Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    wow that is cool, thanks!!!
    Stefan Castle- RPF, Int base
    Tanja Castle- worked personally with David Miscavige, Int base
    both names- Inside Scientology book by Janet Reitman

    GO GO GO!!!!!
  2. RightOn Member

    also add:
    IAS Patron, Super Power Founding Member, Gold Humanitarian Ideal Org of Orange County
  3. Anonymous Member

    Translate that into the amount of money they donated.
  4. RightOn Member

    translation= shit load
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  5. RightOn Member

    Please add this infor to Eric Strudwick's name:
    left after 30 years, Clear, L12, PRD, HDG, HPCS, ex-Mission ED, org staff 2 yrs, IAS "Crusader"
  6. RightOn Member

    People we are currently at 1468 names

    whew! keep digging!
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  7. TrevAnon Member

  8. AnonLover Member

    We got an incomplete submission a couple days ago from the online form, I suspect this is someone sorta new to the internet as he put his email address in for URL #1

    I did some qck googlefu to see if i could find a link for him but got nada. And I thought maybe if this is someone new on the scene - his story may be in the works and will be posted in near future either on ESMB, the Indy blogs or elsewhere.

    But I didnt see anything pop up yet (48hrs later), so i just wanted to leave what info we did get ITT so i dont forget about it. If nobody can find anything on him and nothing shows up after the weekend, i will write bak to his email addy and explain we need a hyperlink to proof of his speaking out under his actual name & see if he needs/wants any help with getting his story online somewhere.

    Also - right after the online submission was sent, the Exit Zone Blog page for the Big List project got a comment that appears to be from Mr. Hof (12years repeated), but unfortunately he left it be posted under the "Anonymous" screenname.

    Shoutout to Charles if your lurking: if ^^that comment was you as I suspect, and you want us to use that as your link to speaking out, we need you to post a followup comment stating your name and claiming that remark as your own. If your confused and need help getting your story out - I'll be in touch via email soonly.
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  9. RightOn Member

    you guise are freakin awesome! *sniff sniff*
  10. RightOn Member

    did a look around for Charles Kent Hof too
    there are some Hof's on the COS data base spelled just like that
    Maybe someone on ESMb can identify him?
  11. RightOn Member

    People we are currently at 1469 names

    whew! keep digging!
    GO GO GO!!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Not 30?!

    As they are mostly do not use the internet this might be a problem for a lot of exes, especially the ones who just recently left.
  13. RightOn Member

    Not till the last one is confimed. We are at 1469
  14. AnonLover Member

    yeah my thoughts exactly... and in my blog page writeup i extend tips on where to go to get your story online easily plus make the offer that 'we will help you get your story out to get added to the list if need be' (paraphrasing here), thus I'm speculating that Charles might be the first former member to happen along the internet-newbie breadcrumb trail i left that tried to take us up on that offer.
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  15. TrevAnon Member

  16. RightOn Member

    I think this is a pseudo as in Freddy Krueger, but not sure
    Sometimes I just type in a name and the word Scientolgoy after it, it has worked wonders
  17. TrevAnon Member

  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. RightOn Member

    George White has been confrimed and is on the list
    I posted Harold Roark's name some posts back, have not got a reply yet.
    Pascal Dorion is another name that has been around for a long time which is still unconfirmed.
  21. RightOn Member

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Anonymous Member

  24. RightOn Member

    thanks for geting the link (s) ^^^^^
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. RightOn Member

  30. TrevAnon Member

  31. TrevAnon Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. RightOn Member

  34. RightOn Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    from that link:
    But the text of the attachment isn't on that page :/

    Paging Graham Berry!
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. RightOn Member

    can't find Bettendorf, Waldo anywhere
    do not know if this was a pseudo or not
  38. TrevAnon Member

  39. TrevAnon Member

  40. RightOn Member

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