Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    yeah that would be nice.

    you guise have been terribly busy. Sorry I have been so out of the loop lately. I have been crazy busy.
    Warms the cockles of my heart that others are helping this much!
    Thanks Trev you rock!!!
  4. RightOn Member

    Marsiglia Omar- left after 15 years, staff, Ideal Org of Roma
    EDITED: already on the list as Omar Marsiglia. The Indie list has it listed backwards which is where I got it from..

    ***hey guys we need to stick to the format to make it eaiser for the wikiers to add the names to the list.
    It saves a lot of work too.***

    the correct format is above.
    When adding a name, please put "left after X years", any position (s) held, OT levels if any and the area they were in

  5. RightOn Member

    More info for Sue Thompson- left after 30 years, staff, Saint Hill, WW & Melbourne

    ^^^ this is the kind of fill in stuff I was talking about.
    if you have a link to an ex's story, please do just list the link only. Please pull the info out and list it. It saves going back and adding info
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    LOL! Going for the 1600? :)
  7. RightOn Member

    Sorry if this is jumbled, and out of order. I don't have time to go through all these names right now.
    But will work on it slowly. Some of the names below may be already on the list.
    Will edit this post later when I can get to it. :)

    The ones in red can be added to the list.

    Iris Pslfeyman- Reconnection Magazine Jan 1985, Clear Centre Sunderland

    The following names need confirmation, they are listed in Clear Centre Sunderland (ISIS) completions
    Brenda Adams
    Angela Dodeworth
    Rob Fisher
    Joanne Lindsey
    The mission statement on the magazine should be enough, but we have to confirm that they were once in

    Soren Werk- editor of Danish Independent Newsletter Denmark- I would imagine this is good enough
    he is also mentioned here
    for starting the newsletter, this was before The Ivy

    Ralph Krause- worked on evolving software for The Ivy

    also Ivan Tonder

    Harry Thompson- backed off from Scientology and devleoped "Amprinistics"

    completions ACC Scotland

    Pauline Mumby
    Huguette Sifarios
    Jonathen Whitaker
    Maureen Jonsen
    Madge Scott

    Joe King

    Christine Allan
    John Breakwell
    Pat Breakwell
    Joanne Dancer
    Robert Eden
    Cliff Freeman
    Eileen Freeman
    Angela Fullerton
    Christin Hyodo

    Onup Barman-Roy- looking for Diantetics Seminar in London

    Margaret Jennings
    Laura Jonsen
    Maureen Jonsen
    Marina Jordan
    Joe King
    John Lester
    Silvana McLean
    Mike Oliver
    Theo Patterson
    Mina Salanki
    Madge Scott
    Terry Scott
    Martin Tait
    Toshen Musgrove
    Christine Hyodo

    listed under wins:
    David Falconer
    Silvana McLean

    link for all names above
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    You're indomitable, RO. Not to mention dauntless, defiant and resolute.
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  11. RightOn Member

    stop silly

    Trevanon and others also deserves huge props
  12. Miranda Member

    Props to them too!
  13. RightOn Member

    More info for Oswald Lindsay- Sea Org, St. Hill
  14. TrevAnon Member

    Ok, first results. This is the list from RO's post, I deleted some doubles from it.

    Already on the list:
    Madge Scott
    Christine Allan
    John Breakwell
    Onup Barman-Roy
    Joanne Dancer
    Margaret Jennings
    Terry Scott

    Can be added:
    John Lester his biography . He was in!
    Christin or Christine Hyodo Chris Hyodo is in the completions.

    Found these results
    Brenda Adams is on the COS enemies list.

    Rob Fisher There is a Rob FisheL in the completions:

    Ivan Tonder owned a printing facility?

    Harry Thompson found this reference, according to which he is "not a trained Scientologist"

    Pauline Mumby on the SP-list

    Huguette Sifarios there are completions for Huguette Leduc . Could be maiden name of married name. Also

    Angela Fullerton on the enemies list

    Theo Patterson on the enemies list

    Couldn't find anything about
    Pat Breakwell
    Angela Dodeworth
    Robert Eden
    David Falconer
    Cliff Freeman
    Eileen Freeman
    Maureen Jonsen
    Laura Jonsen
    Marina Jordan
    Joe King
    Ralph Krause
    Joanne Lindsey
    Silvana McLean
    Toshen Musgrove
    Mike Oliver
    Mina Salanki
    Martin Tait
    Jonathen Whitaker, shouldn't be hard... :p
  15. RightOn Member

    wow back now
    that was fast.

