Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    No luck. :(
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    ^ please be sure to add:
    MEI, Escaped Gold Base in 1988
    to the wiki listing!
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    I added a few extras ^
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    #2674 - Gary Reisdorf - Sea Org, Apollo Sea Org List 1972-1986, Contributed to Scientology Disconnection Billboard fund, WWP screenshot of donation

    #2675 - Hans Beinhofer - IAS Founding Patron and Patron List, Auditor UK 317 List 2004, blog comment, COS completions, UK Org
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    Some housekeeping done on the wiki:

    Two websites died that had links to their pages from three dozen names. All links were resurrected.

    Mark Bunker at some point changed the URL format of blog links back from ?query style to /date/title/ style so all links to his site are now updated where videos on his pages work, and where they don't (on his remaining pages that are still using dead embedded Google videos) are replaced with direct youtube links to videos if I found them.
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    Looks like the (only) link for Rosalie Rose Lingenfelter (to a Facebook group) no longer exists. I tried to find something else, but I failed. Anyone have an alternative link?
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  18. Incredulicide Member
    Such a detailed story, I've probably missed stuff.
  19. TrevAnon Member

    On the big list there are 4 Miscaviges:

    Elizabeth Miscavige - aka Bitty Miscavige
    Jenna Miscavige
    Elizabeth Blythe Miscavige - aka Bitty Miscavige
    Ronnie Miscavige

    Is Bitty on it twice? :confused:

    Also, we may want to add "Jr." to Ronnie, so there he is not mistaken for his father, whose book will be out in May, at which moment Sr. can be added.

    And to be complete, AFAIK Jenna now uses her husband's name Hill, so we may want to add an AKA or something.
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  21. TrevAnon Member

    Just did.

    Ulf Samuelsson is the one name that is there and is not on the big list.

    Ulf Samuelsson, Scn since 1988, KTL, LOC, Running Program, Swedish Translator at the Int base 1992-1997
  22. RightOn Member

    sniff sniff. What is that I smell on the first day of Spring?
    Fresh meat?


    #2677 - Erick Voss - blog comment, COS completions

    #2678 - Ulf Samuelsson - KTL, LOC, Swedish Translator at Int. Base 1992- 1997, Indie 500 List, blog comment

    ^ don't know why this name sounds familiar?
    oh wait... is he is the same person as Bo Samuelsson? isn't he already on?
    ok derp
  23. Incredulicide Member

    With these names added:
    and this merging of entries:
    The total count is currently 2678

    Having fun assigning different numbers to individual names RightOn? ;)
  24. Incredulicide Member

    That's Bo Simonsson. Different person, and is on the list.

    You may be thinking of Per-Olof Samuelsson - aka Sam Samuelsson, who was also a Swedish translator, but Per-Olof left in 1977, so 11 years before Ulf joined.
  25. RightOn Member

    CRAP! I hate back peddlin!
    Yeah too many same sounding names and Swedes

    Not going to try to renumber everything
    Will just edit the post.
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  28. Is Neil Sarfati, group director of the Apollo Stars, on the list? See:’s-sea-org.131458/

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The remaining traceable few members of the Apollo Stars are split between those who have remained in the church, those who have left, and those who have no desire to talk about it from either side. In a rare instance, though, three members were willing to tell their stories: Craig Ferreira, guitar player, co-writer and current church member; Neil Sarfati, saxophone player and group director, who left the church in 1976; and Tom Rodriguez, bongo player, who prefers not to reveal his current status in regards to the church.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN LAST PARAGRAPH * * * * *

    “We moved from the sea to land in ’75,” remembers Rodriguez. “I pretty much ceased being a band member then. Others continued to play together, when we had parties.” [Neil] Sarfati left the Apollo Stars the following year. “I ‘woke up’ in ’76, when they put me in a prison camp and I escaped. The more I went through it [prison], the more it awoke me. It had the reverse effect on me. I was thinking, ‘Holy fuck, what am I doing here?’” The escape involved having to trick his former bandmate, drummer Charlie Rush, into thinking that he had explosive diarrhea in order to temporarily get out of a cell. Sarfati grabbed some money and clothes that he’d stashed behind a dumpster, hopped a prison wall, made his way to the airport and never looked back, not to Scientology nor the Apollo Stars.

    * * * * * END LAST PARAGRAPH * * * * *
  29. Incredulicide Member

    Is Chris Shelton's mother on the list?
  30. RightOn Member

    So about Marcia Clark...

    She left Scientology in 1980 without repercussions. "I never got past the very low levels," she says. She praises its early classes, though not its more abstruse theology. "It's actually really instructive at the beginning because it's the greatest hits of the best of meditation and all the best of psychology. It melds it all together, and it's very helpful. Once you get past that and you start talking about the mythology …" She shrugs. As to founder L. Ron Hubbard's writing: "Bad, isn't it?" she says. "It's so amateur hour."

    She did the lower levels and it says she LEFT Scientology and was also married to not one, but TWO Scientologists.
    I think this she is clam material even though she says she was never a Scientologist. BULLSHIT
    She not only left, she left two Scientologist husbands AND disses Hubbard in a big way, good enough for me.
    I say we add her
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  31. RightOn Member

    Chris Shelton's Mom.
    She doesn't use her name, but she mentions her husband's name Larry. There is a Larry Shelton in completions, but it doesn't match her OT5 story OR the completions are incomplete.
    Guess you would have to ask Chris if she wants to be added.
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  33. Incredulicide Member

    I'm not sure he intentionally left out her name. It's just that his name for her is "Mom" LOL

    Given she married, divorced, remarried, then redivorced Larry I wonder if she was constantly changing her last name or just kept her maiden name.
  34. RightOn Member

    only Chris could answer
    and yes she probably had some different names
    Anyone in touch with Shelton?
  35. Incredulicide Member

  36. Hi there. Yeah, my Mom's name is Mary Fasler and you could add her to the list.

    My Dad is Larry Shelton but there were two Larry Shelton's in Scientology that I found, so completions lists in mags may not appear accurate for him.
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  37. RightOn Member

    Thanks Chris! Did she use any other names?
    Can not find Mary Fasler or Mary Shelton in completions.
  38. RightOn Member

    #2680 - Mary Fasler - Interview with son Chris Shelton, Pasadena Mission,

    hold on...
  39. RightOn Member

    Also has your Dad spoke out publically or in comments somewhere?
  40. No, my dad has never spoken out publicly. He shouldn't be on the list.

    I don't know what to tell you about completions lists. She was Mary Shelton while in Scientology. The last time she did services was in the late 80s so...
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