Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

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    This URL is unavailable to unregistered members, I'll use a google site search URL instead:

    BTW, the ESMB URLs I usually make use of to show posts or topics without needing to register show no results for some reason :(
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    They also don't for a registered member like me. Maybe Emma changed some setting?
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    For Jeff Levine, already on, the scientolipedia entry no longer mentions him

    With his permission I copied as post on FB to serve as new evidence of him speaking out

    This post


    Also he explains that the Jeff Levine in completions is not him. Completions look to have been mixed up. He was definitely in though (and is now definitely out ;) ).
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    Without the completions as proof he was in, can he say who else on the list will verify he was in, or did he keep anything from the CoS with his name on it that a photo or scan of can be uploaded? Besides saying he was on staff and the year he left we have no info at all now of his time in. Not how long in or on staff, not level reached on the Bridge/training, not which posts on staff or even which Orgs.
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    Feel free to call me a grumble-bum about this, but it's just as or even more likely this person wasn't a Scientologist than was.

    She was hired by whoever Scientology sold the Excalibur to <- If this person wasn't a Scientologist, why would they hire a Scientologist as a newly employed crew member? If it's probable she wasn't and just happened to enjoy the company of the existing Scientologist crew members on it's final voyage under their control as it changed ownership hands, then we should not add her until we're sure that isn't the case.
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    I LOL'd at grumble bum after I had looked that one up. :p Never too old to learn.

    For both Jeffey Levine and Gwen Muchetti / Gigi Morton I couldn't find evidence them having ever been in. Must say I'm absolutely sure for Levine and almost as sure for Morton/Muchetti considering she posted a little more in the ESMB thread saying she wasn't going to tell her sea org story as she has much funnier things to do. It's over 45 years ago and she was only there for half a year.

    Well, good for her! :)
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    She gave a different year of 1972 when she was there for 6 months, and Paul Katz replied (who is on the list). He can confirm she was in as he was there from 1970-74.
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    A mini-trove of early Scientology materials has some gems for us today

    By Tony Ortega, January 31, 2018


    We’ve written a couple of fun stories about Rebecca McKee McCaffrey, who most recently regaled us with some sketchy stories about growing up as a teenager in Scientology. Since then, she’s been going through her family’s files, and we want to thank her for sending us some interesting items from Scientology’s heyday.

    One of them was a photo of young L. Ron Hubbard that Hubbard’s daughter, Katie Gillespie, sent to Rebecca’s mother, Elaine. According to the note that Katie sent, the photo was taken a month before Hubbard turned 17.

    That would put it at February 1928 when Ron was a junior at Helena High School in Montana, after spending the previous summer in Asia with his mom, and seeing his dad in Guam. (For a review of Hubbard’s high school years, see our previous story which for the first time revealed his mediocre school grades.)

    Three months after this photo was taken, in May 1928, Hubbard got into some kind of altercation at the school and then left Helena before the end of the school year, making his way back to Washington and then on a ship to Guam to see his parents again.

    Rebecca also included a 1963 pamphlet, “Introducing Scientology,” which contained some actual Scientology exercises that we thought you’d have some fun doing. Take a look.

    Continued at
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    See pic for confirmation "our" Jeffrey Levine was in from Dan Locke.

    Copied a short FB message conversation with their permission. (And I explained him that the confirmation was about Jeffrey, not me, :D )

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  16. Incredulicide Member

    Well done sir! I knew you'd get there in the end :cool:
    Current total count is 2850
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    In 2007 a Steven James started posting on ESMB as a guest (which may be why I never noticed him).

    From what I understand he was in and went to the freezone, but later left those also.

    In the last thread Terril (already on) says he knows / knew him. Steven says he was in London, AFAIK Terril is a Brit. I haven't found real evidence he was in but I'd guess he was (as again AFAIK not many people join freezone while never having been in). So I say we add him.
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    We'll get to 3,000 somehow! :D
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    Extra link for Dave Richards - video interview

    Also added to disconnection list - daughter Megan disconnected
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    Extra link and info for Sands Hall already on - left after 10 years - CCLA, AOLA - video interview
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    Hey Incred, you are one busy bee. :) What is all that link resurrenction about? :confused: So much linkrot? :eek:
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    Yep. Hope to make it all the way to Z by the weekend :D

    Many links as they age, like "print friendly" versions of articles that we prefer for the list, get deprecated as sites get updated with new frameworks. For instance the Village Voice no longer has print versions of pages, so I have to use the Wayback Machine version for those older articles that did.

