Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. RightOn Member

    ok here's a start
    These are older posts. I ran the following names and they are not on the list as far as I can see.
    BUT! I am in a hurry this morning .
    Some may be psuedos fo course and some may have been found that I am not aware of.
    these links were copied from old posts and put on note pad. So many links won't work? k?

    The following still need to confirmed

    Willet Chambers
    not in COS completions or anywhere else I can find
    just a blog comment

    Carrie Todd- listed on indie site network site

    Bernd Kerner - listed on indy site

    Covadonga jimenez icaza - listed on indis site

    Charese Mongielo- listed on indie site

    Lidia Mokevnina -listed on indie site (says she PAt Krenicks friend)

    David Reynolds
    too common of a name , need anothe source

    Paul Coco

    Bill Dupree FCDC class of 74
    blog comment he says:
    " was in my auditor internship in 1974 and was stopped because they (the org) said I was too PTS not just PTS toward my girlfriend now my wife of 34 years. My wife did not want me to go on staff and the org wanted me for the FBO. "

    Lisa Tighe- comment on Debbie Cook's FB page
    which is now gone?
    FB comment copy -Post #767
    (in COS completions- last course done in 2007
    dont' know why this one isn't confirmed? Seems to be related to Kevin Tighe

    Corey Headden and see if there is anything there on him? (his brother Jamie is on the list I think)
    His mother is still in and his brother is out.
    if anyone has aFB page can you check out

    Aaron Atteberry- blog comment on MArty's and Debbie's FB page (now gone)
    can't find anything else, not in COS completions
    in or out?
    there is a Mark Atteberry in COS comepletions and a Ryan on Myspace which is 2 years old and listed as a scilon
    and a Kayci and a Jennifer Atteberry on My Space (friends with Eric L. Carter listed as a scilon)
    posts are a year old.
    not too common of a name, maybe they are all related.

    Jane White resigned right before New Years and wrote a public resignation on a Face book page
    Do not find her in completions or anywhere else psuedo?

    Richard (Dick) Didcoate, he was FB T/Public Servicing Aide.
    Kathy and Jamie (their son) Didcoate

    "Kathy Didcoate offloaded 10 years ago to my knowledge, so probably same"
    There is an entry on ESM about them "being all out and enjoying the real life" and "routed out together with his wife. Working and living in LA so I heard."
    Also about Jamie in the RPF newsletter:
    "Jamie was very happy to leave the Sea Org and was recently working as a security guard somewhere in LA. He doesn't want to have anything to do with Scientology anymore and had written off any ideas of ever paying ANYTHING of his freeloader debt. Maybe finally this family can get together now and have a real family experience for the remaining years of their lives"

    their story and all their names also appear in a RPF newsletter 2004

    Lauri Webster out?
    last thing she did in COS completions was in 2006.
    I skimmed the article, don't have time. it never said she left?
    if so, the link above for her name too.

    Alexis Ward
    she left a comment on Marty's blog. I know ther is another Ward on the ex list. Anyone know this person?

    Earl Sim
    not in completions and left blog comments

    Leslie Farrow
    listed as having a Sci site that boosts COS google stats
    do not know if this is the same person.
    that post was from 2004
    so she still may be in, or went back in?

    Jill Mitchell Almblad - related to Robert?
    edited: his story Village Voice article
    there used to be comments, they are gone? I think her name was once in the comments.

    moar to come later today.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. RightOn Member

    before you jump down my throat.....
    these links were copied from old posts and put on note pad. So many links won't work? k?
    I will edit the post to reflect that.
    Also! some info from these links may be long gone. Not my fault!
    Just try to run the names and see what you can find!

    I included what was with the names from the old posts to use some sort of reference to where they were originally found. k?
    If the links dont' work, whatever.
    Just trying to catch up on busy work for the list.
    I have limited time these days. So if there are mistakes (which I make TONS all the time) then deal with it. That's why many people work on this list. We help each other. k?

