Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

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  1. RightOn Member

    yeah it was a hiccup for about an hour
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  3. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, some first results from analyzing the petition to get COS tax exempt status revoked.

    For the following people, all already on, there currently is but 1 link to evidence of them speaking out.

    no name
    6992 Dave Adams
    4989 Michael Anderson
    253 Caroline Brown
    8054 Tom Brown
    7173 david dunlop
    8839 Mariella Hosseini
    1027 Tony Jones
    8820 Kim Loss
    8830 Conny Lundberg
    4903 Roger Mazzo
    8828 guido minelli
    7678 Melanie Mirate
    3861 Tom Padgett
    7573 mark smith
    7953 Mel Smith
    7556 Barbara Snow
    8823 Ignazio Tidu
    8827 Cheryl Turner
    8836 roger weller

    The number at the start of each line is the number this person got when he or she signed the petition. E.g. Cheryl Turner signed as 8827 and can be found at the page with the "8800" link, as this page shows everyone from 8801 to 8851. I have ordered by last name so Incred should easily be able to add the links.

    Keep it simple, link for all:
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  4. TrevAnon Member

    The following people are all already on but have more than 1 link to evidence of them speaking out. An extra link could be added

    no name
    7259 Robert Thompson
    7717 Robert Thompson
    4099 Patrik Andersson
    8837 Synthia Fagen
    8842 Edie Fields
    79 roger gonnet
    7057 Tommy Gorman
    1128 David Graham
    8829 janette haugen
    3398 Dave Richards
    2292 Laura West

    I deleted 8818 Louise Nettle for whom there is already a link to the petition, and 8657 maria pia gardini and 5167 Christopher Reeve for obvious reasons.
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  5. TrevAnon Member

    OMG. :eek:

    I never expected this. :)

    I checked the remaining names on the petition against a September 2013 copy of Kristi's site. I used vertical search so that is an exact name by name search.

    284 names on the petition are also in completions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (259 unique names)

    (please notice my exclamation tech... :p )

    Of course there is a lot of mumbo jumbo, like Tom Cruise signed 18 times. Yeah right. :) And there are lots of quite common names.

    I'd be happy to post the names here, but I guess it would need serious further research.

    How do we handle this? Or should I disconnect? :(

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  6. RightOn Member

    Did I hear bumpa crop of fresh meat? WAHOO!!!!!!
    list them all here. In 2 chunks. Both with one link for the petition.Take half and I will take the other half.
    And we will add the completions and anything else we can find
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  7. RightOn Member

    That would bring us up to 2740!!
    ok I am ready, I have an hour to spare
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  8. TrevAnon Member

    First half of the list

    Link for all:

