Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    Here's the comment in case it vanishes:

    At August 18, 2012 8:55 PM, Frank Montero said...
    Right on Luke, good for you! Forget the bridge, take the tunnel. I wish you the best after that ordeal, life is FABULOUS without having to deal with Scientology controlling your every move.
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    new video link and info for Adam Holland
    Montreal Scientology Protest Aug 2012

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    new entry!!!
    My name was Nada English when I was in the Sea Org from 1984-1989. I was a Mission staff in London, Ontario, Canada for 3 years prior. I routed out of the S.O. In July 1989 with my then- husband and 5 yr old son. My ex husband is still very much involved in C of S ( on NOTs, I believe) & we have no contact.
    While in the S.O. I held Port Captain RTC when Vickie Aznaran was the I/G, for about 2 years. Then I was the HAS INCOMM till I wanted to leave & spent my last 6 months on the PAC RPF''s RPF ( total hell ).

    I left Scientology for good about 1994, & have told my story on alt.religion.scn, back when it was popular ( & before anyone was keeping stats on 'fresh apostates' haha)

    #1903 -Nada Jurisich-Fontana aka Nada Jurusich, aka Nada English - left after 12 years, Sea Org for 5 years, RPF's RPF at PAC, Port Captain RTC, I/G , HAS INCOMM, London Ontario Org, public announcement on WWP

    edited changed name!
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    ^^ please add aka Nada Jurisich

    also if already added change to 12 years!
    I edited the post from 10 to 12 years
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    ok! name change!!!
    please change Nada English to Nada Jurisich-Fontana
    It should now read:
    Nada Jurisich-Fontana aka Nada Jurusich, aka Nada English

    ( I edited my post)
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    posted this in the other thread too:

    Wouldn't it be so cool if some people on the list who attend protests wear t-shirts with their Big List Number on their shirt?

    I am number XXXX on the "Big List"
    I left the Church of Scientology and Spoke Out!

    of course incude a link to the list :)
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    #1905 - Mike Garson - musician, interview about his time playing with David Bowie. "Independent Ethos", talks about why he left Scientology
    COS completions

    I am putting some of the quotes from the article here in case it dissapears. Bolded by me.

    Interviewer: I read an article once that said the reason you and David parted ways back in ’75 was that you got into Scientology?

    "I actually got into Scientology, I’m thinking it would have been around 1970, so I was in Scientology all during that time. It caused some dissension among the band and him with the Spiders in that first year or two, but I don’t think… I left Scientology in 1982… but I don’t think that’s really why it ended. It used to perplex me why it sort of ended, and people probably drew a lot of conclusions, including myself. At one time in 1978 I had this epiphany: What had happened is when I was hired for eight weeks, at the end of the eighth week I made a decision I’d like to stay with David for two years cause I was enjoying it, and after two years it was over, so which came first? There might have been some mechanical reasons because of Scientology and whatever, but I think the real truth was my desire was to do two years and that’s exactly what I did, and then I went back to my world, and now I’ve been with him for the last 12 years. It’s kind of interesting how the whole thing went down."

    "You know, Scientology has a lot of good basic tenants. I have no problem about a lot of the things it talks about. Organizationally, I was just feeling I needed a little more freedom. And organizations and their religions, something happens to them and some of the purity gets lost, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s still working, so I didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Whatever I know from the subject I can still think with, and it works. It’s like if someone showed me a C chord and an F chord, and I can use it to compose with, and then someone plays a bad C and F chord, I might not hang with that person who plays a bad C and F chord, but I would still use C and F chords, so it’s kind of like that. I just was feeling that I couldn’t be the full me that I wanted to be. Maybe they [the Church of Scientology] would feel differently, but I had to go by own integrity.

    Intervierwer: I needed to follow up because people are going to be curious.
    "Personally, I would rather not have it in there at all, but if you feel it’s part of the picture as a journalist, I can’t insist you don’t do it. I just try not to bring it up because sometimes I’ll actually get calls from them or you can get attacked or sued for saying something, and I have no time for that kind of a thing. It gets a little ugly."
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    I think visiting this wayback machine link causes the page to be saved, but they don't make it visible for ~6 months on for whatever reason:
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    ^^ As I understand she didn't speak out herself, but Vanity Fair did a nice journalistic job to get corroboration from others.
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    The last part of that sentence is quoting her, even if it's via a secondary source, she spoke out to them, and now it's public.
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    #1908 - Carla Graham - left after 16 years, Sea Org for 6 years, Australian Currrent Affair Interview

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    This is an UBER-EPIC thread.
    Wish I could add to it, other than my wish that ALL scientologists would be named here.
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    I'm convinced people don't read more than the last 2 posts before their own :(
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    Can anyone confirm that this guy is out?

    Steve Bos aka Steve Fabos, blog comment, COS completions, New OTVIII

    "Kay, Your honesty and sense of truth and justice is so apparent here. LRH would be very proud of you, and I am as well. You’re an amazing OT and I would love to see the COS be a place of peace and growth, but if they cannot see the wisdom as you have laid forth, all your great abilities will be appreciated to advance Scientology in the independent field. Steve Bos"

    Mary Beth Longdon (listed on clear list)
    Haven’t seen this for a while. Good reminder of what we are doing, thanks!"
    blog comment on newly out Kaye Rowe's site

    or Sally Nutter?
    "This is totally awesome, Kay! We all need to apply this more – and more, and more, and more!!

    Sally Nutter"

    edited: if anyone can cross post over on ESMB? They may have some answers on these people
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    Right on, i'm sure its been said before, but thank you for your commitment and goOd works with this list. U awesome thing!
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    aww shucks thanks, but it is the work of MANY and I love them all dearly!
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    I know, I know, thanks to all!
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    New and improved. And it's only going to keep getting prettier.
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    Thanks Strobe!!
    It is so nice to see the list getting out there finally!!!!

    Tony O! I know you have been busy with all the mega stories lately, but maybe you can tack the list on to one of the stories?? You promised!! :(
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    Recently I posted a comment under one of his blog posts mentioning the list. It wasn't published?! :( Guess he is waiting until we hit 2000.
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