    The factnet site is gone now, so that's a lot of links to switch to Waybacked versions. :confused:
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    Let me know if I can somehow help. :)
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    It looks like I stopped after W, but Y and Z have no broken links, and X doesn't exist yet :cool:
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    Extra link for Joey Chait already on

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    Kudos on the spotlight Trev, all praise well deserved!

    Has the link to it been posted on reddit yet?
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    No, I don't have an account and almost never go there. You or anyone else? :confused:

    (ETA there is someone else over there using trevanon as a login.)
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    Quora excludes all its pages from the wayback machine, time for a screenshot!
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    We've previously left off a Jonathan Moore for being too common, so dunno..
    Note: Waybacked version of petition link
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    I think there is a difference there. For people "only" signing a petition (IIRC) we always wanted other evidence. Now this person is speaking out on Rinders's blog. That's why I posted here, and not in the to be confirmed thread.

    (Now what do we do if you stick to your point of view and I stick to mine...?! :D At least for now no RO to make the final decision, ha ha ha... :p Should we ask Sue? Or The Wrong Guy? )
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    I don't have a point of view, hence the "dunno"

    I was just pointing out this particular name is common enough to have previously been kept off the list.. for being too common! LOL

    Not to say we can't get past that irony. Something we have is being open for anyone to "disprove" names on the list, but we probably need parameters that at least decrease the chances of a common name we find a match for in completions being incorrect when that name in speaking out does not mention anything about having been in.

    I'll propose some here, let me know if you see them as acceptable Trev:

    Do not add a common name if:
    • Neither the name speaking out or the name in completions has a middle initial, AND
    • It is evident the completions name is only one person, ie. only one completion in the database for them
    Do add a common name if:
    • It is uniquely evident there is more than one person in the database matching the name, ie. besides entries with no middle initial, there are at least 2 entries with different middle initials, OR
    • We know the middle initial of the name speaking out, which makes it easier for others on the list to prove/disprove by being familiar enough to the point of knowing the middle initial of the name in the database which doesn't have one.
    We can disregard all the above and just add the common name if in speaking out the person mentions dates or a time period of being in that doesn't conflict with the completion dates in the database.

    Here's how applying these criteria works on the two given examples:

    Jonathan Moore speaking out (signature) has no middle initial and either does the single database completion, so we do not add him with the current info. More info in future could of course allow us to add him.

    John Moore speaking out (comment) has more than one unique entry matching him in completions (two entries have different middle initials), so we do add him with the current info. Someone from the list in future who knows both the people in completions by their middle initials could of course say they're both still in which is enough disproof to remove his name, because absent names with middle initials we no longer have a way to decrease the chances of him being a never in with a common name commenting.

    Voting for inclusion can still happen on common names that don't fit in the above parameters, and anyone paying close attention can see at least one example that doesn't fit, ie. If a common name speaks out about being in but gives no indication of a time period/dates.
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    Well thought over proposal. I agree. Yay! :)
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    It's also fair to say Dave/David Turner is a common name, and he doesn't talk about being in.

    We'd need to vote on it because the completions fall outside the parameters from above, ie. Do you think there is more than one David Turner in completions? There are multiple entries for both "David Turner" and "David Glenn Turner" but they could be the same person omitting their middle name, we're missing the crucial additional entry with a different middle initial/name to definitively say there's more than one David Turner having been in that would decrease our chances of the match being incorrect.

    There's an overlap in that the last entry for David Glenn Turner is 2006 (IAS status donation), and the first entry (and only one from last millennium) for David Turner is 1989. There's also a decade gap of no completions at all in the 90s after they're (almost) exclusively David Glenn Turner's completions, and before they become exclusively David Turner's completions.