    3954 Aaron Carter
    2215 Adam Smith
    8245 Albert Sosa
    5941 Alex Jackson
    2242 alex smith
    5209 Alex Winter
    7983 Alexander Jones
    4272 Alexander Newman
    3086 Alison Smith
    8047 Amanda Smith
    8589 Amanda Thompson
    2059 amy olson
    8841 Andrea Galbiati
    7283 Andrew Smith
    5392 Andrew Wyndham
    5293 Anne Thomas
    2982 Annie Lee
    5059 April Ruiz
    4565 Arnoud Aerts
    717 Arthur Anderson
    161 Belinda Mason
    206 Belinda Mason
    2134 Bob Hamilton
    1433 bob johnson
    7191 Bob Johnson
    8606 Bob Johnson
    5816 Bob Parker
    2158 Brenda Lopez
    7940 Brent Smith
    438 Brian Edwards
    3823 Brian Parker
    6677 Brian Smith
    1758 Brian Walsh
    5412 Carl Schumacher
    6556 Carlos Diaz
    2119 Carlos Garcia
    407 Catherine Davis
    1598 Catherine Davis
    7512 Charles Fletcher
    1920 Charles Harris
    8395 Charles White
    3968 Chris Andrews
    5152 Chris Blair
    4775 Chris Brown
    2229 Chris Carter
    2840 Chris Smith
    5282 chris wood
    8528 Christine Johnson
    728 Cody Moore
    4115 Colleen Burke
    4799 Dan Pollack
    8307 Dan Shea
    3558 Dan Thompson
    8282 Daniel Gardner
    736 Dave Paladino
    2115 Dave Wilson
    4643 David Arnold
    3162 David Beckham
    7911 David Berman
    2747 David Carter
    4376 David Cormier
    1930 David Gallagher
    7124 David Johnson
    3792 David Jones
    5920 David Levine
    3156 David Levy
    617 David Pearson
    651 David Reynolds
    8298 David Reynolds
    1945 David Rogers
    1406 David Smith
    3552 Dennis Williams
    8050 Dylan Jones
    5439 elizabeth white
    5368 Emily Jones
    5768 Eric Anderson
    1266 eric johnson
    4871 Eric Johnson
    2037 Eric Jones
    2694 Eric Miller
    1840 Eric Smith
    2398 Erin Baker
    6098 Erin Moore
    5615 Francisco Rodriguez
    8845 Gary Smith
    6434 Gary Stevens
    478 Greg Gibson
    1488 Greg Scott
    7808 Greg Smith
    8748 Greg Smith
    2078 Heather Weber
    5577 jack johnson
    4697 James Johnson
    2631 James Jones
    3170 James King
    6445 James Wright
    4997 Jamie Wilson
    7280 janet russell
    2629 Jason Blair
    3484 jean stevens
    2128 Jeff Parker
    2038 Jeffrey Hall
    3423 Jeffrey Jackson
    837 Jennifer Adams
    3899 Jennifer Clark
    1363 Jennifer Cooper
    645 Jennifer Johnson
    4834 Jennifer Lane
    6165 Jennifer Lee
    4787 Jennifer Moore
    247 Jennifer Taylor
    2421 Jennifer Walker
    2717 Jennifer Wright
    3912 Jenny Lee
    1594 Jerry Davis
    5289 Jesse Hunter
    1082 Jesse Miller
    2069 Jessica Johnson
    2016 Jim Anderson
    508 Jim Foster
    8391 jim jones
    7843 Jim Norton
    2985 jim wallace
    4319 Jim Watson
    4988 Jimmy Gonzalez
    6496 JOE SAVICH
    3505 Johan Berlin
    1033 john Brown
    1925 John Bryant
    1830 John Campbell
    3803 John Entwistle
    1640 John ford
    2439 John Ford
    2907 John Garcia
    4162 John Johnson
    4764 John Pfuntner
    1639 John Ryan
    1004 John Smith
    6663 john smith
    6756 john smith
    8740 john smith
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  9. TrevAnon Member

    Second half

    Please note I only found that the name is in completions. I don't have the link to completions itself below.

    ETA: didn't include a generated link to completions because RightOn already gathered them.

    Link for all:

