Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    sorry I am late to the party, just got in

    #2163 - Francois Groenewald, staff Pretoria, Africa, the first Golden Age of Tech 2 (GATII) Course Supervisor for Africa, Flag

    #2164 - Lisa Goosen, Blog comment, COS Completions

    Trev can Kin Le Roux's name be the same person as Joleen LeRoux? she is from South Africa
    maybe ask on ESMB and also put Mike Leopold's name on ESMB and see if anyone can confirm.
    I did a quick search and didn't find anything on either
  2. RightOn Member

    thanks for the info
    Can someone please make this correction for Malcom Duss on the wiki and on the google list?
  3. RightOn Member

    they are leaving like rats from a sinking ship!
    Another mas exodus is occurring. Soon it's gonna blossom in a very huge way me thinks.
    Just like it did in the '80s
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  4. RightOn Member

  5. Anonymous Member

  6. firebug Member

    There is not much information on the meet a scientologist on-line site

    It is a common name . There is a scientologist in the UK with the same name
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  7. Incredulicide Member

  8. RightOn Member

    on the online form, she filled out her name as Ginger Sugerman
  9. RightOn Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    On Facebook and on her online submission form info for the Big List, she spells it Sugerman.
  11. Incredulicide Member

    I've never seen form submissions, I trust your spelling when you mention them.
  12. RightOn Member

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  13. Incredulicide Member

    Ok, to prevent any duplicate entries, I've changed her wiki entry to reflect all the sources:
    • Ginger Sugerman - aka Ginger Lawler-Sugarman, Lynn Lawler
  14. RightOn Member

    will the real Ginger please stand up!
  15. RightOn Member

    reported my post for an edit. I can not edit it any longer
  16. Anonymous Member

    Having recently examined about two dozen narconon, cchr and cult 990 filings, I saw numerous name misspellings in those documents.

    Sometimes, a name had a particular spelling in one 990 document and a different spelling of the same name in another 990 document. I could decide on the names being the same person based on the addresses given as being identical.

    Basic literacy is not on the list of OT Powers.
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  17. RightOn Member

    or mine! :(
  18. Incredulicide Member

    To be fair, if we only looked for "Sugerman" we would've missed all the wrongly spelt mentions of her on the other sites. She even eludes Xenu-directory's "fuzzy search"
    So GOOD JOB RightOn!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    So Marylen Ayash-Borgen must be deleted?
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Incredulicide Member

    I don't think the last name was intentionally left out since her photo is prominently shown, perhaps just an oversight.
    I manually went through every Flo and Florence in the completions database and only one is OT III:
    But since it's from "Advance ANZO 121" which is Australia/New Zealand I doubt that it's her (although Peyrous is a French surname and she's from France).
    Looks like it. What say you RightOn?
  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    2014, the year of Lawling dangerously?

    We are all lawlers now.

    IANALawler -- well, no, that's a lie.
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  23. TrevAnon Member

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  24. TrevAnon Member

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  25. Incredulicide Member

    I like her line "I hope reading more wins and waking up stories", which if she reads 6 from the list each day she'd be just about done by the end of the year (not counting the names we add this year, hopefully including hers) :)

    Extra link for Mylène Beyer (corrected first name from Mylene):
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  26. RightOn Member

    ok what is going ? The quote below is the quote with the name Marylen Ayash Borgen on the list.
    The quote on ESMB. States she is Barbara Ayash's daughter.

    "Hello, I'm Barbara Ayash's daughter. I can now speak out for her as I am NO LONGER a member of the Church and have let them know it loud and clear. There is untrue information around about her. I didn't have a Declare when I checked last week. Then I made my announcement to ASHO. I'm sure it will be out very soon now. Lets all call it the SP Special Person declare. lol If any of you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm going to write her story for her since she can't and mine as well. I'm not the best writer and after I wrote it I want someone to review it for me before I publish it. IT IS a sad situation at best! Lots of Love to you all "

    'splain please?
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  27. TrevAnon Member

    Anonymous: REconnecting ex-COS-members on a daily basis! :p
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  28. TrevAnon Member

  29. It's an amazing list considering the repercussions they have all faced yet still speak out for those still trapped.
    I'm an ex from way back but I don't consider myself to be one in many ways because fortunately I wasn't in long enough for the mindset to take hold which is far more difficult to confront and overcome. I never got processed long enough to develop the Hubbard dedicated glare of hollow eyes you see in many Sea-Org members, staff and some public.

    I was privy to inside information on how this organization operated and simply moved away from the things I didn't like, especially the way legitimate criticism was attacked mercilessly, members were pressured for money in every possible way (some of them were even legal, most involved bogus credit applications). They are the most 'ethical' people on the planet after all. Graduation from all courses required a success story to graduate, I made up a couple and left. I was aware of some dead agent tactics and nasty operations to get their 'religious bigot enemies'.

    Thanks RightOn for setting it up and keeping it going, it's been a big help to many on the fence and has made a big difference in the fight against this abusive, controlling Scientology cult of the convicted fraud and general Lunatic or should I say 'Commodore' Lunatic L. Ron Hubbard.
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  30. TrevAnon Member

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  31. RightOn Member

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  32. RightOn Member

    Thanks Light <3 massive hugs to you
    It may have been my creation, but thanks need to go out to all who tirelessly work on the list.
    I love them to bits
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  33. RightOn Member

    ok enough of the hug box,
    Ok after figuring out what the hell you guys met about Marylen, it does not appear that she has spoken out herself.
    Which means we have to back peddle. I HATE BACK PEDDLIN!!!!!

    But thanks Trev, for replacing it with fresh meat.
    so I will add the latest and subtract one.
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  34. RightOn Member

  35. TrevAnon Member

    Got a PM by DullOldfart on ESMB. He has some corrections:

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  36. RightOn Member

  37. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  38. RightOn Member

    yes Og, it was already discussed, but we need her last name. And if she is not posting her last name, then maybe she doesn't want to? even though her photo is there. Need to ask her on that blog if she wants her name added
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  39. Ogsonofgroo Member

    It is done RO, we'll see if she wants to or not, I've added a link to this thread for her to check out :)

    Edit> The replies there are moderated, but I was ever so polite, so here's hoping for a positive response :) the good thing is, is that this may generate some extra interest from the more disaffected in SA, that'd be some very nice additions (if they so choose) in my honest opinion.

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  40. Incredulicide Member

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