Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    he is already in post #1545 ITT.

    Wow what the hell is going on?
    coming out of the woodwork n droves!!!!
    yeah wikiers, we need to add all these names please <3
  2. TrevAnon Member

    Only today I thought it to be a good idea to look at the various indie Scio sites for new names for the list.
  3. RightOn Member

    yeah I have looked around through indie sites, must be new ones cropping up
    I missed Ingrid's site tho.
  4. RightOn Member

    Wikiers start at post 1545
  5. TrevAnon Member

    On a sidenote: this thread is almost as long as the original one.

    Maybe it is better to start a new one for performance or other (technical?) reasons?

    I'll report my own post so mods can give advice.
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  6. RightOn Member

    if you click on their names you may be able to cull more info
    all bolded names can be added with the same link

    Linda Noble wrote - DM is a criminal on her profile
    so she counts!

    Craig Robart- left after 11 years
    "Got involved with Scientology in 1985. Left the CofS in 1996. Most training and auditing received in the field later. I am currently Class III and working thru the OT Levels."

    Catherin Von Ach is already on the list, listed as Catherine E. Von Ach

    Donald Dixon also says DM is a criminal

    Brett Haugen also says ^^^^

    Moneca Ryane-
    was out since 1983
  7. moarxenu Member

    Great work, guys. Could we have an update on the numbers of peeps that have spoken out?
  8. RightOn Member

    hey Moar! <3

    we are currently at 1556 names but there is a butt load of new names to add thanks to TrevAnon!
  9. TrevAnon Member

    See website: "Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers."

    IMHO that would be enough...?
  10. RightOn Member

    yes!! that too!
  11. TrevAnon Member

  12. RightOn Member

    she was on the disaffected list too

    found this:
    Gertrude Schutte | June 29, 2011 at 2:52 am | Reply

    Check this out:

    This list is now out like wild fire in the Scn field. Was tipped off by a Non Scn of all people, who tipped off 3 Scn friends and were flabbergasted at the audacity of it, they had no idea before this and are now very interested in a way CofM would not like. Very bad PR for CofM. OSA you gotta know you just tipped off 3 other people into a search which will spread all on it’s own… thanks to me but your own stupidity for fighting the wrong enemies and putting together the most stupid list ever.
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  13. RightOn Member

  14. TrevAnon Member

    No, she was not on that list, I looked that up. (Maybe she IS on that list, but with her real name.)

    The only thing she says in that post is that the list is spreading like wild fire.

    See also
  15. hushpuppy Member

    I tend to agree - would you consider starting a new thread with links to the two previous ones in the OP Right On? When there's a natural break in the action?

    Your call of course :)
  16. RightOn Member

    I would rather not.
    the link on the wiki goes here as well as many articles out there and hopefully the press release( if it ever went out)
    This thread isn't THAT long. its only 40 pages.
    Nowhere close to the Camelot Castle one.
    I think its fine for now
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  17. RightOn Member

    Wikiers start at post 1545
  18. TrevAnon Member

  19. RightOn Member

  20. TrevAnon Member

    It's not her blog, the blog is from someone else. There was nothing there. :(
  21. RightOn Member

    more info for Monica Ryane - aka Marilyn Scheuer, left after 12 years, staff, Super Literacy, OT IV, OEC, FEBC. Detrioit
  22. Triumph Member

    CEO of Diskeeper
    may want to confirm its the same guy....

    that would be big $$$$ walking out on Davy.....

    such a big fish Marty would love to use that guy to rub DM's nose in it
  23. RightOn Member

    no shit?
    hmmm.... must confirm thanks Tri!
  24. AnonLover Member

    RO i might be lost... but I'm not seeing a comment on that article about him actually being a scilon at some point?

    and i thought the scoop on James Ray was that he was a business client of the scam artist OT guy (Grant somebody?) who had a few save-failing-business reality show episodes on nat geo recently? (so client of an active member - not actually former member himself)
  25. Triumph Member

    that somebody is Grant Cardone...threw Milton Katselas under the bus...

    its found on the waybackhatemachine
    from a 2005 JA Death Ray blog post
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  26. AnonLover Member

    ^^^ahhhh... thks T, i missed that.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Backup of wikisource with total at 1570:

    About to add "Craig Jensen" as number 1571 from post #1571 in this thread, how synced is that? :)
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  28. RightOn Member

    freaky deaky :)

    and thank you!!!