    Unfortunately the combined completions can be seen as quite linear progress up "The Bridge" for one person with the decade break between going Clear and beginning the OT levels being a reasonably logical one, so I'm not convinced it's multiple people.

    Unless/until he comments again giving either his middle initial/name or a time period/dates of being in that don't conflict with the completions database, I'll have to vote no on this common name.
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    Extra link for Nancy Mclean - article
  42. Incredulicide Member

    Leaving this here, just in case they're forthcoming in future with a name ,;)
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    Also, that was an 8000 get. :p
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  45. Incredulicide Member

    He only shows up in the completions database with a cookie cutter site mention when I fiddle with the url that for some reason needs completion results of other names before it shows him. So: does not list him does list him

    This means there may be a whole lot more names on the list (and the need help confirming list) hidden in the completions database because they only have cookie cutter sites.
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    The second listing gave me a server error when I clicked on the link to the actual cookie cutter site?

    However I found this on: and this listing by Don Carlo on OCMB

    Apart from that I almost always just google a person and not go straight to completions, so I don't think I missed many names. At least I hope so. :p
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    All the original cookie cutter site/pages have been long dead, so we use archived copies on the Wayback Machine. This also means as far as google is concerned the cookie cutter sites won't themselves appear in google's search results.

    I forgot to show the actual URLs I used when adding him, the one for his name is:
    and the one for his location is:
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    Uh-oh, it's not just the cookie cutter site database, it's also the Clear database and some others:

    Just doing last names beginning from Aa to Ai I found four Clears and a donation. :eek:
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    Sure I'll put a link to it from each of the board members' entries on the list: Luis Garcia, Aaron Smith-Levin, Claire Headley, Marc Headley, Christie Collbran and Mike Rinder
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    Extra link for Allen Stanfield - video
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  54. TrevAnon Member


    We need a new aftermath season for a reasonable number of people to speak out.

    Or maybe the quality of the new scientology tv network. ;)
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    Just checked the history of the list and I see an alphabetial (-c) correction... ;)


    Needs Study tech :p
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    Nicely spotted Trev!
    I haven't said a total count for a while, so here it is: 2854
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    Extra info and links for Neil Sarfati - left after 8 years - treasurer, RPF for several months (Fort Harrison garage Clearwater 1976), AOLA, Buffalo, Bolivar - video interview, blog comment

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  61. TrevAnon Member

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    The domain is registered until 2020-04-11 but the hosting could stop before then.

    archivebot is spidering the site, backup ID 87vbsz35i32o60jy5xegxnp6d

    The archivebot output is going to be publicly visible on as a .warc.gz so anyone can mirror it if they want to
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    • Chris Elston - Sea Org, Saint Hill, UK - quote

    His SP declare:
  65. TrevAnon Member

    SP declare is hardly readable.
  66. Incredulicide Member

    You just need to use all 57 perceptics, sheesh! (Or do a better job of figuring out google cache than me :p)

    This is why I don't like Twitter.
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    Kevin Osborne, already on, used to post as Nexus100 on ESMB.

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    The pic below is a part of some back and forth on the ban aftermath petition.

    Sergio Ferrari thanks me for providing a link to the big list. Normally I post the full link, but one cannot do that over at change dot org. So I posted a shortened link.

    Uh oh, Sergio...

    (I understand he may not have taken a look at it. :) )

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    Info on the .warc file format:


    Related files:

    Reviews can be posted to:
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    These two entries are the same person:
    Vince Barbarick - aka Peter Moon, metaqual - left after 12 years - OT III, Sea Org, on the Excalibur, Qual Sec, Flag - blog comment, wrote book "The Montauk Book of the Dead"

    Peter Moon - left after 12 years - OT III, Sea Org, LRH Personal Office, Replies Officer, Qual Management, 1971-1983, Apollo, Clearwater - blog comment, interview

    What's funny is 5 years ago we knew this and avoided the duplicate, we were smart:
    Then 2 years ago we got stupid and added Peter Moon anyway :(
    Merging entries, and we're back to a total count of 2856
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    In b4 RO to chime in: "I hate backpeddling!" :p
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  76. backpedal = back + pedal = to step back or pedal back (American English also uses "pedal" as a noun for where you rest your foot on a bicycle, and as a verb to refer to the motion you make with your legs when riding a bicycle; from Latin, pes, pedis - n. foot )

    peddle - v. to sell
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    In b4 someone once again tries to correct RO's spelli... Oh fuck too late.
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    Extra link for Gerry Armstrong - video interview by Spanky Taylor at the Cult Awareness Network before it was bankrupted by Scientology, 1992.

