Black march ??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by siddharta, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. siddharta Member


    Anonymous asks not to buy musics, not to download it, not to go to see movies in the cinema, not to download or to buy of DVD / Blu-Ray, not to buy magazines, newspapers, video games or books(pounds) for all month of Mars 2012.
    Why the month of Mars? Because it is about the end of the first quarter of the year 2012 from which are published(edited) the first reports(connections) of the year on the economic health of companies.
    The total non-consumption of cultural property for a month whole risk of hurting the accounts of the legal successors, and of making change the opinion(notice) of the shareholders on the steps(initiatives) to be begun(undertaken) to fight against the cultural division(sharing).
    Now an update was brought by another source(spring), Black March would thus be effective that on Mass-market retailings(Large distributions) thus favor the small stores, the small cinemas etc. … What would engage a bad first balance sheet(assessment) in mass-market retailings(large distributions) and afterward to press on
    ***Attention, this is not a call(appeal) to Boycot***
  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. siddharta Member

    i'know but i'm musician and i work for 5 % of my cd, u know part of music, cinémas, humain show, major, and ... therefore why a bieber a rihanna ...why fake ! lil wayne or ... see Artists has nearness
  4. siddharta Member

    sorry don't want aggress
  5. telomere Member

    care to explain how this differs from a boycott?

    Also, maybe you should run your walls-of-text through a bilingual speaker before pasting a PA here. Your OP was pretty difficult to read, and anglophone Anons tend to ignore requests for action when the language is muddled.

    ask your Froggie friends for a translation,
    then try again. :)

    [and while you're at it, figure out why this is different from a boycott, too]
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I'm game.
  7. siddharta Member

    Black March, the purpose of Anonymous which answered Nicolas Sarkozy is clear: create a shock mattering in the budgets of the companies of cultural products, so that their message is conveyed. Let us remind however that the call(appeal) to the boycott in France is punished by the law. He(it) is punished for 45 000 euro of fine and of three years of detention.
  8. siddharta Member

    not stupid but if u r here 4 that
  9. Anonymous Member


    • Stupid idea is stupid: How will deferring purchases until a later month make any difference to anything?

    • Presumably, in law, it's still a call for a boycott even if you write 'this is not a call for a boycott' at the bottom.

    • I agree that the English translation is unclear.
  10. Anonymous Member

    OP Its a good idea don't let our inherent sour nature dissuade you.
  11. GranMortiss Member

    The truth is terrible indeed, I hope that enough people will boycott, it might be just a small step but it's defenitely one into the right direction, to fight the global Corporatocracy ! To truely hit the kraken, I suggest a worldwide hackers attack at the same time on the big banks, cause its arms are too many that a single strike would really change things...its like a hydra, you cut off one head and another is growing back...I admit that I'm not a hacker and something you people might call a noob but its a good thing in any case to finally share my thoughts with people who also want to fight the kraken...
  12. Anonymous Member

    Its easy for me since I just download everything anyway, I never buy any media anymore. Stopping for a month won't be hard. Let's give it a try.
  13. Canceled my Zune account because of DRM license notices stating some of my music no longer had rights just because I moved my external drive/or re-installed my OS/or my new OS downgraded some of my components because of some "protected path bs", etc.
    It is really annoying to endure constant petty government/business intrusions and even more so to witness the trampling of the freedoms of other net citizens under more oppressive regimes than that which attempts to saddle us.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Fucking Pointless to Try, Idiots.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Hopeso, More for me.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Just keep downloading illegally. Fuck 'em.
  17. By doing that, someone is always profiting, which is what anonymous is trying to avoid.
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  18. We may be idiots....but we certainly are not sofa potatoes.
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. DaLigeTrinity Member

    4th of March.

    Me & family haven't buy any copyrighted stuff so far. Not just because of Black March Op.
    Just to have an idea of the number of people following it, with a kind of fear to see, the 31st of March, how many real Anons we are. People opposed to the idea should think again: not only major profit margin will be hit, but mainly -if BM is a success- politicians will be aware that a third power is living aside.
    It's precisely what we need to show: unity for justice and freedom.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Hmm...I'm gonna have to go with "stupid" on this one.

    See, a record or entertainment company executive will take one look at the figures and go "See!!! It's those damn internet pirates...Let's lobby the (insert country here) government to crack down on file sharing sites more...Perhaps get the shareholders to help us lobby them too, since it's their profits at stake!!!"

    However, I suspect that "Well...the economy is screwed" will suffice assuming such a plan made a dint in their bottom line not better accounted for by the flow of consumers to alternative media, or the fact that most economies are screwed.