    Not surprised that something wasn't found on most these names because they are from Europe.
    Alls we need to do is find out if they were ever "in".
    Can someone with an account on OCB and ESK cross post these names?
    Maybe someone can verify that they were in.
    The mission statement from the magazine is enough proof of speaking out if we can find out they were once in.

    with the names above.
    Any of them that are on the enemies list and appeared in the completions in the magazine proves they were once in
    Add them to the list.
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  16. RightOn Member

    wait.. isn't Joe King that voilent loon from AU? Is that the same Joe King? Did he go back?
    EDITED: this was a joke
  17. Anonymous Member

    it's Omar Marsiglia, already listed with his post to a blog
  18. Anonymous Member

    "Pslfeyman " might well be an error with the Optical Character Recognition when the magazine was scanned. Any suggestions for what the letters might actually be?
  19. RightOn Member

    That name was taken directly from the Indie list, so they have it wrong then.

    Don't know about Pslfeyman being incorrect or not.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Is this true? Being an enemy doesn't mean you were once in.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Found her listed as "Iris Palfreyman" in
    Not listed in completions database. Remember that "Clear Centre, Sunderland" was established by independent Scientologists, not CoS, so those are completions done outside the church.
    However, she can be added to the list from a letter in Reconnection #12, saying:
    "I can't believe after all these years in Scientology I've actually moved up the grade chart. I'm sure if I'd still been stuck in the old Org I'd be no further forward than I was 8 months ago."
  22. Anonymous Member

    Scratch that, she's already on the list :/
  23. Anonymous Member

    You're right, those completions are non-CoS courses being reported in an independent magazine.
  24. Nah, The violent loon is Joe Kingi (with an i on the end). Joe King is a VERY common name in scientology, literally thousands of public who get body-routed into orgs use the name Joking. You'd be amazed at some of the nom de plumes that get past the "sign here" dudes. XD
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. RightOn Member

    lol I was kidiing
  27. RightOn Member

    correct being on the enemies list does not prove you were once in.
    But being on the enemies list AND taking Indie COS courses back then is a 90% chance they were once in.
    Keep in mind the names in these mags were lsited with very " heavy hitters" like Jon Atack and others. SO if they were in that mag, it is more than likely they were once in. I am not saying that they were ALL in, but like I said, there's a pretty good chance they were once in.

    We need some EX Europe Sci fags to identify these names. A lot/most of the older Europoean Scis will not be in the COS data bank or anywhere else for that matter. Especially with people haaving maiden names and being remarried.
    But it's worth a shot.
  28. RightOn Member

    yeah I already saw that comment too which is why I included that link with her name.
    But like you said she is already on.
  29. RightOn Member

    "Harry Thompson -found this reference, according to which he is "not a trained Scientologist"

    the reference to Harry Thompson not being a "trained Scientologist" this was it written by Hubbard? That would make me think that he was just saying Harry wasn't trained?
    HCO PLs and Guardian Orders relating to an evaluation of and counter action against the attacks on Scientology

    L. Ron Hubbard (Chronology of Policies and GOs concerning the attacks on Dianetics/Scientology)

    also that link I provided with Harry Thompson had:
    "It all began and developed with a man named Harry Thompson. Thompson had been one of England's most successful auditors, earning something approximating $20,000 a year, according to Gary Watkins."
    He was quick to absorb what Scientology believed and how these beliefs might be achieved, and easily ingratiated himself with Scientology through his genuine sincerity and expertise. Then, according to Gary, who now teaches Thompson's system in New York, Thompson "made a very simple discovery which aligned all the information in Scientology, as to why it was correct when it was correct, and why it worked when it did, and why it didn't when it didn't." Thompson went into retreat at his home outside London and spent three years developing and testing his discovery. He named it "Amprinistics," a combination of the words "amplify" and "principle.

    "It is almost a technique, a small residue from his dynamic days as a Scientology auditor."
    here is that link again

    So roll those numberz boyz... Add Harry to the list. He is number 1600!!
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  30. TrevAnon Member

    Plox press release...
  31. RightOn Member

    yes really! It is so over due!
    Mods can someone have the honor of changing the title of the thread to over 1,600 ?
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  33. RightOn Member

    Thanks again to Trevanon who has been pounding away at this list and finding tons of new names and thanks to others who helped!
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  34. Anonymous Member

    At 1600 we're 80% of the way to a new thread/press release with the title "Thousands of Former Members condemn the Church of Scientology"
  35. Anonymous Member

    FIFY. And yeah, being able to use the plural of thousand is definitely worth a major press release :)
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  36. RightOn Member

    yes only 400 more to go :(
    GO GO GO

    I would have liked the press release to go out at 1500, I don't underdstand what happened. :(
  37. RightOn Member

    Brenda Adams on the enemy list and the Brenda Adams on the Sunderland list may be two different people?
    The Ivy Magazine issue is from 1985
    The same name appears on the Declared Suppressive Flag order list in 1991.
    Unless she joined up with the Indies in '85 and COS just got around to declaring her in 1991? Doesn't make sense.
    I think it may be two different people?
  38. RightOn Member

  39. RightOn Member

    There is also an Ann Donaldson of Stockport Cheshire England and a Mark Gamble of Banyo-Brisbans AU who were also distributors for Ivy Magazine.
    Would like to know if anyone can confrim that they were in.
  40. RightOn Member

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