Bigot in Chief

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KittyKatSpanker, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Introducing the newest member of WWP:

  2. the anti Member

    kind of amazing how trump cries about others raping people, while he's bragged about sexual assault. maybe we should grab him by the pussy.


  4. The Internet Member

    KKS, I love you man but you are recycling old memes.

    Maybe catch us up on the recent election in the Netherlands? Did good people win? Or mostly good people? Is that Geert guy crazy or not? Some retarded Americans are curious to know.
  5. Not crazy. he is half Indonesion, and the only one who I know that dies his hair blonde. He was called: 'The Nigger of Venlo' when he was growing up in Venlo. Not many coloured people live there,

    Selfhate plays a role I geuss,

    He is targeted because of this production:

  6. The Internet Member

    I read a book by Ayan Hirsi Ali that really moved me. There is certainly a problem with Islam as it is expressed in many parts of the world. But demonizing muslims is not the way to go.

    Many people are good, humane, and caring in spite of their religious background. In fact, I would give religion very little credit for the goodness we experience in this life.

    If you are drowning in a river and people are nearby, someone will jump in to save you. You will not be able to predict who will do that based upon religious background. The person who comes for you will have very little time to think about what he's doing, or why he's doing it. Religion really won't come into it.
  7. The Internet Member

    I have this hypothesis that the far right propaganda coming at us the last decade or so is largely funded by fossil fuel companies. These companies seek to prevent international cooperation on global warming.

    To test my hypothesis, whenever I come across some right wing guy in the news I google his name and "global warming" to find out if he denies the science on climate change. So far I am batting a thousand.

    When I googled "Geert Wilders global warming" I found this:
    Still batting 1000! (American baseball reference btw)


  9. [IMG]

    Geert Wilders in his younger days.

    Is there a slight ginger tint to his hair and could that be why he bleaches it white?

    And wtf is in his mouth?
  10. He's got the ginger gene!!!
  11. The Internet Member

  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Most sentences here are too general to e commented.

    And you should know that the only ones who would jump are scientologists. Tom Cruise was crystal-clear about it.

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