Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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  3. RightOn Member

    #1980 - Wilberta Findlay, aka Dee, Deena Bruno, Dee Johnson left after 13 years, Miami Org 1972-1980, interned NED auditor, Clear, Sunshine R/D. GO volunteer 4 years. Flag connection 1 year 2011.

    will add links when I get them
    20 more to go!!!
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  7. Incredulicide Member

    • Zoltan Kovesdy - left after 35 years - OT IV, Class 1 Auditor, gave $50,000 to the IAS, Germany - on the Indie 500 list
    • Alain Max L'Hommelet - left after 30 years - Clear, OT Preps, Class 0 Auditor, CC Paris France - on the Indie 500 list
  8. RightOn Member

    #1981 - Zoltan Kovesdy - left after 35 years - OT IV, Class 1 Auditor, gave $50,000 to the IAS, Germany, Indie 500 list

    #1982 - Alain Max L'Hommelet - left after 30 years - Clear, OT Preps, Class 0 Auditor, CC Paris France, Indie 500 list

    18 more to go!
  9. Incredulicide Member

    So close! :D
    Need help getting links to Wilberta Findlay?
  10. RightOn Member

    no it's coming slow but sure.
  11. RightOn Member

    still can't find Frank Wool, Nathan Hesse- comments on Italian Indie site, can't find anything else
    also this name Gerolamo Pompetta? Is this italaim for something, a place, a person? halp!

    I am beat, done for the day
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I understand. She had been Q&Aing, roller-coastering, indecisive. The above is her most recent, and hopefully last, statement that she is in fact out. For reference.
  15. Anonymous Member

    espiritumcmaster - left after ~18 years - OT III, Saint Hill, ASHO, LA - forum posts

    Is he already on the list, just not connected to his online name? Apparently CoS has known his real name for 3 years.

    In May 2008:
    Then in February 2009:
  16. RightOn Member

    uh, looks like you are face fagging this guy or am I wrong?
    I don't see where he uses his real name. So he obviously doesn't want it out there, whether COs has known or not?
  17. HOC Member

    Edited out the pic, but thanks for the post nonetheless. :)
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  18. I've not used my real name for reasons obvious to anyone who knows me and my work. Call it lack of courage or plain old survival tactics, I will not be offended.
  19. RightOn Member

    that's what I thought
    which is why I reported that post :)
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  20. RightOn Member

    18 more to go and we come to a huge lul. :(
    Come on all you ex's, stand up and be counted!
  21. another123 Member

    RO wants to be able to do this:
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  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This list is the horrifyingly gargantuan swinging e-peen of the whole Chanology effort, IMO. Lots of good stuff has come of Chanology, but this has the capacity to confront and shatter the mental suppression of the cult like nothing else I can think of. It's like a wall of bricks nearly 2000 strong now, towering over the feeble, shriveling shrieks of the cult's propaganda crimes, laughing at their tiny cries with a rich, hearty, booming guffaw rolling out over the land.


    Very well done -- so far. Now get those last names up and let's sound the 2k trumpet!

    (No, I'm not helping, since I'm lazy and useless.)
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  24. RightOn Member

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  25. RightOn Member

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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    "What's that in dog years?"

    If I'm not mistaken, 1,984 people, translated into Scientology's format for statistics, would be 1,984,000.
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  27. RightOn Member

    lol! WG!
    you are off by a mil at least!
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  28. Incredulicide Member

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  30. moarxenu Member

    Come on 17 cultfags, BLOW NAO!!!
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  31. Incredulicide Member

    Edit: This one's for you another123, the wiki list doesn't have this mistake, so it doesn't affect the total count.
    We went over this already in this thread a month ago, and before that a year ago.
  32. Aurora Member

    Orwellian 1984 thread is Orwellian. But it won't last long.
    And teh awesome! On 2000 day, I eat caek in honor of R.O. et al.
    Expect Tortega will give his promised mention, too.
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  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Aurora Member

    Yes, I know, but had to put it in nao, before R.O. delivers a double entry and the opportunity was missed. :p
    You know how R.O. is when she gets on a role. :)
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  35. it's hard to do this as a guest but here's my reply
    Incredulicide, Today at 8:11 AM
    #2991 Reply

    No, the link to # 65 is interview

    I have never posted here before so you gave me nothing in the past. I'm just trying to help correct an error. There are 2 Kathy McBrides. One is also known as Kathy Mace . You have the one Kathy entered twice. Under each name. #5 and #65. You are confusing #65 with #64 -another Kathy McBride.

    # 5 is also # 65. That is my point. Should be corrected.
    • #64 Kathy McBride - left after 3 years - staff, Nashville - interview
    • #65 Kathy McBride (aka Kathy Mace) - left after 20 years,HQS, Book 1 Auditor and Seminar Supervisor Trained, Course Supervisor Course, Full Hat FSM, Misc staff admin Hat courses, All TR courses. Audited to Clear and up part way through OT Preps, HRD.
      LAF, Valley Mission, CCNY, CCI, NYO, AOLA, ASHO -fill-in course sup at various missions and orgs. - online submission form

    In only gave you the #300 Through The Door story link to #5 Kathy Mace / Kathy McBride because the information about completions on the M list# 65 comes from there but there is no link

    The link to Story #286 belongs to #64, the other Kathy McBride who was only in 3 years.
  36. Incredulicide Member

    It appears I made the mistake of presuming the backup "Big List" which I don't control was actually a backup of the wiki list which I do. Here's the screenshot of the wiki list, there is no duplicate there:
    My apologies for only keeping the backups I control accurate. I edited my above response accordingly. Good catch.
  37. RightOn Member

    wat the?
    can someone fill me in on what is going on in a nutshell?
  38. Incredulicide Member

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  39. another123 Member

    Thanks to you two for catching this. I'm usually a day late and a dollar short on the site.
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