Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    For some reason I'm no longer getting alerts of new posts in this thread, and the failure is specific to this thread even after unsetting/resetting the "watch thread" option. :mad:
    It seems I have some catching up to do!
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    You probably know this already, but for those who don't, a good way to see which of the threads you have subscribed to that have been updated since you last read them is to bookmark this and keep checking it:
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    I got an alert for this post! :rolleyes:
    Let's hope it magically fixed itself and stays that way.
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    I found a way to harvest names from the change dot org site from the petition by Jeffrey Augustine.

    However, when I tried to get as much names as I could, the website got slower and slower. When the time to cough up 10 more names got to 15 seconds I stopped.

    I then had a file with about 600 names, and checked these against the big list and against completions. Only the names not on the big list but in completions were relevant for me.

    No further luck though. :(

    Actually I shouldn't be suprised. The brute force approach I always used gets less and less effective. I had hoped for more results because of the posts above with screenshots from the site. Guess they were a lucky shot.
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    • Jai Raynor - left after 5 weeks - staff, Melbourne Australia - his story
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    Extra link for Bruce Hines (4 minutes in), Ronit and Yossi Charny (34 minutes in) - video interview
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    Not sure what exactly happened but someone edited Andrew Fleisher's entry?
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    reverted, the edit of dates and time on staff doesn't add up, plus unexplained removal of other dates/location.
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    Extra info and link for Jonathan Burke - Wichita Kansas - audio interview
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    Extra link for John Brousseau (5 minutes in) and Gary Morehead (23 minutes in) - video interview
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    Total count is now at 2820
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    I looked to see if she had snuck in to completions with just the initial of her first name:

    Unfortunately her middle name is Koren so no luck there. We can't use Leah Remini to verify she was in because Leah is claiming Jada is still in. We can't use Jacqueline Olivier to verify she was in according to our rules because Olivier isn't a former member, and Jada herself isn't "denouncing" it if she's claiming she never was a Scientologist. If she's lying then doesn't that mean she's using "acceptable truth" tech which as a celebrity she's allowed to get away with, meaning she is still in? *Sigh*

    If enough people comment here to vote for adding her I'm happy to just out of spite for her mixed messages.
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