Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    EDITED- added more
    I was wondering if the Big List should include a Glossary with just a few abbreviations and then a link to ALL of them?
    We know what some of this stuff is, but to journalists, researachers or other lurkers they may not know what the simplest of abbreviations are.

    Some examples of what we can include at the top of the glossary:

    COS- Church Of Scientology

    COS Completions- courses, achievements and OT levels that a Scientologist has completed.

    Clear -A Clear is said to be "at cause over" (in control of) their "mental energy" (their thoughts), and able to think clearly even when faced with the very situation that in earlier times caused them difficulty.

    OT Level- Operating thetan level. These levels can be found on Scientology's Bridge To Total Freedom

    Operating Thetan- Scientologist term for is a spiritual state above Clear. It is defined as "knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time (MEST)

    Indie 500 List -Independent Scientologist List Started by Steve Hall

    Milestone2 - Independent Scientologist Group

    Org- Scientology "church"

    Soiltary Trees has an excellent Glossary of abbreviations which included all orgs, front groups, course and more
    We can title it:
    Full Abbreviation List of Scientology Orgs, Courses, Staff Postions, Terms and Front Groups

    I also like this because it makes the clams seem even more wackier
    So why not add this info?
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  4. Incredulicide Member

    Top 30 occurrences of abbreviations/terms in the list:
    304 Sea Org
    290 OT
    214 Clear
    198 Auditor
    105 CoS
    98 IAS
    82 Flag(FSO)
    71 C/S
    60 Sup(ervisor)
    51 RPF
    50 Exec(utive)
    43 LRH
    39 KTL
    38 LOC
    35 Int(Gold)
    30 TRs
    28 AOLA
    25 OSA
    23 AOSH
    23 ASHO
    23 OEC
    19 NED
    19 RTC
    18 CMO
    13 FEBC
    12 WISE
    12 FPRD
    12 ANZO
    11 CCRD
    11 CLO
    Edit: I adjusted the "Clear" numbers to account for 13 occurrences of "Word Clearer" LOL
    The Indie 500 list self counts, fwiw it's on our list 269 times.
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    I think adding a glossary will be very helpful to many visitors
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    ^^^ will add the number as soon as I can
    Thanks Tev
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    whoops! Sorry that was me I meant TREV
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    Using some LibreOffice Wizardry tech - way better than that stupid LRH tech :) - I made a list of "completions-links" using our big list as it is at this moment.

    In the file "helpfile for completions search" you can find them. I tested it with the C using the following method:

    1. Open helpfile in M$ Excel of Libre Office, or something like that
    2. Start your browser
    3. Copy the first "completion link" in C column
    4. Paste into you browser and see if you get a result
    5. Put an x in the D column if so
    6. Repeat from 3 with the next link until finished, bored, or whatever
    7. Copy the part of the spreadsheet where you did your search into another one, and sort for Ok-column and then Nr-column.
    8. Save result spreadsheet
    9. Copy part of the completions where you found results into WWP post for the list admin to process.

    a. I'm sure there are better (automated) ways to do this. Surprise me. :)
    b. This method has a disadvantage: it only checks for the completions by name. Other completions such as the clear list are not checked.
    c. Every now and then I fixed the link e.g. Tory Christman has completions under her former married name Bezazian.
    d. ??? (Add your own).

    Results for C are enclosed and below.

    Any questions, just ask.

    John Caban
    Mike Cabler
    Lynn Fountain Campbell
    Karry Campbell
    Ann Cannon
    Diana Canova
    Louis Caporaletti
    Patrizia Caraffini
    David Carr
    David John Carter
    Todd Eric Carter
    Robert Cassidy
    David Cecere
    Ira Chaleff
    Neville Chamberlin
    Elbert Chang
    Helen Chen
    Yin Chew
    Kay Christenson
    Carol Christie
    Tory Christman
    Dr. Demetri Chronis
    Halina Cirillo
    Ann Catherine Clark
    Bruce Clark
    Mike Clark
    Neil Clark
    Chris Cloutier
    Carol Coburn
    Paul Cocovinis
    Roslyn Cohn
    Jill Coleman
    Guillermo Colin
    Chris Collbran
    Jim Collins
    Phil Colson
    Armando Comincini
    Dickie Conn
    David Cook
    David Cooke
    Debra J. Cook
    Douglas Cook
    Greg Cook
    Joanna Cook
    Randall Cook
    Steve Cook
    Paul Cooper
    Paul Copercini
    Philippe Coriou
    Maribel Coronado
    Bent Corydon
    Luigi Cosivi
    Enrico Costantini
    Giuliana Costantini
    Carlos M. Covarrubias
    Brian Cox
    Barbara Craig
    David Craig
    Don Cramer
    Susan Crane
    Kevin Creech
    Alex Cronin
    Erwin Croughs
    Brian Culkin
    Cliff Culloden
    Marie Culloden
    Mary Culp

    Attached Files:

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    I am NOT going to keep doing this all by hand if there is a much faster way.
    Let me know before I continue with this TEDIOUS fucking task
  16. TrevAnon Member

    Rightly so.

