Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    ahhhh .Visage aleady on. ok.
    Hope some fresh meat is coming our way!
    snif snif
  2. RightOn Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    The story is so bizarre I can't seem to take a position on whether or not SF was a cultster, or not.

    Can the history of scientology get any more bizarre? Oh yeah! It can!
  4. RightOn Member

    I know! It was such a shock to read that story.
  5. Incredulicide Member

    The best conmen are the ones that believe the con themselves, so we can't really distinguish between whether he truly believed or was doing the "fake it till you make it" thing, otherwise we'd have a debate about whether L.Ron Hubbard himself was a Scientologist :p

    I think what's in dispute is just his duration in Scientology, and in the list we never put a "left after x years" on his entry.
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  6. RightOn Member

    yes but didn't exs say he was never in? He is also not in completions. Someone with that many books and dealings with the COS would show up in completions?
    I think to keep the list credible, he should be removed until it is definite. Ortega is supposedly is contacting him for an interview. Even though that can prove to show nothing more than him regurgitating the same.
  7. Incredulicide Member

    Here's Jonathan Epstein, a Scientology staff member, acknowledging Scientology records of payment by Steven Fishman to CSI for Hubbard Lectures in an affidavit. Is that credible enough?

    There's no way that transaction would happen if Steven wasn't a Scientologist. So no, I won't remove Fishman's name as a "never in" while court records show the opposite.
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  8. RightOn Member

    IDK, back then can someone buy stuff without being a member?
    So what did Ortega's article mean when it was mentioned that he was never a member?
    It says he paid for them and was refunded because they were never reproduced for sale, so he never got them.
    But he also bought an entire library. In his tapes he says that the COS talked him into buying special cases for the books and tapes. hmmm
  9. Incredulicide Member

    Not reel-to-reel taped lectures. That transaction regardless of whether it was refunded is proof he was in.

    Whatever amount of pork pies he told about his involvement, he couldn't magically make a payment record appear in Golden Era Studios.
    The degree of embellishment we can add as a link to his entry, as much as can be determined by Tony.
  10. RightOn Member

    hmmmm I still think he needs to totally verified.
    The COS kept records of everything

    Take to a vote
    I say take him off until he is totally verified.
  11. Incredulicide Member

    I say keep him in until Wikipedia no longer says he's a former member :p
  12. TrevAnon Member

    I'd also say keep him on. I'd also think there are people on with less proof of having been in. :p
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  13. RightOn Member

    you guys are ganging up on me again?
    ok, 2 against one. you win..... for now:mad:
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  14. Incredulicide Member

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  15. Incredulicide Member

    • Anthony Raper - committed fraud for Scientology, East Ryde New South Wales - article
    Court sympathy for Scientology Victim
    The Age
    January 29th, 1966

    SYDNEY - Judge Amsberg, in Quarter Sessions yesterday, extended “deepest sympathy” to a prisoner who had come under the influence of Scientology.
    “If I had known the state of your mind during your trial last November, I doubt if I would have allowed it to proceed,” he told him. Judge Amsberg recommended that the papers of the case should go to the Minister for Justice.

    Anthony Raper, 38, estate agent, of East Ryde, was being sentenced on two charges of fraudulent conversion of trust monies totalling £ 4170. The Crown, at the trial, gave evidence that Raper fraudulently converted the money between June and October, 1962.
    Passing a sentence of three years’ gaol on each charge concurrently the judge said it was obvious that Raper committed the offences while under the control of Scientology.
    “Scientology seems like an evil cloud,” Judge Amsberg said. “Scientologists leave a trail of devastation in mental health wherever they go, and sully everything they touch.”
    Raper’s case had presented him with one of the most serious and difficult problems he had encountered on the bench.
    But on the evidence, the jury’s verdict of guilty had been the proper one.

    Mr. B. Maguire (for Raper) said Raper, at the time of the offences, was taking a course in scientology. He had suffered physical injury through being hypnotised and his mind was not his own.

    He had since broken his association with Scientology.

    Raper, if found by the Minister to come under Section 27 of the Mental Health Act, would probably be removed from prison and given treatment, the judge said.
    He said he would recommend that Raper be released as soon as psychiatrists certified him cured and restored to mental health.
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  16. RightOn Member

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  17. Incredulicide Member

  18. RightOn Member

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  19. RightOn Member

    Was watching Leah Remini's show last night and her husbands son Alex was on with his wife and their new baby.
    Although nothing was mentioned about the COS, it was quite obvious it was a way of him speaking out loud and clear by being on her show.
    His name is Alex Pagan
    There is NO way he is still in the cult or on good terms with them if he appeared on her show.
    He is in completions
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  20. Incredulicide Member

    I agree, this indicates he was already declared for not disconnecting with Leah's family.

    What's the title of the episode? I haven't found it online yet.
  21. RightOn Member

    It was called "The Dance Off"? Season 2 Episode 10

    yep thats it
    Dont know what is wrong with the voices in this vid, sounds like they inhaled helium.
    They said Alex's wife's name is also Alex.
    And it was her husband's SON, not brother. (Leah's step son)

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  22. TrevAnon Member

    Yes from me too, though I guess it wouldn't make a difference if I said no. :p
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  23. Incredulicide Member

    A link to the clip of just the relevant bit with Alex Pagan:
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  24. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Jason Seipp, already on - left after 9 years - video
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  25. RightOn Member

    Angelo Pagan has a son Nico too, I can't find anything on him as far as him ever being in, or leaving if he was
  26. RightOn Member

    I know that pain. :D

    Hey Trev, have you checked to see if Leah's, Shannon's or William Kilmartin's, Angelo Pagan's, Vickie and, George's, Nicole Bella's,(Leahs other sister) if they are on Face Book and who their friends are? family members? and run those names to see if they were ever in the COS?
    Because if they were in and they are still friends with her on FB, they they are prolly out now.
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  27. TrevAnon Member
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  28. TrevAnon Member

    ... and the posts below that one.

    Hey RO, you can go hunt some more. :D
  29. RightOn Member

    a hunting I shall go when I have some time, but like I mentioned in the other thread, it may be a good idea to just ask these people if they want to be added, (or ask the person whose page it is to ask their friends) Tell them what the list is all about and "power in numbers" and all that good stuff. We may get very lucky! Leah seems to be ok with the forum? IDK?
  30. TrevAnon Member

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  36. TrevAnon Member

    Rita Corica
    - COmment on
    Google translate

    December 4, 2013 10:43 PM
    Thanks for the email !!!! good for your superb wonderful job !!!! we hope you to come back
    The update INDIPENDOLOGO .KE ... we miss ... .lo read often ... and I regretted so much
    see suspended the news !!!! a greeting of love and gratitude for all the work you have done !!!!
    I am hoping to see you again ... ..Buon Christmas to all the staff !!! Rita Corica !!!
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  38. TrevAnon Member

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  40. TrevAnon Member

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