    And if someone has an account on ESMB, can you please post there? Maybe someone can confrim some of these as being in and then out and most importantly speaking out.
  4. TrevAnon Member

  5. RightOn Member

  6. TrevAnon Member

  7. TrevAnon Member

  8. TrevAnon Member


    I wouldn't think anyone who was never in has one of those "scientology is great"-websites. I'd say this is proof enough.
  9. TrevAnon Member

  10. TrevAnon Member

  11. Anonymous Member


    She is already on as CharEse. Does this mean she has to be deleted? :eek:
  12. RightOn Member

  13. RightOn Member

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  14. RightOn Member

    It means one is spelled wrong. Like I said , it was taken from older posts.
    need to find out the correct spelling
  15. TrevAnon Member

    Ah. I thought we needed confirmation they were once in. Sorry, my bad.
  16. RightOn Member

    yeah, we need confirmation of both and where it came from
  17. TrevAnon Member

    Hope this helps:
  18. Incredulicide Member

    I'm pretty sure we can reliably say it's correct on the list as Charese Mongiello since that's how she spells her own name in her youtube channel
    That means each time this thread is combed the wrongly spelled version will trick someone into thinking she's not on the list. :(
  19. RightOn Member

  20. TrevAnon Member

    Just got confirmation from the site-owner at that Coco and Cocovinis are one and the same person.

    Can we count this as speaking out....?
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Incredulicide Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    Tentative format for the last two entries:
  24. RightOn Member

    If Paul isn't using his real name to post comments, then there is s reason?
    Or do you have a confirmation that he wants to be added?
  25. RightOn Member

  26. RightOn Member

    2nd batch
    I did not run these names against the list, so some may be already on.
    Sorry I dont' have the time right now, maybe later today
    again, these were taken from ealier posts
    Need to prove both that they were once " in" and speaking out.

    Madde Tunedal
    Jerry Tunedal
    these two were pictured on an Indy site with other Indies.
    I think Madde and Jerry may be the kids of Stephan Tunedal's?
    Do not know if they were ever in COS?

    Andrew Robertson

    John Fennessey

    Some of them I already know were "in", <----- edited, this line was included in one of the posts
    But need evidence of them speaking out.

    Tschau Alexandra

    Yvette Gay

    Robin Whitson

    Simon Lloyd - only reference was a letter to Sally Couper

    Peter Shepard

    Joseph Peter

    Kurt Hemningslose

    Carl Kaun- wrote summery on Erlich's case

    John Dorne

    Andreas Kraus Astar -music - Sound of a new civilisation 17 32 94

    Judith Methven- Scn - A Handbook for Use (Review) 10
    there are more Methvens in COS completions, but not a a Judith.

    Leo Faulhaber- got involved with TROM
    (listed at COS impact Sponsor). Need evidence of him speaking out

    Conal Clynch- Polar dynamics 1 (book review) 73 17 05

    Manuel Robalino- helped transcribe TROM for Dennis Stephens (on the list)- need evidence of him speaking out
    in COS completions
  27. Anonymous Member

    We have confirmation that Paul Coco = Paul Cocovinis.
  28. Anonymous Member

    His website is what you go to when clicking his name at the top of his post. This is his face on his website
    ( ):
    and this is his face on where he gives his full last name
    ( )

    I'd say he's just shortening his last name for the sake of traction in the photographic industry, and isn't really hiding anything.
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  29. TrevAnon Member

  30. TrevAnon Member

    Audits in the Freezone:

    I doubt he was ever in:
    Phil Spickler mentions her twice:

    Hope this helps.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Kay Steadman was messenger on the Apollo in 1968:
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  32. RightOn Member

  33. RightOn Member

    we need to know if Tschau Alexandra was ever in.
    Same name of this person who posts here. it is all in German, do not know if it is the same person. I translated a few things, but nothing talking about Scientology

    also as far as Judith Methven goes, she wrote for the Ivy and is also listed on ESMB in 2004 for using sites to boost COS in searches
    so need to know if she is out
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  35. RightOn Member

  36. TrevAnon Member

    I am using web-pages available to everyone, and I am asking if we can use it. Anyone could ask the same question.

    So I think there is no need to edit it out. But I'll self report my post.
  37. RightOn Member

    just because other people are outing people, doesn't mean that we should.
    It has to show them speaking out and posting under their real name.

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  38. TrevAnon Member

    Done. you're right about this.

    I will keep the info I found though. Mod with a question can use a PM to ask what was going on.
  39. RightOn Member

    thank you!
  40. TrevAnon Member

    Thanks for the link. Tschau is not Alexandra's first name. I think it is German for something like "see you". So we only have a first name Alexandra - which we don't know if it is real.

    Judith Methven:
    - She wrote for the Ivy, which is good enough for speaking out for me.
    - If it says somewhere she had a site to boost COS, I'd say she used to be in. IMHO only [ex-] scilons have or had such a site.
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