Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    hey guise.
    I am on the mend
    busy ripping my place apart and refurbing
    I know the list is in good hands
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  2. TrevAnon Member

  3. Incredulicide Member

    Beau Griffis - his story:
    titled "How Someone Becomes A Scientologist"
    "Disconnecting the drug addict from the family placing and continually telling and discrediting the one with the problem to the one financing the ticket to happiness was encouraged, since the normal non-addicted citizen believes that they are being consulted by the pros of addiction; plus any communication from the drug addiction whom once enrolled in the program is a liability to the commission of the “Reg,” since unless the money comes they aren’t likely to see their commission.

    "It didn’t take long to realize that after a talented “Reg” had fueled the doors to Scientology’s recruitment center they where extremely valuable members to the Scientology organization, since through licensing agreements an individual whom paid 30 thousand dollars for a ticket to temporary happiness the money would be divided up and distributed to Narconon’s non-profit organization—another selling point of course would be praised for providing financial assistance to Scientology’s main objective controlled from the top where an additional 10% in licensing agreements would funnel all the way up the top of Scientology’s organizational structure. The “Reg” would get 10% of anything that was brought in, the next 10% would go to Narconon International the holding company for all Narconons and an additional 10% would go to the individuals whom held the licensing of the technology or so called organized rehabilitation process to what was called the Religious Technology Center. It was like the ultimate Ponzi scheme where money would come in and flow from the bottom to top and Narconon with its advantage over the weak and hopelessness was Scientology’s main source of revenue."

    The bolded part is referring to himself as the “Reg”.

    Quote: "Here's an update, I am no longer affiliated or have anything to do with Scientology."

    Apparent suicide: Tony Ortega article with likely more follow-up later.
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  4. Incredulicide Member

    An unregistered editor with the IP removed the entry for Emmanuel Jamin and that edit has been reverted with a note left pointing here.
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  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So that's why Narconon costs so much: they have to subsidize purchasing all that door fuel.
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  7. Incredulicide Member

    Total is at 2388
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  8. TrevAnon Member

  9. Incredulicide Member

  10. Incredulicide Member

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  11. on the running count of the big list, you should start gathering other facts to turn it into more of an almanac

    running count of things like

    # of forced abortions
    forced divorces
    number of pc folder confidentiality breaks
    number of court cases against ex members
    amount donated to church by ex members
  12. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^ yer talkin stats, pie charts, or percentages etc., big project for someone, not me, not bored enough, but it'd be interesting to have a few numbers lined up regarding those who got suckered into Lron's amazing maze of crazy.
    I can start with the obvious one. 100/100 fucked over by money grabbing, back stabbing, mind melting, sense-robbing, wee cult o' Hubbard...
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  13. RightOn Member

    hey guise.
    yes the "almanac" is a VERY ambitious project that I will not be participating in.
    But for anyone who has the time and the patience.... have at it!
  14. Incredulicide Member

    Ditto for me.

    Extra links:
    Gary Morehead aka Jackson Morehead - radio interview
    Scott Gordon - quote
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  16. Incredulicide Member

    • Mike Holland - left after 8 years - HPA, B.Scn, Johannesburg South Africa - his story
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  17. Incredulicide Member

    Added the AKA as well as completions from when she was Mareka Johnson
  18. RightOn Member

    ok what number are we at with Holland?
    By place is in shambles and nowhere near done.
    Fuck it. It will get done eventually
  19. TrevAnon Member

  20. Incredulicide Member

    With Mike Holland and Gary Johnson added the total is at 2390.
  21. RightOn Member

    #2389 - Mike Holland - left after 8 years, HPA, B.Scn, HASI, Johannesburg South Africa, ESMB post

    #2390 - Gary Johnson - blog post, Clear, COS Completions- Clear No. 8695, Scientology Clear List, Auditor 154, circa December 1978,

    Gay Johnson is a common name, are we sure that is the same guy in completions? He is listed as a celebrity
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  22. Incredulicide Member

    If it's a common name why are we assuming the completions database is only referring to one guy on that page? The 2006 "all clears in the United States" entry could just as well be the Gary who commented without being the "celebrity" Gary from 1978.

    The wiki invites people to disprove names, so removing a completions link means being sure info for all the names in completions contradicts other info they or others that knew them offer, if any. Not the case here for now.
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  23. Incredulicide Member

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  24. Incredulicide Member

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  25. Here's your confirmation... Yes I was in, but currebtly free and loving it! Ex FSO SO member and a born in Scientologist. Currently Declared SP for refusing to disconnect to my best friend and have suffered the wrath of almost my entire family disconnecting.

  26. TrevAnon Member

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  27. Incredulicide Member

    • Ronit Charny - left after 29 years - on OT VII, Class 9 Auditor, staff for 10 years, Sea Org for 8 years, Israel, Flag AO HGC, Clearwater - her story
    • Yossi Charny - left after 34 years - on OT VII, Sea Org for 5 years, Director of Processing, San Francisco, Flag AO HGC, Clearwater - his story
    • Felicia Picard - born in, Sea Org, FSO, Clearwater - quote, forum post
    Confirmation from someone other than herself would be better :)
  28. RightOn Member

    #2391 - Ronit Charny -left after 29 years - on OT VII, Class 9 Auditor, staff for 10 years, Sea Org for 8 years, Israel, Flag AO HGC, Clearwater, story on blog ,
    COS Completions

    #2392 - Yossi Charny - left after 34 years- on OT VII, Sea Org for 5 years, Director of Processing, San Francisco, Flag AO HGC, Clearwater, story on blog,
    COS completions

    Wow! their "knowledge report" goes on and on. They sure can ramble! Just couldn't read it all.
    Was sorry to read this:
    "Our decision is to continue forward the LRH vision to deliver standard Tech to pcs around the world who seek freedom through auditing without obstruction, executive interference, suppression and arbitrary policies"

    Hope they further wake up some day, and not continue the mind fuck, but with auditing being their income, it is doubtful that they will or will want to give up the $ :(
    At least the money is no longer going to DM.
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  30. RightOn Member

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  31. RightOn Member

    the SA Commssion link does not show her name on that page. It is kind of confusing. Had to foward, it is not until page 9, which has a TON of names. Anyone go through all of them?
    Her is the link from Section VIII page 9. her name also appears on page 10

    and who is MR. JAN HENDRIK DU PLESSIS?
    There is a Du Plessis in Completions , but the year is 1989 and after the commission report.
    Was he ever in? Or did he go back? or not him in Completions
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  33. RightOn Member

  34. RightOn Member

    #2394 - Jacqueline Talor, aka Jacqui Taylor- blog comment, COS Completions

    This person was listed on the "Still In" List thread in 2009 <--- was amusing thread to look back on.
    5 years later..... that list would be easier to do. LOL!!!
    errr... I mean Scientology is expanding. It is! really! I mean it this time.

    Guess Jacqui left! :)
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  35. RightOn Member

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  37. Incredulicide Member

  38. RightOn Member

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  40. RightOn Member

    Does this one may need more sauce?
    His comment sounds like he may have not been a scilon? IDK
    Are we sure this is the same guy?
    Mike Staples was sort of a big deal in COS.
    This thread shows Mike and his wife being "Gold Humanitarians" for a fund raiser in 2010

    shows him here as OTVIII
    IDK, does he sound like an OTVIII in his comment?

    but then again listed here for being audited by a Pierre Ethier
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