    The above (link to a piece of) Excel-code however is not going to do what I hoped it would. When a completion by a name that doesn't exist is submitted in the browser, Kristi's site gives a "No results" web page - so the link exists.

    I'll take it on me to go from D through Z to find completions by name and post results here with the above method. After that I'll try if I can use a similar automated system to find entries that are on the Clear list.

    If there are any other completion lists that are worthwhile, I'd be happy to hear about them.

    RightOn: Maybe you could go on a hunt for even more names and let me do the dirty work....?

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    THANK YOU and my hands THANK YOU
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    Results for D

    Kathy Daigle
    Robert Dam
    Tom Dannecker
    Diego Davila
    Frank Davis
    Naomi Davis
    Byron O. Dawson
    Gene Decheff
    John Deegan
    Phil de Fontenay
    Karen De La Carriere
    Nella Dell'Aquila'aquila.html
    David DeMoss
    Rachel Denk
    Tony DePhillips
    Peter Devaney Jr.
    Tom De Vocht
    Daniel Dickson
    Stace Dieckman
    Anke Dievenkorn
    Richard Dineen
    Bodil Dinges
    Donald Dixon
    Terry Dixon
    Placido Domingo (Jr.)
    Samantha Domingo
    Dan Doss
    John Dries
    Dima Dubinin
    Jeff Dubron
    Martin Duggan
    Scott Duncan
    Rosemary Dunstan
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  21. TrevAnon Member


    Paolo Facchinetti
    Dave Fagen
    Synthia Fagen
    Barry Fairburn
    Michael Fairman
    John Ferguson
    Renzo Ferri
    Jim Feulner
    Ziba Feulner
    Edie Fields
    David Findlay
    John Michael Finley
    Rob Fisher
    Mark Fisher
    Ron A. Fitch
    Helmut Flasch
    Richard Ford
    Vickki Ford
    Elli Fordyce
    Bill Foster
    Nancy Foster
    Paul M. Foster
    Richard Fox
    Janine Fozzard
    Erin Francies
    Eugen Francoeur
    Mary (Maren) Freedman
    Leny Freeman
    Gerald French
    Marsha Friedman (aka Marsha Ulan)
    Steve Friedman
    Roxanne Friend
    Peter Frigo
    Will Fry
    Daniel Fumagalli
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    Philip C. Gale
    Margaret L. Gallivan
    David Galler
    Gary Gammon
    Ivan Garcia
    Luis Garcia
    Rocio Garcia
    Maria Pia Gardini
    Mike Garson
    Dan Garvin
    Francesco Gavardini
    Robert Geary
    Helen Geltman
    Andrea Gerak
    Mary Beth Gerlach
    Dave Gibbons
    David Christopher Gibbons
    Martin Gibson
    Phil Gilbert
    Louise Gilbert
    James Gilberti
    Alba Gloor
    Kathy Gold
    Sheldon Goldberg
    Bruce Goldman
    Rebecca Goldstein
    Milton Gordon
    Scott Gordon
    Stefania Gori
    Tommy Gorman
    Paul Grady
    David Graham
    Bob Grant
    Richard Grant
    Bill Gray
    Joy Graysen
    Paolo Grazioli
    Doran Green
    Maurice Green
    Lloyd Greenberg
    Peter Greene
    Dawn Greenhalgh
    Peter Greenhalgh
    Patrick Gregory
    Pete Griffiths

    I hope above formatting is usable / readable / easy to process for the wiki-anons.

    Oh, and with all these links to Kristi's site I'm sure the Google Spider is going to give her an even higher ranking....:p
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  23. RightOn Member

    its beautiful
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  24. TrevAnon Member

    Thanks. :)

    Results H

    name completions
    Dona Haber
    Harvey Haber
    Brad Hagemo
    Natalie Hagemo
    Paul Haggis
    Cindy Hall
    Steve Hall
    Brad Halsey
    Lisa Halverson
    George Hamar
    Bill Hamilton
    Mark Hamilton
    Rosalie Hamilton
    Wally Hanks
    John Hansen
    Donnie Harold Harris
    Gary Hart
    Philip Hart
    Robert M. Hart
    Ed Hattaway
    Tera Hattaway
    Brett Haugen
    Janette Haugen
    Erica Hauri
    Craig Hawkins
    Diane Hawkins
    Kimball Hawkins
    Gerry Hazlewood
    Marc Headley
    Violet Heckman
    Bill Heichert
    Claus Heimann
    Michael (Mike) Henderson
    Bill Henley
    Richard Hernandez
    Dallas Hill
    Hemi Hill
    Justine Hilton
    Bruce Hines
    Irene Hoffer
    Peter Hoffman
    Dave Holland
    Shawn M. Hollenshead
    Barry Fox Hollenback
    Wendy Honnor
    Robert Horn
    Michael Horton
    Mariella Hosseini
    Craig Houchin
    Suzanne Houchin
    Tom Houston
    Lynne Hoverson
    Jerry Howard
    Gaby Hubeny
    Werner Hubeny
    Sheila Huber (Stankey)
    Martin Hunt
    Tom Hutchinson
    Jonathan Hyslop

