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    Can anyone make sense of this?:

    Mod edit: Hobson's contribution (for what it is worth):
    I did not see any existing thread on this topic.

    Yuliya Keaton, nominally an Indie Scientologist, decided to join the Sea Org in PAC Base on a spy mission and eventually got caught. She posted the following to ESMB in the last couple of days:

    Several Indies she was in communication with have received legal threat letters from OSA concerning documents and video she allegedly leaked as a result.

    She spoke with me about this on Facebook sometime before this foolish undertaking and I spent nearly an hour trying to dissuade her with no success.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

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    Troll or psyops imo
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  4. I doubt it got past the Reports Officer RTC, but someone high in the cult got enturbulated for sure.
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    looks suspicious to me just because of the bs about staff conditions look good. they never look good so you know that's a bunch of shit. just exactly how is a new staffer going to have access to all that data?
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    Can someone please share it here?
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    ^^ Private browsing works and it helps people.
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    I got asked on FB by a prominent & outspoken Ex if I thought this was legit before the ESMB post went up. I can confirm from the FB emails of messages forwarded to me that the part about sending around the info for people to login, look at and download was distributed. But imo, it looked like the person was either a wackjob and/or it was a trap. I never touched it because something didn't smell right and recommended to the Ex to do the same.
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    icon1.png Please, read and share,but do not reply here

    Guys, I really need to ask you for a favor. Before I start, I would like to say that I did what I did because I lost custody of my kids and I thought I have nothing else to lose, but now I may still have a chance to get my kids back, I would rather not to go to prison. I'm very sorry for what happen, I should have planned it better. I'm really sorry that I got some of my friends into troubles against their will. Most of my friends told me not to do it but I did not listen.But whats done is done. The damage I did, is really great.

    Here is my story. (OSA has my affidavit). Here is a short version of it
    On April 13 ,2013 , I infiltrated Sea Org at Pac. I did not telll any staff that I had previosly been a member of sea organization at Flag ,In fact I was expelled from the religion ,and fobiden to communicate with Scientologists. I legally changed my name .
    Before I joined Sea Org I created my account on and gave my password to over 100 people. I also gave my password to my hotmail account to over 100 people, who possibly gave it to friends-of friends and at this time I have no idea who have the data.
    In April and May of 2013 , during the time I was at ASHO, I downloaded a great deal of information from church computers, wich I saved on USB drives (from 16 to 32 G) and provided them to several enemies of the church that possibly sent it to many other people and I believe destroyed the rest after I got
    Information in the flash drives included:
    a big list of people all over the world that are dismissed or expelled from the church,
    private KRs and "things that should not be" reports,
    private reports of ethicsl situations of staff members and public,
    a list of debts owened to the church by public and formal staff,
    internal organizational memoranda,
    photographs of staff and staff areas,
    internal organizational situation and investigations,
    OODs of Capt ASHO day and ASHOF and their stats,staff schedules,
    a very long list(several thousands) of names and e-mails of people that are on good standing,
    a list of blown students,
    and many others.

    I also had many covert spy camera that I used to videorecorder a confidentional briefings and masters thast I had been permited to attend. I also made a documentary video about life in sea org, videotaping everything what EPFers do and staff members do. I uploaded those videos to ,and gave a password to over 100 people ( ex scns, freezonners, enemies of the church and scientologists on the good standing) so they could "see it for themselve"

    While I was pretending to be a legitimate staff member, I recordered conversations between church of Scientology staff and practishioners, staff meetings and phone calls. People that I photographed,video recordered and audio recordered were not aware that I was recordering or photographing them.

    I used and accounts to make it easier for many persons outside the church to access photograps I had taken in the church and documents I had stolen or copied in the church. The way it worked, was that I gave the account name and password to over 100 persons outide the church. Any of them could simply log in to the account and access any of the emails and documents wich I sent to "myself" using the account.
    I was eventually caught by security who thought I was recordering a confidentional video of David Miscavige talking about Portland.When in actual fact , I was recordering the briefing on a mini camera and was able to hide this devise. Later that night I placed the recordering on a file sharing website at I know that someone downloaded and deleted that filed as it is no longer on
    On May 30 and 31 , I engaged in discussions and interviewes with OSA and their attorney, Kendrick Moxon. In these meetings I informed them that I had sent many emails from my phone to account named operationsee4yourself.
    At OSA's request I logged onto the hotmail account and permited them to access those e-mails. Each email was forwarded to Mr. Moxon's account at with my consent.

