Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. TrevAnon Member

  2. TrevAnon Member

    Addition info from someone who has registerd a short while ago on ESMB about Keith and Pauline Mumby, already on.
  3. RightOn Member

    ok so the COS completions link above and the Milestone 2 List is to be added to David Cook's name?

    edited: ok so wrong David Cooke?
  4. RightOn Member

  5. RightOn Member

  6. RightOn Member

  7. Incredulicide Member

  8. TrevAnon Member

    Is David Cooke [with e] the same as David Cook?
  9. Incredulicide Member

  10. RightOn Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Even with a 5% error margin we have now >2,000 people speaking out. 95% x 2,107 = 2001,65
  12. TrevAnon Member

  13. Anonymous Member

  14. RightOn Member

    so what about the Goldbergs who were just declared? I just got back into town, lemme look
  15. Anonymous Member

    Nobody's posting screenshots of their facebookfulness :(
  16. RightOn Member

    crap, they will talk elsewhwere soon enough I guess.
    I am sure Steve Hall or Marty or both are hot on their trail to win them over to their side
  17. TrevAnon Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    From pg 99 ITT... (Imma trying to get Googlesite updated)
    This is still on the wikia website? Is this a keeper? Or an oversight?
  19. Incredulicide Member

    I only just noticed he was already on, and has been all the way back to July 17, 2009 which is before my involvement.
    I'm guessing RightOn also didn't see that he was already on, and the vote was about adding him?
    I'll delete the name if everyone's happy for that to happen.
  20. RightOn Member

    yes the vote was about adding him. I did't know he was already on.
    When I first checked the other list, I couldn't find him.
    But I just rechced and it is says this in the search now:
    G Jul 17, 2013, 9:02 AM by Datum OmNom

    ... the Suppressive Persons list, Denmark James Gervais - left after 6 years - affidavit, another affidavit Jairus Chegero Godeka - claimed Scientology drove him crazy and they owe him $50,000 - read this

    This is a weird story. he says they owed him money and he took tons of courses. His wife really doesn't say anything either way. COS says that he never did. (no surprise there) . So I guess until someone can confirm this guy otherwise, then I guess take him off.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Just FYI - search was getting stoopid and Googlesite admin re-indexed it on ^^That date to get it working correctly again.
  22. Incredulicide Member

    Done. We've set a new record for how long a name has wrongly(?) been on the list: 4 years and 3 weeks!

    Total is back down to 2106
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  23. Incredulicide Member

  24. RightOn Member

    welp then I missed it
    I hate to back peddle, but looks like we are back to 2106.
    oh well. off to hunt
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  25. rickybobby Member

  26. Anonymous Member

  27. TrevAnon Member

    ^^ I cannot find evidence that she was once in. :(

    I don't know if she is married. If so, anyone know a maiden name?
  28. Incredulicide Member

    "I was on staff in the ‘early days’ and I am Clear." is the relevant part for her entry.
    Her status either predates the database, or "Curiston" could be her married name as the photo might indicate. Someone on ESMB might know more.
  29. TrevAnon Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    I tried to find an Arts graduation class list from University of British Columbia 71/72 with first name "Nora" - nothing
    I also couldn't find any ARTS VANCOUVER publications from 1985 to find a "Nora" regular contributor of articles on arts activities in Vancouver
  31. RightOn Member

  32. RightOn Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Indeed. It's a shame Kookaburra didn't mention if that was her married or maiden name.
  34. RightOn Member

    well someone can ask over there
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. TrevAnon Member

  37. RightOn Member

  38. TrevAnon Member

  39. RightOn Member

  40. TrevAnon Member

    I got a message from Kookaburra: Curiston is her maiden name. She didn't change it when she was married.
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