    Hm. No results for Claire Headley. What's her maiden name again?
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    Paul Katz
    Sherry Katz
    Stuart Kaufman
    Rob Kay
    Norman Kaye
    Joe Keldani
    Wolfgang Keller
    Brian Kelly
    Mike Kelly
    Adrian Kelsey
    Bruce Kennedy
    Cooper J. Kessel
    Sonny Khoeblal
    John Kimball
    Bobbie Kitchens
    Ronald P. Klipstein
    Jason Knapmeyer
    Jim Knight
    Dan Koon
    Olivia Korringa
    Carol Kramer
    David Kramer
    Doug Scott Kramer
    Rolf Krause
    Penny Krieger
    Anat Krier
    Vic Krohn
    Arthur Krowitz
    Cecilia Marie Kruchko
    Silvia Kusada
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    David LaCroix
    Glenn Ladewig
    Rachel Lambert
    Noel A. Land
    Lou Landry
    Sheila Lanier
    Karen LaPorte
    Roger Larsson
    Nina Lauffer
    Peter Lazarnick
    Mary Jo Leavitt
    Elena Lebedeva
    Amie Lee
    Deb Lee
    Angela LeMay
    Dani Lemberger
    Tami Lemberger
    Bill Lendriet
    Gary Lerner
    Caroline Letkeman
    Peter Letterese
    Hank Levin
    Ron Lewis
    David Lingenfelter
    Mercy Lingenfelter
    Mark List
    Nick Lister
    Jim Little
    Silvia Lloréns
    Richard Lloyd
    Dan Locke
    Dana Lockwood
    John Loftus
    Andrea Lombard
    Paulien Lombard
    Ken Long
    Paul Longshaw
    Greg Lonscak
    Raul Lopez
    Regina Lorbeer
    Philippe Lorotte
    Kim Loss
    Nicci Lotz
    Trey Lotz
    Claudio Lugli
    Renata Lugli
    Tiziano Lugli
    Conny Lundberg
    Udo Lütgenbruch
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    Ok, less than 1,000 to go now. :)
  30. TrevAnon Member


    First a question. Is Mary Maren – a double entry? See Mary Freedman.

    Allan Macdonald
    Susan Q. MacDonald
    Betty Mace
    Eddie Mace
    Kathy Mace
    Marjorie Mace
    Gordon Mackay
    Kevin Mackey
    Vicky Mackey
    Vincent Magni
    Mabel Mallens
    Chris Mann
    Ragne Mansfield
    Chris Many
    Nancy Many
    Lance Marcor
    Thierry Marcovici
    Carisa Marion
    Omar Marsiglia
    Warren Marston
    Gabriella Masserini
    Ron Matlock
    Thomas Maxwell
    Jess McCabe
    Tom McCafferty
    Linda McCarthy
    Virginia McClaughry
    Don McClintock
    Richard McCurdy
    Jon Randall McDonald
    Linda McGinley
    Andrew McGowan
    Brown McKee
    Mark McKinstry
    John McLean
    Roger Meier
    Rita Michaels
    David Miller
    Debbie Miller
    Linda Miller
    Colin Mills
    Nancy Milner
    Guido Minelli
    Ron Minor
    Troy Miranda
    Jenna Miscavige
    Lana Mitchell
    Peggy Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell
    Charese Mongiello
    Andrew Moore
    David Moore
    Gary S. Moore
    James Moore
    Katherine Moore
    Michael Moore
    Pamela Moore
    Komra Moriko
    Andy Moubray
    Maggie Moyer
    Cathy Mullins
    Steve Muro
    Amanda Myers
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    Marisa Padella
    Martin Padfield
    Harry Palmer
    Richard Palmer
    Vicki Palmer
    Doug Parent
    Melissa Paris
    Bryan Parker
    Valerie Parker
    Frank Pate
    Jim Patterson
    Michael Pattinson
    Ed Paulson
    Helma Paulson
    Stewart Payne
    Randy Payne
    Exilda Pearlman
    Jeff Pearlman
    Creed Pearson
    John Peeler
    Tony Pellicci
    Bob Penny
    Sunny Pereira
    Betsy Perkins
    George Perkins
    Izhar Perlman
    Silvio Perotti
    Dick (Richard J.) Peterson
    Ed Petroka
    Patty Pieniadz
    Mitch Pilchuk
    Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault
    Cindy Bernot Plahuta
    Matt Plahuta
    Luca Poma
    Allen Poore
    Steve Poore
    Andy Porter
    Colin Poulter
    Joan Prather
    Bruce Pratt
    Karen [Schless] Pressley
    Marvin Price
    Kay Proctor
    Dennis Prunkl
    Isabelle Prunkl
    Michel Puzzolante
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    No results. :)
  36. TrevAnon Member


