Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Spickler is on the list
    so are the Freedmans
    Or are you posting additonal links for them?
    Please specify when posting names.

    are you looking at the right list?
    you have to look on the wiki list, not the one that posted on WWP
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  8. RightOn Member

    no problem I have done that myself
    all help is greatly appreciated!!! :)

    out for the day...
    Happy Daddy's Day to all and to everyone's Dads!
    I hope there was some reconnecting of family and Dad's today for anyone that is disconnected.
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    Please elaborate on where the story in those links looks like Kathryn Smith's story, besides the location (LA). Hers was of losing two husbands to the cult (one of them had mental health problems), whereas the story in those links is of a Kathryn losing her own sanity and her husband getting her through it.
  13. Anonymous Member

    No-one ever asked on OCMB to put a link to the list on het clambake homepage?

    I don't have an account over there, so if someone would be so kind to do it, that would be nice.
  14. TrevAnon Member

    I did another cross check, now between the Indie 500 ( ) and the list.

    The following names on the Indie 500 are not on the list:

    E'MAN, Dissem Sec ASHOD, Supercargo ASHOD
    Deirdre, Clear, on staff 8 years in Orange County, Scientologist since 1978

    Monique Carle
    Ivan Obolensky
    Greg Cook
    Roy Selby, Grad V Auditor, OEC/FEBC, Original full OT VII, In Scientology since 1970
    Daniel Montalvo, Ex-SO
    Ragne Mansfield, Scn since 1977, Class IV and NED auditor, 4 yrs on staff, IAS Sponsor, TUEU translator (Swedish)
    Giovanni Carboni, Clear, Scientologist since 2002

    E'MAN looks like a nick and Deirdre is only a first name. The others however... :)
  15. TrevAnon Member

    Minor spelling issue:

    Armorel Allen - independent of the COS, name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1984

    is listed on that link in Reconnection Magazine as Amorel (without the r)

    What is the correct one? I would have chosen without the r.
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    Giovanni Carboni was already on the list.
    Monique Carle, Ivan Obolensky and Roy Selby are not on the completions database. Probably worth adding, but it'd be better to also have other sources for them.
  19. RightOn Member

    E'man is not entire name
    saw this name long ago

    shit too drunk to type
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    If there are any more lists that need cross checking against "our" list I'd be happy to do it.

    So please give me a link where I can find them.
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    I haven't contributed anything in a while but I'd like to say how impressed I am with how large this wonderful and informative project has become.
    It is not only a great thing to hit folks with as far as testimonial stuff, but is lethal inoculation too.

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    Bill Straass: Former Mechanics Chief of the Freewinds. Left after 23 years in Sea Org. Denied treatment for HIV infection acquired from a blood transfusion in Curacao in 1989. "What they were withholding from me is that I had tested positive for HIV, and as far as they were concerned, I was already dead and never coming back.."

    "As an aside, I often did Quartermaster duty at the gangway as well as my own post. For several months around 1998 I was surprised to see that the QM desk had been turned around so the the QM, instead of facing outward to observe external threats to the ship, now faced inward. Obviously, the real threats were now considered to be the people on the ship, not the people off of it. It had been designed obviously to keep people from escaping from the ship."

    From - Freeloaders: Extortion Money

    Comments at MR's blog.
  27. TrevAnon Member

    There is a long thread on ESMB about Ivan Obolensky, where they talk about him:

    One of them says in this thread "He said he will never post here. He said he will never post on any of the forums." so it might take a longer time before he speaks out (if he ever does).

    Mahty is in contact with him:

    OCMB has a thread about son Serge:
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  29. RightOn Member

    wow! ok we are at 1485 with Bill Straass???
    holy crap!
    look at what happens when everyone pictches in!
    This is STUPENDOUS!!!!

    As far as Obolensky, if he doesn't want to speak out, then I say not to add him
  30. RightOn Member

    I have kicked these names around for years, still have not found anything on them to prove they were in COS
    they are freezone auditors
    Neil Prosser
    Mike Brodle
    Leon Swart or Leo Swart
    Dont' bother looking for Diana Reynolds that is Aida Thomas's pseudo

    anyone confirm any of these names?
  31. RightOn Member

    Hugh Brian Haney- public than staff, D/ED, in court case against Sci Front Group with Bryan Zwan of Digital Lightwave, Ohio Org
    he is in COS completions

    also this:
    10. On November 16, 1993 Defendant Zwan, together with a
    representative named "Charmaine" of the organization known as the Church
    of Scientology visited Plaintiff in Columbus at the Scientology
    organization's place of business at 30 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio.
    After many hours of discussion, Plaintiff agreed in principle (a) to
    donate an additional $100,000 to the Church of Scientology's "Superpower"
    project; and (b) personally and through companies owned by him, to invest
    in Digital a maximum of $5 million through a stock purchase and a line of
    credit (the "Line of Credit") in exchange for a 50% ownership interest in
    Digital. Defendant Zwan invited Plaintiff to visit Digital's offices at
    1811 Centinela Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90404 ("Digital's
    California Offices")

    another reference:
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    Monique is Mosey's full first name - so its his current wife
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    we are at 1486!!!!!

    taking a break
    MAN we are so close now!!!
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    So I clicked on this link for Jon Zegel. His link doens't work anymore. I did some research and I think it is because Mr Hill has done a complete redesign of his library of newspaper articles.

    I tried to find a correct link to Jon Zeger. Unsuccesfully, and since it's the only link, it would mean that Jon would have to be removed.

    However, I did take the effort to read a random article:

    This adds:
    Joan Prather, television actress, in for 7 years
    Robert Levin, no further details.

    It makes me wonder how many articles in Mr Hill''s treasure trove have not yet been scanned properly....

    BRB, checking a few more...
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    From the ESMB thread I posted I got an answer. Leon posts over there:

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