Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Incredulicide Member

    It turns out there's another definition of "double cast".
    The character "Landon" in the play is being played in alternating performances by either Jay Huguley or Bo Foxworth.
    Not sure how to find out whether Jay Huguley was the one playing him on the opening night.

    BTW, we never got around to adding him to the list :eek:
    Here's his link:


    Count is now at 2440
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  5. Incredulicide Member

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  6. As far as I understand, she was fully aware that Hubbard was "psychotic, a manic depressive with paranoid tendencies".
    She helped him overcome his writing blockade and enabled Dianetics come to existence. But I doubt she was really "in". VERY interesting informations, though. Sorry if this was discussed already.
  7. TrevAnon Member

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  8. Incredulicide Member

    Ex it has prompted the disproving of a name.
    Time to delve into
    This was for a subsequent book he was working on at Palm Springs after he arrived on February 3 1951 and she "made him talk about new ideas. We spent a lot of time discussing metaphysics. Three days later he was working regularly on the book."
    This bit is wrong, she was hired for the Dianetics Foundation after the first Dianetics book had already come out.
    Not in Scientology, agreed. Here's her involvement in Dianetics:
    Oddly enough, she gives the same statistic as L.Ron Hubbard junior, she says "I believe the engrams he was running were 90% fantasy."
    She then discusses the circumstances of leaving:
    and the date of it from her diary:
    So she had nothing to do with Hubbard since 1951 (other than just sending him some of her poetry in 1983) which indeed means she was never in Scientology. This is also the reason we don't have Dr. Joseph A. Winter on the list who also left before 1952 when Scientology was first beginning.

    Taking Barbara Jane Klowden-Snader aka Barbara Kaye off the list, so with that removal along with the additions of Darrell Malick and Zac Hopkins the count is now at 2441.
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  9. Incredulicide Member

    Confirmed from which saw the play on a night he performed :)
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  10. TrevAnon Member

  11. TrevAnon Member

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  12. Incredulicide Member

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  13. RightOn Member

    Still not completely free to jump back in yet, just dropping in. Where are we at?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Appears to be 2441 as of Jan. 28th, 2015. It may be moar. I dunno.
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  15. RightOn Member

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  16. Seems new:
    Les Jones, joined 1980, left in the 90ies.
  17. TrevAnon Member

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  18. Incredulicide Member

    Listening closely to his story, he didn't say he joined in 1980, but found himself in Dallas in 1980 after being in for some unknown time, and he mentions going through the OT levels in the 90s via someone who was definitely out of the Church. So either he left before the 90s, or never actually left at that time and stayed under the radar for a such a long time Scientology didn't know he went OT outside them, still listing him as Clear in 2006 (that list is known to be of people who went Clear many years earlier), so that's the "official" level he reached (unless the completions are of someone else, which needs proof)
  19. Big list gone?
  20. RightOn Member

    WTF?? I went there and it has been replaced with sports crap or something?
    Was it hacked? My heart just sunk!
  21. TrevAnon Member

    6 years of hard work down the toilet. LOL! :p
  22. Incredulicide Member

    *Peers into toilet, hears a voice…*
    "It's a long way down."
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  23. RightOn Member

    ok ok settle down
    So I am not 'puter savy.
    I am allowed a heart attack every now and then if I think my baby has been compromised, can't I? :p
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  24. Incredulicide Member

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  25. RightOn Member

    will be catching up today
  26. TrevAnon Member

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  27. Incredulicide Member

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  28. TrevAnon Member

  29. Incredulicide Member

    Thanks for catching that, I've edited the wiki to merge the two entries.

    I can't help wondering if you knew who she was on ESMB without mentioning it in this thread :)

    Your punishment will be to search her five and a half thousand posts to find out if she ever went higher up the bridge than ARC Straightwire (Auditing) and Pro TRs (Training)! (the ESMB forum disallows unregistered users from using the built-in search form, so me finding her saying her current name was very difficult)
  30. TrevAnon Member

    LOL! I asked her by PM.

    (ETA: and I knew. I only added the link so as to give proof for Mareer having been in besides the completions.)
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  31. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, got a PM. Sindy used to be known as

    Sindy Suges
    - ESMB thread where she introduces her daughter Aurora (already on) who uses Suges as a last name.
    - Completions

    Sindy Jordan
    - ESMB post
    - Completions
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  32. RightOn Member

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  33. TrevAnon Member

    Did some calculations. At the speed we are going now (i.e. the last year) we'll be at 2500 at approx. the end of October, at the start of November.

    Ah well. I hope we'll have Alex Gibney speeding up things a little. :)
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  34. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Just a couple of bitter apostates with axes to grind.... Fuck you cult of Hubbard, right up where de sun don't shine.

    Awesome list is just plain awesome, like the peoples who keep it growing, y'all frikken ROCK!
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  35. TrevAnon Member

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  36. Ogsonofgroo Member


    The Big List.

    Its getting bigger.

    Its Big, and it helps people too.

    Cris is a wonderful and succinct speaker, good to have him out-and-about imho :)
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  37. TrevAnon Member

  38. RightOn Member

    Add info and link to Dave Richard's name:
    LRH Kha Khan, Declared, Indie 500 List
    HAS course, Stu Hat, Hard TRs, PTS SP Course, Purif (2x), Staff Status 1 & 2, Exec Esto Course Grad, OEC Vol 0 & 1, W/Cer, OT IV L-11, Ex-Dn Completion, CO FCDC 72-75, 1st Flag World Tour, Div 6 Sec/PES FSO. Declared in 1982 for calling Finance Police a "Suppressive Group" publicly.

    also more info for
    Jory Giora Kenneth - left after five years, Clear, Israel, Indie 500 List
  39. RightOn Member

    #2445 - Dima Jitovetsky - Clear, Dror Center Israel, his story

    Morris Adams - left after 40 years, his story, blog comment
    needs more sauce, not in completions
    In his story he says:
    "I am intentionally leaving out the actual locations I was in and the names of my auditors and associates."
    so I don't know if his name is a psuedo
  40. RightOn Member

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