Biggest security risks to Iranians

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Geraldanthro, Jun 18, 2009.

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    MOIS will come and arrest you:
    If they can get your real IP.
    Use good proxys, wifi, and change locations,
    cyber cafes in emergency's.
    VPN's probably the best and safest.

    Using a transparent proxy give them your IP.
    Test your proxys.

    Using a proxy "for the protesters" promoted on the web.
    MOIS will be posting proxys they control and will get your IP.
    Find and test your own proxys.

    Clicking on links from people you don't know or are not sure about.
    The link may be a MOIS site designed to download maleware.
    If in doubt don't click.

    use encrypted IM and Email.
    They are free.

    If I post them they will be blocked by MOIS
    Find your own.

    If you can keep your own IP a secret MOIS can do nothing.

    Moles, new buddies that want to help and want your info,
    MOIS uses moles , we have teams to search for them.
    Test them, get them to give info bad for regime, check the info,
    is it new? or old already posted?

    How to check your sources: From our wiki.

    Cell leaks, the more in your group the eaiser it is to break.
    They get one and they will talk. Don't use real names.

    Keep key cells small and use code words to indicate arrest
    "Mom says hi" means they have been arrested.

    Keep a time schedual for contact, no contact means they were arrested.
    Cell scatters.

    Gerald Anthro
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

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