Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I went through the whole thing page by page twice, with a Ctrl F search for "Wilson". As you can see the spelling in the screenshot is "Willson" :(

    I really hope to fuck all these people speak out elsewhere, because this site's layout/linkability is beyond unusable.
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    If none of these can be added after doing all this hunting and screenshotting because of that throwaway line... :mad:
    [IMG] johnkimball.png
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    ^^ Thanks a lot!
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    ok, whats going on? I leave for a couple of days and came back to a bumpa crop!
    And thanks for all the hard work!
    I also thought of adding names from the donate list, but thought it was kinda icky at first.
    But it is out in the public for all to see, and as long as they can all be confirmed. I was worried about people posting other people's names.

    I would like to make a comment about adding names with the bolded number as the count?
    Please just add names untill they can be totally confirmed. For instance the Wilsons, so the count doesn't get screwed up. Just add names here and then once confirmed I will bold the number and add them to the count.
    So what are we at now? 1940?
  18. RightOn Member

    Khoi Nguyen, Method One, TRs and Objectives, 1 year on staff
    Tsipi Andersen (Israel) Scn since 1979, OT 5
    Guillermo Colin, Scn since 1982, staff member and Sea Org at Flag from 1989 to 2008
    Bryan Parker, Flag-trained Class III Auditor, attested Clear in the Indie field on July 4, 2012; now on Solo
    Forrest Crane, Scn since 1970, Class VIII, OT IV, Patron IAS
    Susan Crane, Scn since 1987, Class IV (pre-GAT), OT V, Patron IAS, staff 15 years

    EDITED all cleaned up!

    #1941 - Khoi Nguyen- Method One, TRs and Objectives, 1 year on staff, Indie 500 List

    #1942 -Tsipi Andersen - left after 33 years, OTV, Indie 500 List

    #1943 - Guillermo Colin- left after 30 years, staff, Sea Org, 1989-2008, Flag Base Florida, Indie 500 List

    more infor for Brayn Parker - Indie 500 List

    #1944 - Forest Crane- left after 42 years, Class VIII, OT IV, Patron IAS, Indie 500 List

    #1945 - Susan Crane - kleft after 25 years, Class IV (pre-GAT), OT V, Patron IAS, staff 15 years, Indie 500 List
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    Damn. Thanks, I missed that. :(
  20. RightOn Member

    55 more to go to hit 2000!
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    There's already an entry on our list for:
    Strangely that name has disappeared from the indie 500 list. Completions:
  24. Incredulicide Member

    For now I'm going to update the Michael Finley entry on our list to John Michael Finley and replace the link to the indie list with the link to the comment. If it turns out to be 2 different people that'll be a bonus person for the list.
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    add to Paul Cocovinis- aka Blue Seagull, Clear, Gamesmaker
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    Dear Wolfgang Keller, you have successfully audited me 1973 / 1974 in the Munich Org - Lindwurmstrasse [address]! Now I am on OT 4 after a very long break and I am doing fine in the Munich Ron's Org. Greetings, Corinna (Kaiser)

    Kaiser probably being her maiden name or so back then.
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    Will do another regression analysis at the end of the month. Looks like the list might be trending "STRAIGHT UP & VERTICAL"
    (Well, closer to straight up and vertical than the scilons fresh meat statistics, anyway.)
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    love the smell of fresh meat in the morning!

    more info fo Slade Grove:
    Slade Grove- left after 1 year, TRs & Objectives, Book One Pro Auditor, PES Phoenix Org, 1 yr staff, Significant Donator to the Phoenix Ideal Org, but his name was removed from contributions plaque after he sued COS and won, Indie 500 List

    #1948- Jean-Paul Pelletier, left after 33 years, OTIV, 14 yrs staff Tech Div of CC Paris,Class V Grad, CCRD Auditor, Indie 500 List

    more info for Luigi Cosivi - left after 29 years Class V, New OT VIII, Indie 500 List

    #1949- Kerrie L. DallaCosta- left after 35 years, Inddie 500 List

    #1950- Carey DallaCosta left after 41 years, Indie 500 List

    #1951 -Alain Tizioli - left after 32 years, New OT VII, Class II, 18 yrs staff: 3 yrs Mission of Nice, 15 yrs OSA: DSA CC Portland & DSA OSA France; IAS Patron, France, Indie 500 List
    COS Completions

    #1952- Claude Tizioli- left after 32 years, New OT V, Class IV, 12 yrs staff: 1 yr Mission of Nice, 11 yrs OSA: DSA CC Portland & OSA France, IAS Patron, France, Indie 500 List
    COS comepletions:

    #1953- Aline Pelletier- left after -32 years, 20 yrs staff CC Paris, fully hatted Course Sup, Pro Sup Course, Class V Graduate C/S, FPRD CS, CCRD Auditor, Fully hatted SENIOR C/S, New OT IV, France, Indie 500 List

    47 more names to go to hit 2000! :eek:
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    add to Mike Tillery- WISE member, Clear
    can anyone confrim any other Tillerys being out? There is also an Angela and William too. Don't kow if any relation yet
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