Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    The following names only have the word "video" for the proof they spoke out.
    It should read: Spoke out on Leah Remini's show," It's All Relative".
    Shannon Farrara
    William Fararra which needs to be changed to William Kilmartin
    George Marshall
    Vicki Marshall
    Angelo Pagan
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  2. Incredulicide Member

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  3. RightOn Member

  4. Incredulicide Member

    Ok does anyone know the title of that episode, because I just spent 40 minutes watching "You Dropped a Mom on Me" which was fun and all with the Mother's Day theme, but wasn't the episode with them in it.
  5. RightOn Member

    add to Trisha Conley's name - Mace-Kingsley Ranch, Palmdale, Ca. (now closed) Sea Org for five years, joined at age nine, Melbourne AU
    OTIV, Cleaned David and Shelly Miscavige's room.
    *also I think it is VERY important to mention that she is the daughter of Jim and Kaye Conley who disconnected from her
    and this link:

    AND the name of the show It's All Relative ; "Life After Scientology"

    #2605 - Sherry Ollins aka Sherry Lewis, sister of Stefan Lewis aka Stefan Castle, (mentioned in Janet Reitman’s 2011 book, Inside Scientology) spoke out on Leah Remini's Show "It's All Relative" ; "Life After Scientology", her story

    #2606 - Chantel Dodson - Cadet Org, Joined Sea Org at age 7, CMO. LRH Com AOLA for five years, (Commodore’s Messenger Organization, Advance Org Los Angeles as a representative of L. Ron Hubbard), RPF for 6 months, spoke out on Leah Remini's Show, "It's All Relative" ; "Life After Scientology",
    already on derp!
  6. RightOn Member

    "Life After Scientology"
  7. RightOn Member

  8. Incredulicide Member

    Chantal Dodson is already on the list.
    Extra info added.
  9. RightOn Member

    They said it was for the first time? oh well
    back peddlin' :mad:
  10. Incredulicide Member

    Depending on when the filming actually happened for the episode she may have first been filmed for it before posting, but we saw the post first :)
    BTW, I think what happened with the episodes is they had a double-episode premier of season 2, and I saw the actual episode 1, while "Life After Scientology" is episode 2.

    EDIT: Got hold of the right episode, the relevant clip:
  11. RightOn Member

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  12. Incredulicide Member

    • Adam James Burgess - aka echo1883 - left after 3 years - staff, Director of Public Book Sales, recruiter, Seattle - his story
    Full linky links for RightOn to follow :)
    1. Evidence of being in:!-SEATTLE-HOT-DATA!&p=451757
    2. Evidence of speaking out:
    3. Evidence of not being a pseudonym: He mentions doing a podcast reviewing "Daredevil". In that podcast he states his full name, examples (2 minutes into each): Episode 2 - and Episode 5 -
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  13. Incredulicide Member

    Another link for both Mareka and Katrina James:
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  14. RightOn Member

    sniff sniff... fresh meat?
    I have been away for a few days.
    This very thorough post made me moist.

    #2606 - Adam James Burgess - aka echo1883 - left after 2 years - staff, Director of Public Book Sales, recruiter, Seattle - his story
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  15. RightOn Member

    although must add: HCO Qualified
    and he was in for only two years:
    "Oh me too... lol I was set to start my 1st quarter of junior year when I joined the church and I cancelled school. That was in 2010. I then was a member from 2010-2012.
    I left in December of 2012 and mentally left around summer of 2013."

    I edited the above post
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  16. Errors found during update of my list of Ex's in/out years:
    - Anoud Aerts --> Arnoud Aerts (spelling)
  17. RightOn Member

    thank you for the correction. The powers that be will correct.
  18. Incredulicide Member

    Done, thanks! Plus I switched his article link to a Waybacked version of the article since the site hosting it decided to throw up a hugely annoying pseudo-popup covering the article nagging about cookies.
  19. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Little bitty catty thumbs to ya'll, such a great project, hopefully mirrored many places.

    Kudos an' hugz.
  20. RightOn Member

    Thanks Og!
    Just wish it had more legs.
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  21. Incredulicide Member

    Another link for Nora Beth Crest:
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  22. RightOn Member

    I really hope Nora gets the funds she needs to do that movie.
    Hey Leah Remini, Jason Beghe or anyone with some serious cash.....Can you help her out?
  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    fuck that, Jason should consider funding wwp for a bit or gtfo imho.
  24. RightOn Member

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  25. RightOn Member

    noooooo to gtfo
  26. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^ True, it was sort of a bit over done opine-wise, grumpy morning but I have no excuse for being a dickhead, sry.
  27. RightOn Member

  28. Incredulicide Member

    She's not on the list, and from what I gathered of her interview she wasn't ever a member. Kim took the personality test along with a couple friends. They joined but she didn't.
  29. RightOn Member

    OMG, I could have sworn she was on. the name sounded so familiar. ok derpity derp derp.
    This is the line that got me
    "We speak with Kim Lewison about her experiences with Scientology and their practices."
  30. Incredulicide Member

  31. RightOn Member

  32. I was just surfing around and ran across this thread. I will be glad to fill in some gaps. I joined Scientology in 1978 in Houston. I moved to Dallas in 1980 and went to the Dallas Mission. I did very little auditing in the church and did not go clear there (the person listed in their materials isn't me.) I was under the radar for quite sometime doing a little of this and that when in 1991, I began receiving auditing outside the church. It was there that I reached Clear and moved on to OT 1, 2, 3, the old OT 7, and began OT 5. It was there that I realized that this just wasn't for me. I have been living life and enjoying it. I began researching the Internet and got many questions answered. I began watching Tory and became a big fan.... and here I am today. I hope this fills in some voids on who I am.
  33. Incredulicide Member

    Thank you Les, I'll remove the link to completions of that other person and replace it with a link to your post here :)
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  34. RightOn Member

    Welcome Les! Thanks for the correct info.
    If you know of anyone else who would like to be added to the "Big List" who is willing to use their real name, you can put it here or message me or the poster above. It is helpful if they include the area of the org, levels completed, and any other info.
    Glad you got out all together! Enjoy!
  35. RightOn Member

  36. TrevAnon Member

    ^ Already on.
  37. TrevAnon Member

  38. Incredulicide Member

  39. TrevAnon Member

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