Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Extra link, video interviews, for Pete Griffiths, John Duignan, Sharone Stainforth, Stephen Jones.
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  7. Athena Dean, currently known as Athena Dean Holtz.

    WWP thread about her recent article and book:


    5 Things Christians Should Know about Scientology, by Athena Dean Holtz, PLUS NEW BOOK.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    I spent most of my twenties entrenched in Scientology, working at the Celebrity Centre around all the big-name Scientologists of Hollywood. I was convinced the “religion” could help me and others with whatever was ruining our lives. That’s what they told me when I first took the “Personality Test” right there on Hollywood Boulevard on a warm summer night.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Topic Headings:

    1. You Cannot Be a Christian and Still Be a Scientologist.

    2. All Non-Scientologists are Regarded with Disdain.

    3. Scientologists Believe They Are Above the Law.

    4. Celebrities are their Bait.

    5. Hubbard and Hitler Had a lot in Common.

    Athena Dean Holtz is also author of the book "Full Circle Coming Home to the Faithfulnessof God," published on February 17, 2017:

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    The candid and inspirational story of one woman’s shattered life restored by the faithfulness of God. Deceived by Scientology, forays into mysticism, and twelve years in a restrictive and legalistic cult, she lost everything—her marriage, relationships, home, business, money, and reputation before God brought her full circle.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Her website:

    Her Twitter:


    Confirmation she was in as Athena Dean:

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    Thanks CommunicatorIC, using the print link of her article.

    That 1984 article also counts as speaking out for Chuck Dean, listed as Clear #9217 in completions.

    Also adding:

    That takes our total count to 2774.
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    Extra link for Dani and Tami Lemberger and Ronit Charny, already on: court case
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    Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly back in Scientology, removing her from the list for now and back-pedaling to 2773

    ‘Brainwashed’: Lisa Marie’s Trapped In Scientology — ‘She Can’t Manage On Her Own’!


    After losing custody of her kids and blowing a chunk of the $1 billion fortune her dad Elvis left her, desperate pill-popping Lisa Marie Presley has crawled back to Scientology, where’s she’s being brainwashed and kept like a prisoner, sources say.

    “She realized it was the only way to turn her life around,” a source told Radar. “Things had gotten so toxic and out of control, it was the only answer in terms of a solution to all her problems.”

    But as former member and King of Queens star Leah Remini has revealed on her explosive A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath, the space-alien cult uses bullying and subversive tactics to keep control of members.

    A second source said cult bigwigs have taken advantage of messed-up Lisa Marie’s “vulnerable” state and have “brainwashed her to think she can’t manage her life on her own.”

    She’s now being watched over like a prisoner because they convinced her she “needs to be babysat,” the source said.

    They don’t want a repeat of what happened years ago when Lisa Marie bolted from the cult and bad-mouthed sect gurus, accusing them of milking her fortune and trying to control her life.

    Ironically, those are the same charges she leveled against fourth hubby Michael Lockwood when she filed for divorce in June. The 55-year-old musician is also being investigated in a kiddie porn scandal after Lisa Marie accused him of having inappropriate photos.

    Then, Lisa Marie dashed to a Malibu rehab center known for treating celebs so she could beat her pill-popping habit and get her head on straight.

    After getting out, her actress-daughter Riley Keough, 27, star of The Girlfriend Experience and also a Scientologist, got her to check into the sect’s detox center Narconon Arrowhead and brought her mom into the fold.

    A rep for Lisa Marie denied the story, but a second source added: “Her daughter was the one who got her back. After filing for divorce Lisa was living with Riley and now they’re back in Scientology.”

    Meanwhile, California child welfare officials took Lisa Marie and Michael’s eight-year-old twin girls Harper and Finley away and gave them to the care of their grandmother Priscilla, also a Scientologist.

    Lisa Marie’s return to the Scientology fold is “a win-win” for the troubled space cult, said the source. “They’re desperate to improve their reputation in Hollywood,” reveals the source.

    “The whole Leah Remini exposé has done major damage, so to patch things up with Lisa Marie and have her back on board is obviously a huge coup.

    “It’s highly doubtful she’ll have to pay for treatment — they’ll throw it in free of charge for the whole family.”

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    If we take Tony's word that she didn't go back in, we also have to take his word when he says of Lisa Marie Presley: "The reason why they're not saying anything publicly, there's a family reason I can't reveal yetI don't know if we're ever going to hear from her publicly about this" - which definitively tells us she hasn't spoken out and it was a mistake to add her in the first place.

    Hey if these contradictory articles mean we get her on the record actually speaking out herself in order to clarify the situation, it'll result in her being re-added to the list and that can't be a bad thing :p

    (I won't add Sia from this as the relayed conversation wasn't in public, so she hasn't spoken publicly about it yet)
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    • Jakub Jędrzej Stępniak - aka Kuba Ka - left after 6 months - Celebrity Center International, Los Angeles - quote
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    Total count is now 2775
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    Extra link for the following names, already on - video interview

    Dani Lemberger 9m35s
    Tami Lemberger 9m35s
    Trey Lotz 15m20s joined 1969
    Randy Smith 19m35s
    Tim Swanson 19m40s daughter disconnected
    Rey Robles 32m50s 1969-1990 Clear
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    Total count is now 2778
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    I've been refreshing that page to see if any replies to his comment mention remembering him by name, this is just to avoid adding a pseudonym to the list (possibly a fan of the Higher Plain comic at I'll keep checking.
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    I'm not sure why Natalie Webster's name was crossed out in the post above. Regardless, here's an article of hers that was published today:

    Is an eye for an eye the right thing?

    By Natalie Webster


    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I’m going to share with you something that happened to me in the spirit of raising awareness.

    Twenty-four years ago I was sexually assaulted. I was about 22 years old. At the time I worked for the Church of Scientology and was told not to report the assault, or seek medical attention for injuries I sustained. The church didn’t want negative attention or authorities being called to their Los Angeles complex, which is where I was at the time.

    I was convinced by individuals within Scientology that I must have done something to provoke what happened to me, therefore I was solely responsible for what happened. It took me almost another 20 years and leaving Scientology to realize what happened to me was not only not my fault in any way, shape or form, but it was a heinous crime that should have been reported.

    More at
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    Natalie Webster is the aka name of Natalie Hagemo and that is already mentioned on the list. Thanks for the link, I'll add it to her entry.
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    Thanks for clarifying.

    You may also already know about her Facebook page:
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    We don't link to facebook on the list when we don't have to. In her case she also has a blog I was able to add a link to specifically showing posts with the Scientology tag.
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    Extra link for all the McLean family members in this video, and extra info we'll need to sort who was staff and who was Sea Org from it:
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    This thread needs more RightOn. :p
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  31. My understanding is that: (1) he, like Leah's step-father, is done with the corporate Church of Scientology and is now an Independent Scientologist; (2) he will not be returning to the corporate Church of Scientology; and (3) the statement "but he refuses to leave it" refers to the SUBJECT of Scientology, which he now practices as an Independent Scientologist, and not the "Church" of Scientology. I don't think the author of the article was sufficiently informed to get the distinction or to ask the right follow-up questions.
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    Okay, should we wait until he appears on the second season of your "understanding" to verify that? ;)
    Better link to the radar interview:
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    He links his name to the AMA in a comment at

    Chuck Beatty verifies he was in the RPF in a comment at
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