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  79. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former Head Of Security of Scientology Brendan Tighe speaks out on Tom Cruise | New Idea Magazine

    In a world exclusive, Brendan Tighe – who’s the former head of security at the Church of Scientology HQ – speaks to New Idea about Tom Cruise’s shocking life. He uncovers the actor’s lavish treatment, his rivalry with John Travolta, his frosty relationships with his loved ones – including exes Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes – and the compelling truth about his children.
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    Extra link for Jeffrey Augustine - his story
  81. TrevAnon Member

  82. Incredulicide Member

    What are you saying? That the captain of the Freewinds wouldn't first show up as a blog commenter after having left Scientology? :p

    Here's some news: The page with video of him praising COB which was up on a month ago has vanished, here's a Wayback of the Google cached version (direct video wayback link)

    Also, the image of Mike Napier above the caption "Mr. David Miscavige with the Captain of the Motor Vessel, Freewinds" is broken with nothing else in its place at while google's cache still shows it from a week ago https://webcache.googleusercontent....mplishments/a-seagoing-religious-retreat.html
    I guess this is a wait and see thing..
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  84. TrevAnon Member

    BRB popcorn...

    "The rumors are growing louder that this B-list singer and celeb spawn and several members of her family will appear on the upcoming season of the docu-series of her friend, that A/B-list mostly TV actress. The fact that the singer and her family have been over at the home of actress quite a few times lately makes you wonder. Not only that, but security vans were parked outside the house in case spies from that sect that they were once a part of tried snooping around. If this is true, the ratings will go through the roof."

    Here's hoping this is true...
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    And Elvis can finally stop spinning in his grave.. if he's dead :D
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  87. Incredulicide Member

    New page of the thread, better show the total: 2857
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  89. The Wrong Guy Member

    A new ex-Scientologist memoir provides a journey through extortion in the rank-and-file

    By Tony Ortega, April 28, 2018


    Books by ex-Scientologists keep arriving, and we received one this week that we didn’t even know was coming at all, from an ex-Scientologist we hadn’t spoken to before. So yes, forgive us if we were a little skeptical about whether we’d enjoy Chris Shugart’s Fractured Journey: A Personal Account of 30 Outrageous Years in the Church of Scientology.

    But right away, we liked how Chris presented his book, and the humble way he positioned it. No, he wasn’t a celebrity in the church. He’d never been in the inner hardcore of the organization, the Sea Org. He didn’t have any stories like you would find in Marc Headley’s Blown for Good or Jefferson Hawkins’s Counterfeit Dreams with outrageous stories about David Miscavige’s treatment of people.

    But on the other hand, what we often hear from the religious studies professors is that they want accounts not about the famous names in the church but from the rank and file, the average Joes and Janes who move up the “Bridge” of Scientology courses, go to church events, and keep the place going in their own way.

    Shugart sure delivers that, and in a spare, well-written style that is self-conscious about being factual and non-judgmental. There’s simply no question, for example, that Shugart gave Scientology every chance to be a positive part of his life. Time and again, whether he was working in the Westwood Mission in the 1970s, or supplying printing needs to the church in Los Angeles in the 1980s, he would give the church the benefit of the doubt — and paid for it nearly every time.

    This is not a book that spends much time considering L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” and whether it might have some actual benefits. What you get instead is a steady, relentless look at how an average church member is prodded, poked, strong-armed, and simply ripped off for money, money, money.

    Continued at
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  91. Incredulicide Member

    Google Translate of that page:

  92. I am who you speak of, what do you want to know?
  93. TrevAnon Member

    Hi George! Thanks for hopping by! :)

    Old post is old.

