Big List of THOUSANDS of Exes Who Have Spoken Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Jun 26, 2009.

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    This enough?
  5. Anonymous Member

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    Probably not, until we know who "Politician" is.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    This is a request for removal for Henk van den Dorpel.

    As a Dutch anon I tried to contact him through Steve Hall. Turns out this is a pen handle used by another ex who was still under the radar at the time of writing, but who is now on the Indie 500 list under his real name.

    Henk van den Dorpel also has no entry in Kristi Wachter's database.

    Please remove him from the list.
  8. RightOn Member

    don't like to remove names without any proof. The link next to his name which goes to the Indie site has his picture and he signed his story Henk Dorpel. Not "van den Dorpel.
    As far as not being in the data base.....not all exs are on the completions lists. Many European ex's are not on that list.
    What is his real name on the Indie 500 List then?
    need more proof for removal
  9. Incredulicide Member

    Indeed, if he's on the list under two different names, this is just removing a duplicate of..?
  10. Came across these additional links for #38 - Robert Thompson - (left after 30 years - Grades, NED, Level 0, Course Sup, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa

    These are 2 earlier internet declarations, one with more details.

    Nov 16 2006, 10:12 pm
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    From: "robertthompson88" <>
    Date: 16 Nov 2006 18:12:57 -0800
    Local: Thurs, Nov 16 2006 10:12 pm
    Subject: Leaving the church

    In depth letter from Robert Thompson to reposted to above thread for publication"Robert Thompson"
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  12. Incredulicide Member

    extra link for Margery Wakefield: affidavit (her second, she also has 2 declarations from 1993 and 1995)
    16th of April 2013
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  14. RightOn Member

    ok so we are up to:
    #2058 - Randall C. Wise, left after 40 years and 10 months - OT VII, Class 8 Auditor, gave $90,000 to the IAS and almost $200,000 to various book/tape campaigns, the CCHR and to local Organizations and Missions, declaration

    Need another link for the declaration. got it
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    Peaches Geldorf or whatever her name has publically shown that she is no longer in Scientology and is another cult.
    Add her to the list or not?
  18. Anonymous Member

    An interesting question and I don't have a ready answer.

    I'll think on it some more, but feel my instincts leaning towards not.


    Would you buy a used cult from this charming salesperson?
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  20. RightOn Member

    yeah I know... but I am bored. tee hee
    If we add her, we can add all the celebs that left and never said a word. Priscilla Presley at least wrote a criptic song!
    oh well
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I've given the question some more thought.

    If she really has left the cult, perhaps at a technical level, in terms of the criteria for becoming listed, she qualifies for the BIG LIST.

    If she has joined another cult, that's her business, and not mine.
  22. wolfbane Member

    I disagree. The key criteria is "spoken out" and in this case, is especially significant. Since Scientology pimps the non-exclusive idea to the general public that you can belong to other belief systems while practicing Scientology, Peaches doesn't qualify for the Big List until she actually says something unflattering about Scientology imo.

    Now granted, we know the non-exclusive practice is bullshit PR. But we also know from former Celeb Centre SO staff like Amy Scobee and Nancy Many that high profile celeb scilons get a watered down version of Scientology-lite kool aid. So all the more reason to not take Peaches involvement in the OTO as a serious sign that she's done with Scientology until the question is put to her directly and she responds in a way that disowns it.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. You've nailed it WB.

    I had overlooked "spoken out" in my assessment and there has been no public renouncement of the cult on her part.

    No renouncement? No listing.
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  24. RightOn Member

    yes but I has hungry for raw meat nom nom nom
    they really do have to speak out first
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  25. RightOn Member

    Can anyone confirm Linda Fluekiger?
    listed on Freezone as Disseminator Diredtor membership officer.

    or Warren Hudson Class IV , offers these services on Freezone site:
    Up to Grade IV including
    Book 1, Life Repair, PTS Handling

    or Sharon Laub (have asked before about this one) none of these names are in completions
  26. RightOn Member

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  27. RightOn Member

    can anyone confirm:
    Oscar Avila as being once in?

    not in COS completions
    There is a Oscar Avila Buitrago listed on tne net and there are other Buitragos in COS completions

    Massimo Verati

    Dustin Perkins

    Jermaine Muhammad

    Brooks Robinson

    Will Robbins

    Samara Hamilton-
    she has a comment on Dexter Gelfands site
    didn't like seeing this:
    "I am an abstract artist and the sole proprietor of On the Way Up Humanitarian Outreach which provides free copies of The Way to Happienss as well as The Truth About Drugs booklets and some basic hygiene items to residents of a treatment facility. I live ....".
    confused about this ^^^
    how can she hand this stuff out if she is an Indie?

    Clayton Feldman

    David Walsh
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    done for now have a great weekend!
  35. RightOn Member

    dont know AMA
  36. tigeratbay Member

    Amax, has that story been printed up somewhere? i'd like to read it. Village Voice or somewhere, how to find? Thanks
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