    8181 John Thomas
    3926 John Wayne
    2775 John Williams
    1309 Jonathan Lewis
    8617 Jonathan Moore
    2471 Joseph Banks
    6858 Joseph Gilbert
    1184 juanita garcia
    4004 Julie Price
    2832 Justin Smith
    8564 Katie Johnston
    5584 Ken Thomas
    6351 Kenneth Miller
    6052 Kevin Miller
    2746 Kevin Smith
    6905 Kevin Smith
    8730 Kevin Williams
    6573 Kristin Smith
    1538 Lisa Ferris
    1880 LUIS VALDES
    3777 Manuel Hernandez
    1121 Maria Estrada
    4725 Marie Diaz
    3519 Marie Williams
    1503 Mark Butler
    2754 Mark Gould
    618 Mark Murray
    4905 Mark Peterson
    6 Mark Taylor
    3095 Mark West
    8838 Marta Willson
    1527 Martin Jones
    3390 mary greer
    7119 Mary Stevens
    2494 Michael Bender
    7800 Michael Finley
    2636 Michael Jackson
    6807 Michael Park
    6794 Michael Smith
    6057 Michael Stevens
    5826 Mike Jones
    5416 Mike Mitchell
    2965 Mike Sullivan
    2693 Nancy Turner
    7629 Nathan Smith
    2913 nick miller
    4979 Nick Roberts
    2495 Nicole Thomas
    2626 nicole williams
    8843 Patricia Neumann
    8351 Paul Schneider
    587 Peter Lewis
    4171 Peter Taylor
    2805 Phil Collinson
    1637 Rachel Young
    8815 Rebecca Smith
    1919 Richard Porter
    1348 Rick Marsh
    3841 Rob Wilson
    3957 Robert Brooks
    243 Robert Carlson
    8631 Robert Cruz
    940 Robert Fisher
    5237 Robert Johnson
    4581 Robert Jones
    3632 Robert Parker
    8661 Robert Wright
    99 roberto palacios
    4637 Rod Smith
    8689 roger moore
    3529 Ronald Barnes
    8772 Rosa Hernandez
    7419 Ruaraidh Macleod
    7277 Ryan Anderson
    1916 Ryan Smith
    8333 ryan smith
    46 Sam David
    8265 sam russell
    1994 Sarah Bishop
    45 Sarah Burgess
    1256 Scott Davis
    3348 Scott Smith
    5172 Scott Sutton
    1694 Scott Taylor
    1443 Scott White
    344 Scott Wilson
    8267 Shannon Mann
    2920 Shaun Byrnes
    5441 Stacey Smith
    1333 stephanie brown
    1214 Stephen Brown
    3513 Stephen Harrison
    6954 Stephen Koenig
    1174 Steve Brown
    4583 Steve Brown
    3015 Steve Goodwin
    8079 Steven Hayes
    326 Steven Myers
    329 Steven Smith
    8760 Steven Williams
    7094 Sue Palmer
    430 Susan Davis
    4503 Susan Harris
    8793 Susan Jones
    7714 Thomas Cook
    3100 Thomas Wright
    7194 Tom Chandler
    7089 tom green
    871 Tom Roberts
    4557 tom roberts
    7096 Tom Thompson
    646 Tom Williams
    436 tony anderson
    963 tony baker
    3209 Victoria Leonard
    561 William Lee
    3708 William Mapother
    3376 william morris
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  10. RightOn Member

    is that mine or yours?
    and none of these are already on?
    edit out the Tom Cruises and the John Smiths and Katie Holmes we are going to need more sauce on some. We will not know if it is a common name or pseudo. John Wayne for instance
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  11. RightOn Member

    I will take the second half, less names and I have less than an hour to spare right now.
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  12. RightOn Member

    8181 John Thomas
    3926 John Wayne movie star or is this guy out?
    2775 John Williams - too common?
    1309 Jonathan Lewis -
    8617 Jonathan Moore
    2471 Joseph Banks
    6858 Joseph Gilbert
    1184 juanita Garcia
    4004 Julie Price
    2832 Justin Smith
    309 Katie Holmes
    5473 Katie Holmes
    6107 Katie Holmes
    8564 Katie Johnston
    5584 Ken Thomas
    6351 Kenneth Miller
    6052 Kevin Miller
    2746 Kevin Smith too common
    6905 Kevin Smith
    8730 Kevin Williams
    6573 Kristin Smith
    1538 Lisa Ferris
    1880 LUIS VALDES
    3777 Manuel Hernandez common name
    1121 Maria Estrada
    4725 Marie Diaz - common name
    3519 Marie Williams- common name
    1503 Mark Butler- common name
    2754 Mark Gould - this name has entries of only 2 yrs ago needs more sauce,
    618 Mark Murray

    petition link
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  13. TrevAnon Member

    Please be careful when further analyzing my results. I only checked the name on the petition list against the name on the big list which is BEFORE THE minus - sign.

    So e.g. if Synthia Fagen had also signed with Sindy Sloan she would have been in the above two posts.

    Again: all names require a thorough check.

    ETA: have to go now, I'll see tomorrow if there is anything more I can do to help out.
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  14. RightOn Member

