Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    What are you saying? That the captain of the Freewinds wouldn't first show up as a blog commenter after having left Scientology? :p

    Here's some news: The page with video of him praising COB which was up on a month ago has vanished, here's a Wayback of the Google cached version (direct video wayback link)

    Also, the image of Mike Napier above the caption "Mr. David Miscavige with the Captain of the Motor Vessel, Freewinds" is broken with nothing else in its place at while google's cache still shows it from a week ago https://webcache.googleusercontent....mplishments/a-seagoing-religious-retreat.html
    I guess this is a wait and see thing..
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    BRB popcorn...

    "The rumors are growing louder that this B-list singer and celeb spawn and several members of her family will appear on the upcoming season of the docu-series of her friend, that A/B-list mostly TV actress. The fact that the singer and her family have been over at the home of actress quite a few times lately makes you wonder. Not only that, but security vans were parked outside the house in case spies from that sect that they were once a part of tried snooping around. If this is true, the ratings will go through the roof."

    Here's hoping this is true...
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    And Elvis can finally stop spinning in his grave.. if he's dead :D
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    New page of the thread, better show the total: 2857
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    A new ex-Scientologist memoir provides a journey through extortion in the rank-and-file

    By Tony Ortega, April 28, 2018


    Books by ex-Scientologists keep arriving, and we received one this week that we didn’t even know was coming at all, from an ex-Scientologist we hadn’t spoken to before. So yes, forgive us if we were a little skeptical about whether we’d enjoy Chris Shugart’s Fractured Journey: A Personal Account of 30 Outrageous Years in the Church of Scientology.

    But right away, we liked how Chris presented his book, and the humble way he positioned it. No, he wasn’t a celebrity in the church. He’d never been in the inner hardcore of the organization, the Sea Org. He didn’t have any stories like you would find in Marc Headley’s Blown for Good or Jefferson Hawkins’s Counterfeit Dreams with outrageous stories about David Miscavige’s treatment of people.

    But on the other hand, what we often hear from the religious studies professors is that they want accounts not about the famous names in the church but from the rank and file, the average Joes and Janes who move up the “Bridge” of Scientology courses, go to church events, and keep the place going in their own way.

    Shugart sure delivers that, and in a spare, well-written style that is self-conscious about being factual and non-judgmental. There’s simply no question, for example, that Shugart gave Scientology every chance to be a positive part of his life. Time and again, whether he was working in the Westwood Mission in the 1970s, or supplying printing needs to the church in Los Angeles in the 1980s, he would give the church the benefit of the doubt — and paid for it nearly every time.

    This is not a book that spends much time considering L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” and whether it might have some actual benefits. What you get instead is a steady, relentless look at how an average church member is prodded, poked, strong-armed, and simply ripped off for money, money, money.

    Continued at
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    Google Translate of that page:

  12. I am who you speak of, what do you want to know?
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    Hi George! Thanks for hopping by! :)

    Old post is old.

    As you posted on a blog that is critical of the COS I wondered if you were ever a COS-member, so we would be able to add you to the big list of ex-COS members speaking out. That's what I meant when I wrote "can't find proof they were in".
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    • Geoff Levin - left after 50 years - Clear, Upper Indoc TRs, Sea Org, guitarist in rock band People! Los Angeles - his story
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    Also his brother Robbie - or is that Robert?

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    On ESMB there's a chatbox, but it's only available for members. There's a "Jim Dandy" there who says Jeffrey Augustine is a critic, but was never in.

    As far as I can find the only evidence we have of him having been in is the letter he and Karen wrote at .

    Now I think that's enough evidence, as one can say that Karen (certainly an ex) confirms here he is, which I think has always been one of the standards.

    But is there any other evidence?
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    I agree with him being vouched for by Karen, and also by Ron Miscavige who had him on his Life After Scientology YouTube show talking in detail about his brief time in.
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    Extra link for Lori Hodgson - staff, Stevens Creek San Jose California - video interview

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    Shouldn't this be big enough news by now that Mike or someone is like "The captain of the Freewinds has left and is speaking out!"?

    I just feel uneasy that nobody has. Should we be the ones to do it in order to see if it gets debunked as some random person using this well known name as a pseudonym to comment with (and has not yet claimed to have been in)?
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    Now I have doubts. :p

    On the one hand I must say speaking out these days is not such a big thing anymore, as there are already so many who have done so.

    On the other hand: if someone posts as TC or JT you would certainly be right, and I'd also want a confirmation. But I also think we've added people with less evidence.

    Ok, let's do this your way. I think you have a better intuition about what could be fake as (I'm assuming) you are a native English speaker. So we are not adding. Yet. :D
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    When I said "wait and see" it was to see if it hit the news big time, but if the commenter of that name mentions something like "when I was the Freewinds captain.. <insert story here>" in a comment I'm prepared to add the name, maybe with a parenthesis of (unverified) after it?

    Alternatively someone could volunteer (bags not me!) to watch Scientology TV for months on end to see if any Freewinds promo shows a different captain on board (or otherwise debunks it by naming/showing Mike Napier) :eek:
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    Extra link for Shelly Britt Corrias already on

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    The activity in the court document describes behavior matching his claim of working for OSA. That's good enough for me.
    • Justin Rybacki - left after nearly 30 years - Sea Org for 18 years, OSA, Austin Texas, Sacramento California - his story
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    Is there a way to find out how many names were added per unit of time, say per year?

    Tried to using the big list threads here on WWP but had no luck.

    Incred, maybe you have some quick fix using wiki wizardry? ;)
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    Nope. Only the forum threads have that info. The current wiki was dormant for multiple years.
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    Probably not. Sounds more like a never-in academic sort of critic. The most well known Scott Henderson is a guitarist who briefly played in Chick Corea's band and as a result is highly critical of Scientology. Here's some interview excerpts:
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    10 years in the fight today.

    It's been quite a ride. :)
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    Extra link for Amy Scobee

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