  29. TrevAnon Member

    We don't need a confirmation for Craig Jensen? He is already on the list.

    On the other hand, there is no reason to handle him differently. :p
  30. TrevAnon Member

    I once again compared the Indy 500 with our list.

    Kay Christenson, Scn since 1970, OT IV, Pro TRs, KTL/LOC, Pasadena staff 15 yrs till 1996 (Treas Sec and FBO)
    - On the Indie list

    This is NOT Kay Proctor (which I thought for a moment), they are mentioned separately here:

    Another difference was Ivan Obolensky, ex-CO AOLA: he's on the Indie 500 but not on our list. Poster Lulu Belle on ESMB says this: so I guess he exists.

    For both I couldn't find a blog comment or something. Is being on the Indie 500 enough?
  31. RightOn Member

    oh yes it is enough
    funny I skimmed that list only yesterday, but I guess I didn't see this
  32. TrevAnon Member

    I am using vertical search tech (TM) in Libre Office... :p
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  33. RightOn Member

    they have added names on that list and stick them in the middle and such
    they dont' always add them at the very end
    makes me nuts
  34. TrevAnon Member

  35. RightOn Member

    I think she was
    she was bad mouthed on a site by a "loyal scientologist"
    saying that "she thinks she can go up the bridge while she is out ethics and getting squirrel auditing".

    also while looking for her I found a Matt Agrall. he was declared and was WAY in COS but I have not found him speaking out.
    He was past treasurer and president of the CCHR

    the freedumb magazine says" Matt Argall who gives financial handouts to Rathbun in exchange for promised Kha-Khan"

    he is also on the ist of dissafected people
    and The following 107 names are on Marty's list, they are in the Completions (post by you Trev)

    There is also a Jason Argall

    so I say add him

    Matt Argall- former treasurer and president of CCHR Florida 2000-2002

    EDITED so Wikiers. Please do aff Erin Haskell and Matt Argall.^^^
  36. TrevAnon Member

  37. TrevAnon Member

    So I understand that we are now allowing ourselves to use COS-sites that are bashing people for being squirrels and what not for finding people for the list? It is a list of people SPEAKING OUT...!

    On the other hand: that opens up a whole new perspective... :) Thanks COS for doing our job! :p
  38. TrevAnon Member

    First name is Michele

    It's not much, I know.
  39. amaX Member

    Wow. The Big List of Ex's is taking off again!
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  40. TrevAnon Member

    I found the following names from Mark Bunkers IndieGoGo-site.
    - Go to
    - For each of the campaigns go to the comments-tab
    - I checked all the names, and used "show more comments". For names that I thought to be "real enough" :) I checked if they were on the list, and if not, if it was someone who used to be in COS.

    This gave me the following:

    Deanne K. McMurdie
    - Mentioned in Impact 123 April 2010 (Thanks Pooks!)

    Katherine Owen
    - Still has a COS-site (link broken, delete spaces) http: //home.

    "S. Lander", no first name, seems to use tamasin-sp as handle? Is also being used on OCMB.
    Cindy Plahuta

    Matthew Anderson

    Michael Anderson

    R. Kellum, no first name, declared SP from London Org in 2007.
    - Wrote (when s/he was still in) a positive review on DMSMH )

    Jessica Miscavige
    - LOL! Naaaaaah... :) Has as MySpace account where religion is COS . Doubt if this is true :p
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