    As you posted on a blog that is critical of the COS I wondered if you were ever a COS-member, so we would be able to add you to the big list of ex-COS members speaking out. That's what I meant when I wrote "can't find proof they were in".
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  95. Incredulicide Member

    • Geoff Levin - left after 50 years - Clear, Upper Indoc TRs, Sea Org, guitarist in rock band People! Los Angeles - his story
  96. TrevAnon Member

    Also his brother Robbie - or is that Robert?

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  98. TrevAnon Member

    On ESMB there's a chatbox, but it's only available for members. There's a "Jim Dandy" there who says Jeffrey Augustine is a critic, but was never in.

    As far as I can find the only evidence we have of him having been in is the letter he and Karen wrote at .

    Now I think that's enough evidence, as one can say that Karen (certainly an ex) confirms here he is, which I think has always been one of the standards.

    But is there any other evidence?
  99. TrevAnon Member

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  100. Incredulicide Member

    I agree with him being vouched for by Karen, and also by Ron Miscavige who had him on his Life After Scientology YouTube show talking in detail about his brief time in.
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  101. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Lori Hodgson - staff, Stevens Creek San Jose California - video interview

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  103. TrevAnon Member

  104. Incredulicide Member

    Shouldn't this be big enough news by now that Mike or someone is like "The captain of the Freewinds has left and is speaking out!"?

    I just feel uneasy that nobody has. Should we be the ones to do it in order to see if it gets debunked as some random person using this well known name as a pseudonym to comment with (and has not yet claimed to have been in)?
  105. TrevAnon Member

    Now I have doubts. :p

    On the one hand I must say speaking out these days is not such a big thing anymore, as there are already so many who have done so.

    On the other hand: if someone posts as TC or JT you would certainly be right, and I'd also want a confirmation. But I also think we've added people with less evidence.

    Ok, let's do this your way. I think you have a better intuition about what could be fake as (I'm assuming) you are a native English speaker. So we are not adding. Yet. :D
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  106. Incredulicide Member

    When I said "wait and see" it was to see if it hit the news big time, but if the commenter of that name mentions something like "when I was the Freewinds captain.. <insert story here>" in a comment I'm prepared to add the name, maybe with a parenthesis of (unverified) after it?

    Alternatively someone could volunteer (bags not me!) to watch Scientology TV for months on end to see if any Freewinds promo shows a different captain on board (or otherwise debunks it by naming/showing Mike Napier) :eek:
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  109. TrevAnon Member

  110. TrevAnon Member

    Extra link for Shelly Britt Corrias already on

  111. Incredulicide Member

    The activity in the court document describes behavior matching his claim of working for OSA. That's good enough for me.
    • Justin Rybacki - left after nearly 30 years - Sea Org for 18 years, OSA, Austin Texas, Sacramento California - his story
  112. TrevAnon Member

    Is there a way to find out how many names were added per unit of time, say per year?

    Tried to using the big list threads here on WWP but had no luck.

    Incred, maybe you have some quick fix using wiki wizardry? ;)
  113. Incredulicide Member

    Nope. Only the forum threads have that info. The current wiki was dormant for multiple years.
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  114. TrevAnon Member

  115. Incredulicide Member

    Probably not. Sounds more like a never-in academic sort of critic. The most well known Scott Henderson is a guitarist who briefly played in Chick Corea's band and as a result is highly critical of Scientology. Here's some interview excerpts:
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  116. TrevAnon Member

    10 years in the fight today.

    It's been quite a ride. :)
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  118. TrevAnon Member

    Extra link for Amy Scobee

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  119. TrevAnon Member

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  120. Incredulicide Member

  121. The Wrong Guy Member


    Karen Pressley on the madness of Sea Org life: ‘I no longer belonged to my dreams’

    By Tony Ortega, May 26, 2018


    We recently asked Marc Headley and Jefferson Hawkins for excerpts from their books about their experiences in the Sea Org, and today we have an outtake from Karen Pressley’s book, Escaping Scientology: My Journey with the Cult of Celebrity Spirituality, Greed & Power.

    Like Headley and Hawkins, Pressley wants us to understand the Orwellian world of Int Base, and what it was like to live at the whims of a madman like Scientology leader David Miscavige. We think she did a bang-up job.

    Continued at

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