Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Incredulicide Member

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  2. TrevAnon Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    I've got a large e-mail address list from Dec. 2014 that could serve as something to cross-reference.

    I can only share it sub rosa as that is how it came to be in my possession.
  4. RightOn Member

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  5. RightOn Member

    What is the twitter entry? do we need a screen grab ITT?
  6. Incredulicide Member

    Not for the moment as the tweet has a backup in the wayback machine. But here's a backup of it anyway :)
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  7. TrevAnon Member

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  8. RightOn Member

    you know Lance Bass says he took courses and then he spoke out about the COS on a talk show today.
    He says he was not really a member, but we have people on the list who just took courses.
    I say yes!
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  9. TrevAnon Member

    It's tempting to put a celebrity (be they bigger or smaller) on the list, but I'd say we need more proof in those cases. I also saw that interview, he mentioned Leah as his "sponsor". If I understood correctly: from what I heard he was only there for a day in some relationship counseling. So I have to say no. YMMV though.
  10. RightOn Member

    watch it again
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  11. RightOn Member

    he says when "he started taking classes" at 5:32. and he said "and they want you to go clear"
    So it couldn't have been one afternoon. He went to couple's counseling and THEN classes.
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  12. RightOn Member

    wow! a troll in the List thread? I guess we should be honored?
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  13. Incredulicide Member

    Archived just the bit with Lance Bass and I agree with RightOn, he was curious enough to take more classes and didn't leave till he "saw it for what it was". Yes from me.
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  14. RightOn Member

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  15. TrevAnon Member

    Who, me? :p I guess a mod already took care of it? :confused:
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  16. Anonymous Member

    OSA posted that NY Post fluff piece about "cutting the cult some slack..." It didn't last for long.
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  17. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, again a little off topic but I thought this was/is interesting, though I cannot give further details.
    Thanks to Night Owl I was able to check two relatively random lists of COS-members against the big list. There are 1,594 usefeul names on the combined list, and as always I checked using exact comparison.

    30 of them have spoken out and are on the big list. This is 1.88 per cent. This means that for everyone who has spoken out there are approx. 50 others who don't.

    By now there are 2,651 people on the big list. If I assume this is 1.88% of the total number of scilons in all time I get to 141,000 people.

    I know this is a long stretch. Way long. So don't think of this as exact science. :p

    However I think it is once again a sign there couldn't possibly be gazillions of members.

    We all know that, but I guess it's no problem to repeat it once again.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Thank you for crunching the numbers on that material. I knew that the listings would be useful, sooner or later. :)
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  19. TrevAnon Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    I share your uncertainty. It's very sketchy information.
  21. Incredulicide Member

    I was reading through the comments to that post and Teresa responded to almost every comment. Jeff Lee Brown already on the list remembers her by name from the Adelaide Org after she mentioned being there in a response. I think that's confirmation enough to add her.
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  22. Incredulicide Member

    Dude, this is an Affidavit clearly by a Scientologist while she was still in forwarding the PR of Scientology:
    That's proof enough she was in. I say yes to adding her.
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  23. TrevAnon Member

    5. "She also mentioned options, but we informed her we wanted to have the baby and that was the end of that part of the conversation."

    "Options"...?!?! Yeah right. :mad:
  24. TrevAnon Member

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  25. RightOn Member

    will play catch up soon
    busy busy
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  26. TrevAnon Member

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  27. TrevAnon Member

    Don't know if this was discussed before

    In this video Tony Ortega at 21:30 min. says Charley Manson was really in, he did approx. 150 hours of auditing.

    I remember seeing somewhere that Mason said "Scientology was too crazy for him". If there actually is proof about that, I'd say we add him. :p
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  28. Anonymous Member

    To make the alleged statement about "...too crazy..." he would have had some exposure, imo.

    There are places to go to look into this, but I'm too busy right now. :(
  29. TrevAnon Member

    One of these?

    Obviously it isn't Manson himself saying it but someone reporting he did.

    I watched a few interview clips too, but no luck.

    ETA: also asked on the Bunker and on ESMB

    ETA 2
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  30. TrevAnon Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. TrevAnon Member

    Why would that be? :confused:

    Looks to me it is quite a common name. Or am I wrong?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Not the name - the completion in 2011 - and then the comment, which strikes me as ambiguous, given what it is a reply to.
  34. TrevAnon Member

  35. TrevAnon Member

  36. TrevAnon Member

    Go ahead, make my day. :D
  37. TrevAnon Member

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  38. RightOn Member

    ok we are we at?

    #2652 - Priscilla D'Rion - Declared, blog comment, Proof she was in with Google translateédia-és-valóság/a-szcientológia-egyház-vallásos-rendje.html
    Google translate:ógia-egyház-vallásos-rendje.html

    #2653 - Kris Steele, blog comment, proof he was in

    what is the final decision on James Morris? Still waiting for more sauce? Too common of a name, completion dates don't match?
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  39. TrevAnon Member

  40. Incredulicide Member

    I'm not sure what Night Owl meant by "the completion in 2011". I don't see anything in the comment about having left before that date. So it's valid to me as someone having left since the date of the completion. I think it's unique enough, I didn't find name clashes myself.
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