Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Nancy Mclean - article
  2. Incredulicide Member

    Leaving this here, just in case they're forthcoming in future with a name ,;)
  3. TrevAnon Member

    Also, that was an 8000 get. :p
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  4. Incredulicide Member

  5. Incredulicide Member

    He only shows up in the completions database with a cookie cutter site mention when I fiddle with the url that for some reason needs completion results of other names before it shows him. So: does not list him does list him

    This means there may be a whole lot more names on the list (and the need help confirming list) hidden in the completions database because they only have cookie cutter sites.
  6. TrevAnon Member

    The second listing gave me a server error when I clicked on the link to the actual cookie cutter site?

    However I found this on: and this listing by Don Carlo on OCMB

    Apart from that I almost always just google a person and not go straight to completions, so I don't think I missed many names. At least I hope so. :p
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  7. Incredulicide Member

    All the original cookie cutter site/pages have been long dead, so we use archived copies on the Wayback Machine. This also means as far as google is concerned the cookie cutter sites won't themselves appear in google's search results.

    I forgot to show the actual URLs I used when adding him, the one for his name is:
    and the one for his location is:
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  8. Incredulicide Member

    Uh-oh, it's not just the cookie cutter site database, it's also the Clear database and some others:

    Just doing last names beginning from Aa to Ai I found four Clears and a donation. :eek:
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  9. TrevAnon Member

  10. Incredulicide Member

    Sure I'll put a link to it from each of the board members' entries on the list: Luis Garcia, Aaron Smith-Levin, Claire Headley, Marc Headley, Christie Collbran and Mike Rinder
  11. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Allen Stanfield - video
  12. TrevAnon Member

  13. Incredulicide Member

  14. TrevAnon Member


    We need a new aftermath season for a reasonable number of people to speak out.

    Or maybe the quality of the new scientology tv network. ;)
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  15. TrevAnon Member

    Just checked the history of the list and I see an alphabetial (-c) correction... ;)


    Needs Study tech :p
  16. TrevAnon Member

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  17. Incredulicide Member

    Nicely spotted Trev!
    I haven't said a total count for a while, so here it is: 2854
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  18. TrevAnon Member

  19. Incredulicide Member

    Extra info and links for Neil Sarfati - left after 8 years - treasurer, RPF for several months (Fort Harrison garage Clearwater 1976), AOLA, Buffalo, Bolivar - video interview, blog comment

  20. TrevAnon Member

  21. TrevAnon Member

  22. Incredulicide Member

    The domain is registered until 2020-04-11 but the hosting could stop before then.

    archivebot is spidering the site, backup ID 87vbsz35i32o60jy5xegxnp6d

    The archivebot output is going to be publicly visible on as a .warc.gz so anyone can mirror it if they want to
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  23. TrevAnon Member

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  24. Incredulicide Member

    • Chris Elston - Sea Org, Saint Hill, UK - quote

    His SP declare:
  25. TrevAnon Member

    SP declare is hardly readable.
  26. Incredulicide Member

    You just need to use all 57 perceptics, sheesh! (Or do a better job of figuring out google cache than me :p)

    This is why I don't like Twitter.
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  27. TrevAnon Member

    Kevin Osborne, already on, used to post as Nexus100 on ESMB.

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  28. Incredulicide Member

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  29. TrevAnon Member

    The pic below is a part of some back and forth on the ban aftermath petition.

    Sergio Ferrari thanks me for providing a link to the big list. Normally I post the full link, but one cannot do that over at change dot org. So I posted a shortened link.

    Uh oh, Sergio...

    (I understand he may not have taken a look at it. :) )

  30. TrevAnon Member

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  31. Incredulicide Member

    Info on the .warc file format:


    Related files:

    Reviews can be posted to:
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  34. Incredulicide Member

    These two entries are the same person:
    Vince Barbarick - aka Peter Moon, metaqual - left after 12 years - OT III, Sea Org, on the Excalibur, Qual Sec, Flag - blog comment, wrote book "The Montauk Book of the Dead"

    Peter Moon - left after 12 years - OT III, Sea Org, LRH Personal Office, Replies Officer, Qual Management, 1971-1983, Apollo, Clearwater - blog comment, interview

    What's funny is 5 years ago we knew this and avoided the duplicate, we were smart:
    Then 2 years ago we got stupid and added Peter Moon anyway :(
    Merging entries, and we're back to a total count of 2856
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  35. TrevAnon Member

    In b4 RO to chime in: "I hate backpeddling!" :p
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  36. backpedal = back + pedal = to step back or pedal back (American English also uses "pedal" as a noun for where you rest your foot on a bicycle, and as a verb to refer to the motion you make with your legs when riding a bicycle; from Latin, pes, pedis - n. foot )

    peddle - v. to sell
  37. Incredulicide Member

    In b4 someone once again tries to correct RO's spelli... Oh fuck too late.
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  38. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Gerry Armstrong - video interview by Spanky Taylor at the Cult Awareness Network before it was bankrupted by Scientology, 1992.

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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former Head Of Security of Scientology Brendan Tighe speaks out on Tom Cruise | New Idea Magazine

    In a world exclusive, Brendan Tighe – who’s the former head of security at the Church of Scientology HQ – speaks to New Idea about Tom Cruise’s shocking life. He uncovers the actor’s lavish treatment, his rivalry with John Travolta, his frosty relationships with his loved ones – including exes Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes – and the compelling truth about his children.
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  40. Incredulicide Member

    Extra link for Jeffrey Augustine - his story

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