    I was interviewed at lenght (till 2 am) but I was able to leave several times to use the bathroom and was not abused in any fashion. The next day they took me to hotel where I was not abused in any fashion .( At my request they bought me a phone cable that was missing from the phone so I could make some )

    During my covert examinations I never observed any sort of physical or emotional abuse within the church staff or parishioners. I wwas intending to see if there was abuse but undercovered none (at ASHO). To the contrary, conditions appeared to be good and the staff were well off (at ASHO).

    The Church of Scientology is keeping for further forensic analysis certain items I brought with me to assist my covert collection of information from the church. These are:
    a) a hand-held document scanner secreted in an umbrella handle;
    b) a USB camera pen hidden in a tampon
    c) a hairbrush with a secret compartment in wich to hide a USB flash drive
    d) a micro video recorder hidden in a vitamin bottle;
    e) enother USB video camera pen
    f) one audio recorder pen
    g) covert video camera wristwach.
    h) one mobole USB T-mobile hot spot with SD card slot
    i) one lockbox hidden in fake English dictionary
    j) one false rock with hidden compartment
    k) one Duracell USB device
    l) Three cell phones
    m) Sandisk brand micro SD cards (up to 32 GB)

    In the event that these materials are required to be kept as evidence, the Church of Scientology has informed me that they will compensate me for them at a fair market rate.
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    Mike Laws
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    icon1.png Re: Please, read and share,but do not reply here

    I can confirm that there is a real situation here. I have seen threat letters from the COS stemming from Yulias sworn statements.

    Not sure if I will laugh or cry about this one, has the potential to get really big.

    The tragedy part is Yulia and her situation personally and with her children and her life state of affairs, as a former ex SO member. She was homeless, lost her kids, no where to go.

    The comedy is the COS who first hired her, does no background checks on SO members because they are so desperate for people, walks in with pockets full of off the shelf amateur spy gear, no one notices, holds her up under interrogation in an airport hotel, allows her to blab all over the internet AFTER they sent out legal threats to a bunch of people as co-conspirators to theft and crimes who had no idea what was going on. It is obvious their e-meters didn't catch anything, so any one that sec checked her or meter checked her will be commeved and on the RPF. I promise that Yulia doesn't have legal representation.

    I am certain, right now, the COS is scurrying to get the toothpaste back into the tube. It sucks to be a COS lawyer these days.

    It is mind blowing that a person in Yulias circumstances could pull something like this off.

    It is sad the the COS has created such an environment that people feel like they need to do things like this to expose the abuses.

    I don't know Yulia personally outside of a few face book pleasantries a long time ago.
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    lol, I call bullshit.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    ^^^above is a bad copy paste- sorry. No, she is not posting here...yet
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    fify :)
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    It's a bizarre thread, it looks like a honeytrap for sure, with OSA using a disturbed woman. But it's hard to understand BECAUSE IT'S SO STUPID. What the hell do they think they are going to accomplish?

    If you go back to ESMB and read this woman's posting history, she is all over the board. She told a wild tale of being taken advantage of and her kids being abused by a strange Christian cult, she has splayed her "doubt formula" all over the internet, she has written public KRs against David Miscavige, and has also written a "novel" (I hesitate to call it a novel, it's pretty strange read).

