Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack made a prediction for 2014:
    Here's hoping we don't have to wait the entire year for that :rolleyes:
  2. Anonymous Member

    Suggestion: We should change the entry for David Mayo. The "background" link leads to a page that contains a lot of wild speculation if you scroll down far enough. None of which appears anywhere else on the web:

    The "interview" link that we also have listed that comes from bare faced messiah materials covers everything useful provided on the background link and so much more, and it is in his words:

    So can we loose the wild speculation sauce and replace the "background" link with this link to his 1987 affidavit:
  3. Incredulicide Member

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  4. TrevAnon Member

    Click on the right at "Reconnection a history of the early Independents"

    I know this is from FZ. Have all of them been checked against the list and being in once?
  5. RightOn Member

    I believe the Reconnection Issues have been all gone through long ago, but if you want to recheck it's up to you
    May find sumthin'
  6. Incredulicide Member

    Indeed, this would be about the 3rd or 4th recheck. The other rechecks involved correcting typos/misspellings/etc.
    Another recheck would need to keep that in mind in case a "newly discovered" entry is one that has previously been corrected.
  7. RightOn Member

    more info for Tory Christman
    And a big thanks to Tory for spreading the list on Face Book to a bunch of people!:)

    was in for 13 Years
    Grad 5 Auditor, FPRD, Senior Security Checker (Flag trained and Interned), Sea Org (briefly), Non-Sea Org Staff (CC and AOLA), President of the Scientology Parishioners League, Volunteer for OSA International Internet, Anti Scientology Youtube channel

    #2155 Amy Lewis - left after approx. 5 years, ESMB post, Boston Org

    #2156 - Ginger Sugarman- aka Ginger Lawler-Sugarman, Lynn Lawler, left after 30 years, public, AOLA, ASHO, Flag, filled in online submission form, Face Book post, COS completions
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  8. RightOn Member

    hate to keep harping and THANKS for all that everyone does.
    If you post a name, PLEASE pull everything you can from the link you list and post all information you can. It saves a ton of time.
    the format is: name, (also any aka's) time in, positions held, area etc....
    And a very Happy New Year to all who help!
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  9. Incredulicide Member

    I think you mean 30.
    Also, the Ginger Sugarman link is hidden behind a facebook login, can somebody please attach a screenshot of it to this thread?
    Edit: I also found her as Ginger Lawler-Sugarman - Executive Director of the "Set A Good Example Foundation":
  10. RightOn Member

    Tory filled in the online submission form and wrote 13 years.
    Full Name: Tory Christman
    Left after how long? 13 Years
    maybe she made typo?

    the link for Lewis was a cut and paste mistake.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Tory was most definitely in from 1969 till 2000. Maybe she used dictation software that mistranscribed her?
  12. RightOn Member

    perhaps. I also thought/knew she was in for 30 years, but I was just correcting why I was told to correct from the submission form
  13. Incredulicide Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    ^ this
  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Har-har! ^^^ He wouldn't notice with all Laurisse's pubes and Tom Cat's ass-crack funkiness everywhere. Just sayin, Gary, its like, erm, 'I poked my finger in Uncle Moran's potatos, hahahaha'.


    A nice shiny coat of Vasiline... now that'd've been funny!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I think Tory accidentally mis-read the question on the online form and answered "how many since you left" (which is 13)

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Cesar Velasco, joined ODD in Mexico City in 1990, left after 10 years. Threatened to file a complaint in the US in order to get his daughter back from the Sea Org at Flag and then found out she had been sexually abuse by Mexico City staff member before she was recruited.

    Short comment on Spanish anti-sect website: http://translate.googleusercontent....=ALkJrhjsKjUvsKTNJR7eycch3gvAeNIiaw#more19028

    Long comment on VV with more details of his Scientology horror story:

    Runs his own critical blog (also Spanish) that might be ripe for harvesting other names if run through a translator:

    Also has a youtube channel with many translated videos:
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Laura Brook, born in, started training at Mexico org at 4yrs old and left after 15yrs at age 19.

    Blog article in Spanish:


    More here from Cesar's blog in the "personal stories" category but I don't have time to wade through them right now:

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  30. RightOn Member


    #2160 - Cesar Velasco - left after 10 years, Threatened to file a complaint in the US in order to get his daughter back from the Sea Org at Flag and then found out she had been sexually abuse by Mexico City staff member before she was recruited. ODD Mexico City, blog comment, Village Voice comment, Runs Anti COS Blog in Spanish, Youtube Channel

    #2161 - Laura Brook- born in, left after 15 years, Mexico, blog article in Spanish
    google translate

    ^^^ link above, Another link for Rafael Gomez - interview
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  31. RightOn Member

    the google list is way behind at 2155
  32. RightOn Member

    #2162 - Bruce Ploetz - aka Bruce Roland Ploetz- left after 35 years, Sea Org, Purification pilot tester 1980, E-Meter Reads Drill Simulator device Engineer, Big Blue, Gold Base, Audio Technician,Co-Inventor of "Training system for simulating changes in the resistance of a living body", blog comments

    this is a good one!
    he was mentioned in BFG's book
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  37. pelagic Member

    Hi RO,

    Loving your work in this thread. But...

    In Malcolm's post he mentions the Int Training Org in LA. This is not the Int Base.

    I don't see anything confirming what organisation he was from.

    The devil is in the details.
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  40. firebug Member

    As far as I can make out
    Ginger Sugerman and Marylen Ayash-Borgen are different people. Marylen is the step grand daughter of Barbara Ayash and posted on WWP as Sageuser here–-barbara-ayash.91737/

    The link you have for Marylen above is actually Ginger. It looks like there was a mix up somewhere.
    I can see no evidence Marylen has spoken out
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