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    Sex Felon Bill Cosby Plotting Secret Escape Plan From Inside Prison, Source Claims | RadarOnline

    Jailbird hires man called the 'Googler' & other staff to fight for freedom.

    Food Fight! Jailbird Bill Cosby Slapped With Chicken Patty In Prison | RadarOnline

    The disgraced comic is already making enemies with fellow inmates.

    Cosby Busted Trying To Sneak Food Into Prison: ‘He Refuses To Even Touch The Dinner’ | RadarOnline

    Staff confiscated the grub & tossed it in a dumpster!
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    Bill Cosby Wasn’t Slapped with a Chicken Patty | Rare


    NOT REAL: Food Fight! Jailbird Bill Cosby Slapped With Chicken Patty In Prison

    THE FACTS: Comedian Bill Cosby, now inmate No. NN7687 in a Pennsylvania prison, was not slapped with a chicken patty or a hot dog bun during food fights, despite stories circulating online. Reports claiming inmates were throwing food at the 81-year-old Cosby began circulating on online news sites and social media soon after he was sent to prison for sexual assault. He was sentenced to three-to-10 years in prison Sept. 25, after being convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his gated estate in 2004. Pennsylvania Department of Corrections spokeswoman Amy Worden told The Associated Press that Cosby had not been involved in any food fights since his incarceration. And, she noted, he does not eat in the main dining room with other inmates.

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