Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    A little moar info can be found on Slashdot:

  3. Anonymous Member

    Such as?
  4. RightOn Member

    ok anyone have any info on the following three names?
    Howard Roark
    George White
    Pascal Dorion
    all names from comments in Marty's blog.
    not in COS complettions

    found Harold Roarks name also on this page

    Found Pascal Dorion's name on several blog posts in many places, he is definitely a Scientologist, and I believe he is out of COS now, but perhaps Indy now 'cause he talks about DM.
    Lives is Peru? He uses a picture for his avatar. yeah I know it can be anybody
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  5. moarxenu Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    He's on there as Vince Shlomi
  7. RightOn Member

    ok all this Sparrow fanfair has sidetracked me (in a good way of course)
    has there been any leeway in the names that are listed above? anyone?
  8. AnonLover Member

  9. RightOn Member


    need halp!
    need to confirm if the George White on the COS data base is the same George White commenting on Marty's blog.
    Can anyone over on ESMB can help?
    OR does anyone else know?
  10. greebly Member

    Awesome so good this list survived the wiki collapse and well done re-inputing stuff folks.

    And hugs to Righton for keeping it going!
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  11. conatus Member

    yay we can haz list again nao. How many we up to?

    1443 names

    Edit: Moar lurking, I did it.
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  12. RightOn Member

    Thanks Greebly but mad love and hugs must go out to Anonlover.
    And thanks and hugs to all who help.
    You know who you are.
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  13. RightOn Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    I´m fail. Atleast Bo Simonsson is not on the wiki.
  20. TrevAnon Member

    Hmm. Wiki is down for me, and downforeveryoneorjustme tells me it's not just me....?
  21. RightOn Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Using the name "Farewell to Sicily" someone made a number of posts on ARS with subject "Ex-Scientologist Story #<number>".

    Has anyone crosschecked these stories with the list?

    Inb4doityourselffaggot (don't have the time to do it)
  23. RightOn Member

    wiki down again :(
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. RightOn Member

    she was confirmed as a prior ex COS by Smurf and the link I provided is the story of John Aaron Williams on the Indie site. He mentions his wife. (who was candice) She is in the picture.
    The same John Aaron Williams who is offering courses now outside of COS. Add was posted somewhere on WWP.
    Being involved with offering courses publically and having your picture published on an Indie site is speaking out in my book.
  26. RightOn Member

    wiki down again
  27. RightOn Member

  28. RightOn Member

  29. RightOn Member

  30. RightOn Member

    need these names confirmed MORE or not?
    They are not in the COS data base (that I can find) but their comments are on an Indie site. They may not be in the data base because maybe they werenot in the US?
    Their comments are also very in depth and seem like they are using their real names, as they are introducing themselves to Mary Jo Levitt

    David Waukeen-

    a snip from his comment: (Good for you Mary Jo. I left the church 3 years ago and find it delightful to do services in the field......)

    Bill Holly -Stuttgart, Germany
    a snip:
    (sent the KR back with large letters written on it OFF POLICY and ENTHETA.
    Never heard anymore about it.I could tell you more about my personal experiences.
    Highest regards,

    Robert or Bob Earle- 18 years on staff, OEC graduate International Training Org, Data series evaluator, KTL/LOC and Flag PR Briefing Course grad,former LRH comm

    a snip: (Firstly let me introduce myself. I am a Scientologist who started in Scientology in early 1972.......)
    ^^^same name also leaves comments on Marty's site
  31. RightOn Member

    please also back peddle to previous posts and see if any other names that were mentioned earlier can be confirmed
  32. RightOn Member

    Mike Ogletree- ex Sea Org?
    another one to confirm
    he is listed on OCB as being a divorced Sea Org couple couple (Anna Maria and Mike Olgetree)
    he also left a comment on an Indie site in response to Misha Priv
  33. AnonLover Member

    anxiously awaiting counter to hit 1450.... imma due for PDF mirror updating.
  34. RightOn Member

    you and me both
    but I really want 1500 sooner than later
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  35. RightOn Member

  36. AnonLover Member

    We got a new one via the online submission form
    (not verified yet, I'm just relaying info)

  37. RightOn Member

    not new
    he was added on May10th, he was on the Indie list

    but please add his time in, which is mising
  38. RightOn Member

    another three !
    that brings us up to 1455
    Robin Rhyne -left after 20 years, 18 years on staff, Class V Grad, Interned Mini Course Supervisor
    Independent Site Free and Able

    Anne Cannon - left after 19 years, Dallas
    Independent Site Free and Able

    Gretchen St. Lawrence - OTV, Wife of David St. Lawrence
    Independent Site Free and Able

    which means David St. Lawrence's name is spelled incorrectly on the list?

    Free and Able:
    Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers.
  39. RightOn Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    1456, Gretchen was already there.
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