    4905 Mark Peterson - common name
    6 Mark Taylor
    3095 Mark West
    8838 Marta Willson
    1527 Martin Jones
    3390 mary greer
    7119 Mary Stevens common name
    2494 Michael Bender
    7800 Michael Finley
    2636 Michael Jackson-???
    6807 Michael Park
    6794 Michael Smith- common name- has entries only 2 yrs ago
    6057 Michael Stevens common name
    5826 Mike Jones- common name -
    5416 Mike Mitchell
    2965 Mike Sullivan common name
    2693 Nancy Turner aka Nancy Turner Alvet-
    7629 Nathan Smith -
    2913 nick miller -common name
    4979 Nick Roberts -
    2495 Nicole Thomas
    2626 nicole Williams
    8843 Patricia Neumann

    petition link
  15. RightOn Member

    Paul Schneider- last entry 2013
    587 Peter Lewis - common name -
    4171 Peter Taylor common name
    2805 Phil Collinson
    1637 Rachel Young
    8815 Rebecca Smith common name
    1919 Richard Porter
    1348 Rick Marsh
    3841 Rob Wilson
    3957 Robert Brooks
    243 Robert Carlson
    8631 Robert Cruz
    940 Robert Fisher
    5237 Robert Johnson - common name , last entry 2012 aka Robert C Johnson
    4581 Robert Jones- common name
    3632 Robert Parker common name
    8661 Robert Wright
    99 roberto palacios
    4637 Rod Smith
    8689 roger moore -?? celeb? - common name
    3529 Ronald Barnes
    8772 Rosa Hernandez common name0 last entry 2014 aka Rosa Hernandez Sipsy
    7419 Ruaraidh Macleod last entry 2014
    7277 Ryan Anderson- common name
    1916 Ryan Smith- comman name aka Joseph ryan Smith
    8333 ryan smith
    46 Sam David
    8265 sam Russell- common name-
    1994 Sarah Bishop
    45 Sarah Burgess
    1256 Scott Davis - common name
    3348 Scott Smith common
    5172 Scott Sutton

    petition link
  16. TrevAnon Member

  17. RightOn Member

    5172 Scott Sutton
    1694 Scott Taylor
    1443 Scott White
    344 Scott Wilson
    8267 Shannon Mann
    2920 Shaun Byrnes last entry 2012
    5441 Stacey Smith -common-
    1333 stephanie brown
    1214 Stephen Brown
    3513 Stephen Harrison
    6954 Stephen Koenig
    1174 Steve Brown common
    4583 Steve Brown
    3015 Steve Goodwin
    8079 Steven Hayes last entry 2014 -
    326 Steven Myers
    329 Steven Smith common -
    8760 Steven Williams cpmmon
    7094 Sue Palmer common -
    430 Susan Davis- common
    4503 Susan Harris common
    8793 Susan Jones- common
    7714 Thomas Cook common; last entry 2012
    3100 Thomas Wright - common
    7194 Tom Chandler
    7089 tom green common
    871 Tom Roberts- common
    4557 tom roberts
    7096 Tom Thompson
    646 Tom Williams- common
    436 tony Anderson- common
    963 tony baker-common
    3209 Victoria Leonard
    561 William Lee common
    3708 William Mapother- Cruise's brother?
    3376 william morris- common

    petition link
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  18. RightOn Member

    Interesting.. what I noticed is a LOT of the names are celebrities. I am wondering if this is because of Going Clear and Paul Haggis?
    We need a LOT more sauce, but at least all the completions are now here. I don't have time for anything else right now on my way out.
    AND can you please cross post on ESMB so maybe someone can confirm?
    Thanks Trev over and out
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  19. RightOn Member

    Wanted to add that I hope Gibney and Wright are urging people to sign the petition!
    If they aren't , they should!
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  20. TrevAnon Member

    This was a petition that was published in 2005? Hmm. Can't be right, must be later. Ever since 2008 I became active against COS and I remember a petition after that. :confused:

    ETA: now I see. It started in 2005 and went on until 2011 or something?
  21. Incredulicide Member

    We need to find out if people were able to sign the petition after 2005, otherwise we'll need to exclude everyone with completions later than that year :(
    Nevermind, I missed the huge "SIGN PETITION NOW" form LOL

    EDIT: Okay, links added for the names already on the list. I'll try to pace myself adding new names from the above.
  22. Incredulicide Member

    Mark Gould said 10/21/05, 12:13 am (verified)
    Tom Cruise is a psycho dingbat!

    CON: Five of the completions at that link are after the date of that petition signature: October 21, 2005

    PRO: Given there are different middle initials for some completions it's likely that page covers more than one Mark Gould, so it's possible the one that signed the petition has the earlier completions.