    Kirk Radandt
    Kim Rainbolt
    Debbie Radstrom
    Ron Radstrom
    Gion Ragaz
    Phoebe Rainer
    Ronald Ramirez
    Jill Rappaport
    David Ray
    Joe Reaiche
    Edward Reilly
    Leah Remini
    Nicole Remini
    Deborah Rennard
    Ken Renshaw
    Mike Reppen
    Debora Reynolds
    Lee Reynolds
    Tom Rhodes
    Diana Rhyne
    Roxann Richards
    Sandy Richards
    Alex Riley
    Keira Robalino
    Jon Roberts
    Heather Robillard
    Pierre Robillard
    Marta Rodas
    Suzanne Roden
    Wayne Roden
    Mike Roiger
    Erin Rose
    Ken Rose
    Lars Rosenquist
    Bernard Robert Ross (aka Bob Ross)
    Elena (Dubow) Ross
    Kay Milasinovich Rowe
    Nathan Rowlands
    Kristina Royce
    Richard Royce
    Paolo Ruggeri
    John Paul Ruiz
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    Less than 500 now.
  38. TrevAnon Member


    Bente Salbol
    Henrik Salbol
    Manuel Salazar
    Martin Samuels
    Bob Sanders
    Jennifer Sanders
    Stephen Sarocky
    Cathy Schenkelberg
    Ken Schick
    Yvonne Schick
    Greg Schilling
    Bert Schippers
    Paul David Schofield
    Carolyn Schofield
    Dieter Schoop
    Anna Schultz
    Andrea Sciortino
    Keith Scott
    Phil Scott
    Justin Seiflein
    Gary Sekigahama
    Maurizio Serafini
    Pavel Shahar
    Donna Shannon
    Michael Linn Shannon
    Pat Shannon
    Tom Shepard
    Vince Shlomi
    Shawn Shoulders
    Jane Shreffler
    Mark Shreffler
    Alex Shur
    Jeff Siebrand
    Larry Siegel
    Sharon Sigmond
    Vasile Silaghi
    Don Simons
    Bo Simonsson
    Kris Slocum
    Avra Honey Smith
    Barbara Smith
    Gayle Smith
    Ingrid Smith
    Julia Llewellyn Smith
    Kathy Smith
    Mark Smith
    Mel Smith
    Peter Smith
    Randy Smith
    Richard Smith
    Tom Smith
    Barbara Snow
    Mike Snyder
    Reinhold Sommerstedt
    Jamie Sorrentini
    Giacomo Sotgia
    Ariel Spargo
    Jeff Spargo
    Steven Spargo
    Brenda Gayle Johnson Hubert Spencer
    Loren Spethman
    Philip J. Spickler
    Robert Splawn
    Paul Staffer
    Ronn Stacy
    Allen Stanfield
    Valerie Stansfield
    Karen Stanzani
    Michael Steckler
    Barry Stephenson
    Ian Sterling
    John Stevens
    Mac Stevens
    Kevin Stevenson
    Alain Stoffen
    David Stokes
    Dean Stokes
    Chris J. Stone
    Bill Straass
    Eric Strudwick
    Steve Stuart
    Davide Succi
    Norman Suchanek
    Aurora Suges
    Maureen Sullivan
    Gabor Szabo

    Result for Tim Swanson see discussion above.
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    such a wonderful help Trev! THANK YOU
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    Lori Taverna
    Eric M. Taylor
    Aida Thomas
    David Thomas
    Dean Thomas
    Rob Thomas
    Tammy Thomas
    Tom Thomas
    Brian Thompson
    Chris Thompson
    Patti Thompson
    Robert Thompson
    Ignazio Tidu
    Pax Tielman
    Kevin Tighe
    Lisa Tighe
    Michael Tillery
    Michael Leonard Tilse
    Alain Tizioli
    Claude Tizioli
    Don Tompkins
    Eric Townsend
    Jean Tox
    Samuel Anthony Travolta
    Gene Trujillo
    Stefan Tunedal
    Cheryl Turner
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