    I am wondering if she indeed DID come up with this harebrained scheme either by herself or by suggestion, and OSA decided to use her to ferret out leakers. I wonder, too, if this may have something to do with the Scientolog Celebrity blog? The timing is interesting for a leaker fishing expedition.
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    buncha bs. anyone can log on to any computer all they need is an access password. bs bs bs bs
  18. Anonymous Member

    It is like 2008 all over again.
  19. Anonymous Member

    not how computer access works inside the cult now is it? all staff can log on to all computers so long as they have been given access by it.
  20. Anonymous Member

    and then you can only access what your logon gives you access to. bs alert.
  21. amaX Member

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    So, maybe a re-title of tt? Undercover Sea Org being Sued?
    Or maybe...whatever mods wish.
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    Admin 6goldstar.png avatar23_1.gif.jpg

    icon1.png Re: Please, read and share,but do not reply here

    When I first read the OP I thought it was more mad ramblings from a person who has a history of posting some fairly "out there" type stuff, so I dismissed it as a fabrication.

    I've since seen documents that prove to me that at least some of the OP is true. There is a real situation & anyone who has anything to do with this "operation" I suggest you get lawyered up.
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    I was thinking this. Maybe a lame attempt to try to draw out the blogger.
  25. "Spy camera hidden in a tampon".
    Somehow that said it all.
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    Mike Laws:
  27. Anonymous Member

    DOX or GTFO
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Emma and Mike. Please ask- I'd Love to see them.
  29. amaX Member

    I read through that thread earlier this evening.

    The woman seems like a lunatic, her alleged time in SO seems like a fantasy, her post saying that she never saw anything bad ever ever ever reads like someone was standing over her with a chainsaw, and she kept posting shit like it was a secret but if I could read the shit then OSA could see it too so WHAT THE FUCK?

    Why would anyone get involved with this insane woman even under threat of intimidation? I'll tell you what...if you don't have some kind of a back-up plan of protection in case someone comes after you with a blackmail threat? GTFO of fighting scientology because that's how the fuck they operate.
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    You should see the crazy assed shit she posted when she first showed up on ESMB a few years back. Bitch believes she was Quentin in a past life. This latest caper is actually rather lucid all things considered. The cult is probably think ZOMG WTFBQ - PTS TYPE OVAR 9000!!!
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    i say call the local authorities and alert them - immediately - to a lady obviously in distress and possibly being held against her will or under circumstances of duress, we don't know but we're very very concerned. like seriously. distressed ppl act batty. she's acting batty. let the authorities run in there and insist the lady is produced. no lady and it's a big joke...joke's right back like a bird turd. where the hell is she supposed to located anyway? call the bluff or get her help - either way the cult looks like shits.
  32. Yep this.

    Why haven't they been cross posted here??? Please tell me you have video of Miscavige throwing a tantrum.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Miss BloodyButt has a challenger..
    Miss SpyTwat
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    As this unfolds, it looks more and more like a Babs Schwartz situation. I think this may be a good summary:

    Those assholes are using a disturbed woman who has lost her kids due to negligence and inability to parent, promising legal help to get her kids back if she will lie and incriminate M, M or K. I have to give some props to her if she is refusing to do so because of her own values.

    I have to say this is pretty low. Just when you think the "Church" of Scientology can't stoop any lower, there they go doing something even more despicable.

    Dear OSA person reading this: --- WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Why aren't you ashamed to be associated with people that will use a disturbed woman like this? Don't you have any humanity left inside you?
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    I still call bullshit.
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  36. rickybobby Member

    What do you think? Never happened, all in her mind? She doesn't seem coherent enough to be able to fake convincing threatening lawyer letters.
  37. Anonymous Member

    True, but something isn't quite right here. After all the anti Marty/Mike?Karren activity here and elsewhere, this op seems to be off somehow.
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    If she was homeless and had no money, then how did she have money for a camera, computer, etc to pull off this so-called 'caper'?

    There seem to be yet another ridiculous and unsubstantiated story that pops up at the Hugbox every few months. It gets them all riled up and does nothing but serve the trolls. The last one had some genius woman that was some kind of musical prodigy (that one made me laugh), who was abused by her vicious husband and infiltrated the FBI. Then there was the friend-of-Tom Cruise's new woman. The pattern is the same here.

    The Hugbox is funny because the usual crowd gets huggie and love bombs then chews out those that start asking questions and for dox. Old dogs can't learn new tricks.
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  39. rickybobby Member

    Agreed, it stinks.

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