    The date of the WISE directory listing is 2004 so if we find it's still an existing company at the same address, etc. then we can probably rule out all the Mark Gould's on the completions as being the one that signed the petition.
    I hope they aren't all this hard to figure out! :confused: Should we even do this kind of weighing up, or just outright dismiss any signature that is dated before the last completion for a name?

    I won't skimp on the signature links, they'll be to the page where the actual name is. But at the very least, the date of each petition signature needs to be compared to the last completion date before names are added.

    Trev, is there a way to automate that?
  23. TrevAnon Member

    Okay, some remarks.

    0 :)

    Don't we still have some names without links after the last check for broken links by Incred? Shall we try to correct these first, mkay? :p


    Let's stick to the way RightOn always adds people, with bolded #number, name and then links. I may have introduced some M/U's :p by putting the number under which people signed to the left of their name. So this means until now we have NOT added any people to the big list from the lists I gave above.


    It is the first time we have a LOT of proposed names at once. AFAIK we don't have a systematic way to go through such a list. If we can't invent one, we'll have to go through the 259 names by hand.
    In short: I don't see a fully automated process.
    If it would help I think I would be able to post all the names with both a working link to completions AND a working link to the right petition page. Maybe this would make checking last completion against the date of signing the petition a little easier. An additional link for a generic google search might also help.


    Steve Goodwin 3015 "steve goodwin"

    On the petitions page you would have to use the search feature of your browser to find the person. Other than that, three easy links for every name would speed up analyzing them.



    Another way we could use to research the names is finding the remark (if any) people made when signing. A list of the names given above but sorted by webpage on the petitions website would help and I could easily get that done.


    Another way we could use to research the names is checking if people who signed verified their e-mail address. Please note that for each entry on the petitions site there is "verified" or "unverified". I'm assuming people had to fill in an e-mail address when signing and were sent a link to verify. Only for those who clicked the link that was sent to them the petitions pages say "verified". It would add (a little) to trustworthiness of signing the petition.
  24. TrevAnon Member

    A related question. I still have approx. 5,500 names who signed and might be able to check against a list of names for whom cookie cutter sites (used to) exist.

    Would checking that help? In other words: do we accept (former) existence of a cookie cutter site as proof someone was in? I think in the past every now and then we did that.

    Inb4PleaseLet'sCheckAll259NamesFirstBeforeAnyNewList :rolleyes:
  25. TrevAnon Member

    I just inserted links to the completions site into my original post of the first half of names I found.

    Okay, not really. I used LibreOffice Calc to generate links to all the names in that first post and simply updated my post. Took me no more than 5 minutes... :p
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  26. Incredulicide Member

    It'd be great to see if checking that reveals any more than the completions database, since that database also has cookie cutter sites listed for names, at least to know numbers. Numbers are always good :)
    This bit is unnecessary now that we're linking directly to the page of each signature, plus it looks like every page of the petition was already waybacked to back in 2011. Thank you to whoever did that! And thanks again Trev for finding and working on these names :D
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  27. TrevAnon Member

    Here is a test page for the first few people. Providing the rest would be easy, but right now I'm off to go sleep.

    Aaron Carter 3954 "aaron carter"

    Adam Smith 2215 "adam smith"

    Albert Sosa 8245 "albert sosa"

    Alex Jackson 5941 "alex jackson"

    alex smith 2242 "alex smith"

    Alex Winter 5209 "alex winter"

    Alexander Jones 7983 "alexander jones"

    Alexander Newman 4272 "alexander newman"

    Alison Smith 3086 "alison smith"

    Amanda Smith 8047 "amanda smith"

    Amanda Thompson 8589 "amanda thompson"

    amy olson 2059 "amy olson"

    Andrea Galbiati 8841 "andrea galbiati"

    Andrew Smith 7283 "andrew smith"

    Andrew Wyndham 5392 "andrew wyndham"

    Anne Thomas 5293 "anne thomas"

    Annie Lee 2982 "annie lee"

    April Ruiz 5059 "april ruiz"

    Arnoud Aerts 4565 "arnoud aerts"

    Arthur Anderson 717 "arthur anderson"

    Belinda Mason 161 "belinda mason"

    Belinda Mason 206 "belinda mason"

    Bob Hamilton 2134 "bob hamilton"

    bob johnson 1433 "bob johnson"

    Bob Johnson 7191 "bob johnson"

    Bob Johnson 8606 "bob johnson"

    Bob Parker 5816 "bob parker"

    Brenda Lopez 2158 "brenda lopez"

    ETA: Brenda died:

    Brent Smith 7940 "brent smith"

    Brian Edwards 438 "brian edwards"
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  28. RightOn Member

    not funny :(
    Wish you told me about that before I broke my ass doing that list.

