    A couple of people have said, "Biden was just being Biden" which pretty much sounded like he speaks before he thinks.

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