Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Incredulicide Member

    There's some name quirkiness that shows multiple names on one page, I think it's because of the way the pages are generated on the serverside.
    For example
    show exactly the same page listing 2 different "Jeff"s. If you reduce the last name further thusly
    more "Jeff"s show up on the page.with different last names ending in "ee" and "e", and some "Jeffrey"s show up, and a URL like
    Shows all 3610 people with first names beginning with "J" and last names ending in "e"
  2. TrevAnon Member

    Looks like fuzzy searching to allow for slight errors in spelling by the user of the site.

    Too bad completions listings in COS magazines did not mention the IAS number.

    There is a reason people have social security numbers and COS-members have IAS-numbers! :)
  3. TrevAnon Member

    This may well be the reason RightOn didn't mention them in his/her results. :)

    Now I checked this list against the completions already on the big list.

    Please add completions for the following of them

    Aviv Bershadsky
    Monique Berthoud
    Marilyn Brewer
    Laura Ann Wilson

    Rest is already on

    Note: why not put Laura Ann Wilson under W instead of A? Looks to me Ann is a "second first name" or how do I call it in English.
  4. RightOn Member

    This should be under W and definitely not A
  5. RightOn Member

    thanks you guys for all your HARD work. I have no idea what your talking about, but I do appreciate all you do :)
  6. Incredulicide Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Extra link for both:
    video interview
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Incredulicide Member

  13. RightOn Member

  14. RightOn Member

    in the future all these names could be put in one post with one link
  15. Anonymous Member

    Each link is different, pointing to the specific part of the video where they speak.
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

  19. TrevAnon Member

    Using the regression analysis done by Anonymous earlier I get 2,171 for September 8th.

    We are at 2,119, a difference of 52. So stats are down. :(
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Incredulicide Member

  24. Incredulicide Member

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  25. note to someone i think might have a name like Raven:[IMG]
  26. Incredulicide Member

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  27. RightOn Member

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  28. RightOn Member

    another link for McCafferty?

    derail : Jim Meskimen is such a fucking OSA bitch, coward, not funny, dipshit, nerd, douchebag, brown noser, did I say coward?, idiotic, repulsive twat .
    There I feel better now
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  29. RightOn Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for this, that page is much easier to follow than the history page I was looking at here:

    And just to confirm I reading it correctly, it looks like the ever fabulous Incredulicide is now up to letter "O" with the alphabetical completions updates?

    As soon as we get to the end of the alphabet, a complete copypasta port over and all-inclusive update to the googlesite mirror will happen so that both sauces are consistent again.
  31. RightOn Member

    ^ whatever that means it sounds wonderful
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  32. Kilia Member

  33. Incredulicide Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    I tried, but my flashget add-on stopped working in recent FF versions and I haven't found a reliable flash-cracking alternative.
  35. Kilia Member

  36. Incredulicide Member

    Wiki sites only allow Ogg Vorbis audio format to be uploaded due to there not being any patents on it. The web browsers that play this natively without needing a plugin are Firefox, Chromium and Opera. The reason Apple and Microsoft don't play ogg vorbis natively in Safari and IE is because they want their own proprietary audio formats to dominate the market so they can charge codec license fees.
    But I'll respect your decision to not switch browsers on that single issue :)
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  37. Kilia Member

    I have used Firefox for many years. Now on FF 23.0.1 :)
  38. Incredulicide Member

    You scared me for a sec, I thought the audio had been taken down already. But it's still there and working, I just tested in Firefox. Perhaps you need to troubleshoot your browser in safe-mode? From the menu, Help -> Restart with Add-ons disabled.
    If the audio still doesn't work, it's a deeper system audio problem, otherwise an extension is the culprit.

    Wikia uses javascript on the widgets within articles, so if you have that disabled you might need the direct link to the audio:
  39. Kilia Member

    Maybe it's because I'm running Windows 8 touchscreen and it don't like it. :D
  40. Kilia Member

    I can play it now, Icred..I just didn't go further into the sound file to hear it.
    Sorry Windows 8 and bad. :eek:
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