    We have to prove that these common names are the same people on the COS completions list without a doubt.
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  29. TrevAnon Member

    Sorry. :( Had I had the idea to generate the links earlier then of course I would have done that.

    For the rest of the names I found I have now provided format like above.

    Never thought that one day I would be automating finding proof for names to be included on a so called big list of ex-members of COS. Oh well.. :)
  30. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, got some likes for the post with 3 links per name. I guess the idea has been approved.

    Will now post below the links for all the other names on the petition list.
  31. TrevAnon Member

    Brian Parker 3823 "brian parker"

    Brian Smith 6677 "brian smith"

    Brian Walsh 1758 "brian walsh"
    Now on the list

    Carl Schumacher 5412 "carl schumacher"

    Carlos Diaz 6556 "carlos diaz"

    Carlos Garcia 2119 "carlos garcia"

    Catherine Davis 407 "catherine davis"

    Catherine Davis 1598 "catherine davis"

    Charles Fletcher 7512 "charles fletcher"

    Charles Harris 1920 "charles harris"

    Charles White 8395 "charles white"

    Chris Andrews 3968 "chris andrews"

    Chris Blair 5152 "chris blair"

    Chris Brown 4775 "chris brown"

    Chris Carter 2229 "chris carter"

    Chris Smith 2840 "chris smith"

    chris wood 5282 "chris wood"

    Christine Johnson 8528 "christine johnson"

    Cody Moore 728 "cody moore"

    Colleen Burke 4115 "colleen burke"

    Dan Pollack 4799 "dan pollack"

    Dan Shea 8307 "dan shea"

    Dan Thompson 3558 "dan thompson"
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  32. TrevAnon Member

    DANIEL GARCIA 3266 "daniel garcia"

    Daniel Gardner 8282 "daniel gardner"

    Dave Paladino 736 "dave paladino"

    Dave Wilson 2115 "dave wilson"

    David Arnold 4643 "david arnold"

    David Beckham 3162 "david beckham"

    David Berman 7911 "david berman"

    David Carter 2747 "david carter"

    David Cormier 4376 "david cormier"

    David Gallagher 1930 "david gallagher"

    David Johnson 7124 "david johnson"

    David Jones 3792 "david jones"

    David Levine 5920 "david levine"

    David Levy 3156 "david levy"

    David Pearson 617 "david pearson"

    David Reynolds 651 "david reynolds"

    David Reynolds 8298 "david reynolds"

    David Rogers 1945 "david rogers"
    Now on the list
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  33. TrevAnon Member

    David Smith 1406 "david smith"

    Dennis Williams 3552 "dennis williams"

    Dylan Jones 8050 "dylan jones"

    elizabeth white 5439 "elizabeth white"

    Emily Jones 5368 "emily jones"

    Eric Anderson 5768 "eric anderson"

    eric johnson 1266 "eric johnson"

    Eric Johnson 4871 "eric johnson"

    Eric Jones 2037 "eric jones"

    Eric Miller 2694 "eric miller"

    Eric Smith 1840 "eric smith"

    Erin Baker 2398 "erin baker"

    Erin Moore 6098 "erin moore"

    Francisco Rodriguez 5615 "francisco rodriguez"

    Gary Smith 8845 "gary smith"

    Gary Stevens 6434 "gary stevens"

    Greg Gibson 478 "greg gibson"

    Greg Scott 1488 "greg scott"
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  34. TrevAnon Member

    Greg Smith 7808 "greg smith"

    Greg Smith 8748 "greg smith"

    Heather Weber 2078 "heather weber"

    jack johnson 5577 "jack johnson"

    James Johnson 4697 "james johnson"

    James Jones 2631 "james jones"

    James King 3170 "james king"

    James Wright 6445 "james wright"

    Jamie Wilson 4997 "jamie wilson"

    janet russell 7280 "janet russell"
    Has been put on the list

    Jason Blair 2629 "jason blair"

    jean stevens 3484 "jean stevens"

    Jeff Parker 2128 "jeff parker"

    Jeffrey Hall 2038 "jeffrey hall"

    Jeffrey Jackson 3423 "jeffrey jackson"

    Jennifer Adams 837 "jennifer adams"
    Has been put on the list

    Jennifer Clark 3899 "jennifer clark"

    Jennifer Cooper 1363 "jennifer cooper"

    Jennifer Johnson 645 "jennifer johnson"

    Jennifer Lane 4834 "jennifer lane"

    Jennifer Lee 6165 "jennifer lee"

    Jennifer Moore 4787 "jennifer moore"

    Jennifer Taylor 247 "jennifer taylor"

    Jennifer Walker 2421 "jennifer walker"

    JENNIFER WILSON 2556 "jennifer wilson"

    Jennifer Wright 2717 "jennifer wright"

    Jenny Lee 3912 "jenny lee"

    Jerry Davis 1594 "jerry davis"
    Has been put on the list

    Jesse Hunter 5289 "jesse hunter"

    Jesse Miller 1082 "jesse miller"

    Jessica Johnson 2069 "jessica johnson"

    Jim Anderson 2016 "jim anderson"

    Jim Foster 508 "jim foster"

    jim jones 8391 "jim jones"
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  35. TrevAnon Member

    Jim Norton 7843 "jim norton"

    jim wallace 2985 "jim wallace"

    Jim Watson 4319 "jim watson"
    Has been put on the list

    Jimmy Gonzalez 4988 "jimmy gonzalez"

    JOE SAVICH 6496 "joe savich"
    Has been put on the list

    Johan Berlin 3505 "johan berlin"

    john Brown 1033 "john brown"

    John Bryant 1925 "john bryant"

    John Campbell 1830 "john campbell"

    John Entwistle 3803 "john entwistle"

    John ford 1640 "john ford"

    John Ford 2439 "john ford"

    John Garcia 2907 "john garcia"

    John Johnson 4162 "john johnson"

    John Pfuntner 4764 "john pfuntner"

    John Ryan 1639 "john ryan"

    John Smith 1004 "john smith"

    john smith 6663 "john smith"

    john smith 6756 "john smith"

    john smith 8740 "john smith "

    John Thomas 8181 "john thomas"

    John Wayne 3926 "john wayne"

    John Williams 2775 "john williams"
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  36. TrevAnon Member

    Jonathan Lewis 1309 "jonathan lewis"

    Jonathan Moore 8617 "jonathan moore"

    Joseph Banks 2471 "joseph banks"

    Joseph Gilbert 6858 "joseph gilbert"

    juanita garcia 1184 "juanita garcia"

    Julie Price 4004 "julie price"

    Justin Smith 2832 "justin smith"

    Katie Johnston 8564 "katie johnston"

    Ken Thomas 5584 "ken thomas"

    Kenneth Miller 6351 "kenneth miller"

    Kevin Miller 6052 "kevin miller"

    Kevin Smith 2746 "kevin smith"

    Kevin Smith 6905 "kevin smith"

    Kevin Williams 8730 "kevin williams"

    Kristin Smith 6573 "kristin smith"

    Lisa Ferris 1538 "lisa ferris"
    Lisa died in 2014

    LUIS VALDES 1880 "luis valdes"

    Manuel Hernandez 3777 "manuel hernandez"

    Maria Estrada 1121 "maria estrada"

    Marie Diaz 4725 "marie diaz"

    Marie Williams 3519 "marie williams"

    Mark Butler 1503 "mark butler"

    Mark Gould 2754 "mark gould"
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  37. TrevAnon Member

    Mark Murray 618 "mark murray"

    Mark Peterson 4905 "mark peterson"

    Mark Taylor 6 "mark taylor"

    Mark West 3095 "mark west"

    Marta Willson 8838 "marta willson"
    Already on as Marta L. Willson

    Martin Jones 1527 "martin jones"

    mary greer 3390 "mary greer"

    Mary Stevens 7119 "mary stevens"

    Michael Bender 2494 "michael bender"

    Michael Finley 7800 "michael finley"

    Michael Jackson 2636 "michael jackson"

    Michael Park 6807 "michael park"

    Michael Smith 6794 "michael smith"

    Michael Stevens 6057 "michael stevens"

    Mike Jones 5826 "mike jones"

    Mike Mitchell 5416 "mike mitchell"

    Mike Sullivan 2965 "mike sullivan"

    Nancy Turner 2693 "nancy turner"

    Nathan Smith 7629 "nathan smith"

    nick miller 2913 "nick miller"

    Nick Roberts 4979 "nick roberts"

    Nicole Thomas 2495 "nicole thomas"

    nicole williams 2626 "nicole williams"
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  38. TrevAnon Member

    Patricia Neumann 8843 "patricia neumann"

    Paul Schneider 8351 "paul schneider"

    Peter Lewis 587 "peter lewis"

    Peter Taylor 4171 "peter taylor"

    Phil Collinson 2805 "phil collinson"

    Rachel Young 1637 "rachel young"

    Rebecca Smith 8815 "rebecca smith"

    Richard Porter 1919 "richard porter"

    Rick Marsh 1348 "rick marsh"

    Rob Wilson 3841 "rob wilson"

    Robert Brooks 3957 "robert brooks"

    Robert Carlson 243 "robert carlson"

    Robert Cruz 8631 "robert cruz"

    Robert Fisher 940 "robert fisher"

    Robert Johnson 5237 "robert johnson"

    Robert Jones 4581 "robert jones"

    Robert Parker 3632 "robert parker"

    Robert Wright 8661 "robert wright"
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  39. TrevAnon Member

    roberto palacios 99 "roberto palacios"

    Rod Smith 4637 "rod smith"

    roger moore 8689 "roger moore"

    Ronald Barnes 3529 "ronald barnes"

    Rosa Hernandez 8772 "rosa hernandez"

    Ruaraidh Macleod 7419 "ruaraidh macleod"

    Ryan Anderson 7277 "ryan anderson"

    Ryan Smith 1916 "ryan smith"

    ryan smith 8333 "ryan smith"

    Sam David 46 "sam david"

    sam russell 8265 "sam russell"

    Sarah Bishop 1994 "sarah bishop"

    Sarah Burgess 45 "sarah burgess"

    Scott Davis 1256 "scott davis"

    Scott Smith 3348 "scott smith"

    Scott Sutton 5172 "scott sutton"

    Scott Taylor 1694 "scott taylor"

    Scott White 1443 "scott white"

    Scott Wilson 344 "scott wilson"

    Shannon Mann 8267 "shannon mann"

    Shaun Byrnes 2920 "shaun byrnes"

    Stacey Smith 5441 "stacey smith"

    stephanie brown 1333 "stephanie brown"

    Stephen Brown 1214 "stephen brown"

    Stephen Harrison 3513 "stephen harrison"

    Stephen Koenig 6954 "stephen koenig"

    Steve Brown 1174 "steve brown"

    Steve Brown 4583 "steve brown"

    Steve Goodwin 3015 "steve goodwin"
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  40. TrevAnon Member

    Steven Hayes 8079 "steven hayes"

    Steven Myers 326 "steven myers"

    Steven Smith 329 "steven smith"

    Steven Williams 8760 "steven williams"

    Sue Palmer 7094 "sue palmer"

    Susan Davis 430 "susan davis"

    Susan Harris 4503 "susan harris"

    Susan Jones 8793 "susan jones"

    Thomas Cook 7714 "thomas cook"

    Thomas Wright 3100 "thomas wright"

    Tom Chandler 7194 "tom chandler"

    tom green 7089 "tom green"

    Tom Roberts 871 "tom roberts"

    tom roberts 4557 "tom roberts"

    Tom Thompson 7096 "tom thompson"

    Tom Williams 646 "tom williams"

    tony anderson 436 "tony anderson"

    tony baker 963 "tony baker"

    Victoria Leonard 3209 "victoria leonard"

    William Lee 561 "william lee"

    William Mapother 3708 "william mapother"

    william morris 3376 "william morris "
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