    ALTERNATIVELY: Keep doing what most of you probably do already: Directly support artists, musicians, misc. entertainers, alternative media, locally or contributing or otherwise facilitating the creation/distribution of content.

    The tools are already there to eff these big companies up and they know it. That's why social-networking and data collection have become BFF's...very profitable BFF's in an era of user-generated content and/or giant messes of copypasta.

    Issues concerning privacy and the monetization of your internet habits, friends, interests, etc, are far more pressing than bawwwing media dinosaurs who will either adapt or perish to this whole interwebs thing.

    Anyhow....I thought this needed to be said. Please, carry on.
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  22. pedrofcuk Member

    I don't see any difference between this and a boycott which is why I will do it. Oh wait, I never buy any of that shit anyway, mwahahaha :cool:
  23. DaLigeTrinity Member

    I agree with your opinion. The thing is: it s not that particularly easy to be in touch with independent/Directly support artists in some countries, as dinosaurs lobbyists are occupying the place, sometimes helped by local politicians, and all the usual shit around. Create some national marketing tools could be a good way to start making adds for independent/online labels. Happy to get ur views & criticisms on this.
  24. Hotaru Member

    Refusing to do any purchases Internet related for the month will make many people cry like little brats. This is the equivalent of going to Boston and throwing all our media in the harbor. :p
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  25. RoflCockter Member

    and the month after everyone buys what they have postponed buying so its a null month and a double income month add that up divide by two and youll get, now brace, .... 2 normal months in the statistics. they wont give a fuck at all.
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  26. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Ugh... So this is what this Black March faggotry is all about....

    Let me help all you Black March supporters as follows:


    Let me explain exactly why this idea is complete fail:

    1) One month of no sales will do shit to their bottom line.
    That is simple mathematics. Lets say, pulling some numbers out my ass here, that the last few weeks of their quarter have been good. Assuming that in the last two months they have averaged 100 million, if they suddenly hit 0 in this month, then:

    (100,000,000 *2) + 0 / 3 -> 200,000,000/3 = $66,666,667 = RIAA/MPAA not giving a fuck.

    In other words: Media big shots are not going to care about one off month even if the whole world participated in one month. They profited the first 2 months, so who fucking cares about an off month?

    2) A trend gets attention
    For this to be effective: It has to be a sustained momentum. One month alone isn't going to cut it regardless of your rational. Even IF you got the world organized enough to pull this off (LOLOL!!!!) for a whole month, the next month may have the media see an increase since people will rush out to buy what they missed this month...

    So this Op boycott accomplishes nothing. Just like it ever accomplishing anything other than a handful of people participating.

    3) Loss in Sales? Blame Piracy!
    That is pretty much what they have been doing. Even though they have seen increases in their bottom line, they blame piracy from anything from Kelly Clarkson's album underperforming to Whitney Houston's songs not matching their unrealistic sales expectations.

    Basically: Piracy to them is the new scapegoat. Never mind the fact new music sucks more cock than Whitney Houston smokes crack rock. To them it is Quantity over Quality. That is why faggots like Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West continue to exist. It is not their talent (LOL hard), it is the fact their faggotry sells albums.

    4) More Anonymous help can be found here.
    Anonymous is not your fucking personal army. GTFO of here with this faggotry full o' Fail and AIDS. Even if, and I must emphasize if, all of Anon (both Chanology and all the other flavors of Anon) joined together: It wouldn't put a dent in their sales.

    Also good luck mobilizing the whole world to participate in this one time punch: You are going to need it.

    As for myself I only get music from legal free sources like Newgrounds. I haven't bought a CD or an Itune song in years... The industry don't give a fuck about me and my choices. They certainly won't give a fuck about this faggotry and this so called "Op" that is really just a boycott.
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  27. Emma Peel Member

    Wouldn't it make more sense to actually support artists and creators you feel deserve your money (i.e. smaller, idealistic labels, firms and artits)?
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  28. RoflCockter Member

    or buy shit directly off the people making the music.
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  29. Emma Peel Member

    Or that. Often the same thing, though (i.e. sole proprietorships.)
  30. Hotaru Member

    Honestly in this economy I can afford to boycott everything so even if we cannot afford to buy anything at least it is a good attempt at trying to get a point across. All those people see are dollar signs, so why not shove those dollars signs up their butts. Anyway by the time this Black March thing gets settled it will be April.
  31. Anonymous Member


    What will happen is that "those people" will blow off any and all messages this clown show is trying to do. Then they will proceed to blame piracy and Anonymous for having a 0.000008% reduction in record sales.

    TL;DR: Business as usual will occur whether this has the whole world behind it or just the 5 basement dwellers behind this involved.

    Protip: "These people" are also aware of this economy being shitty. Therefore, they will adjust accordingly.
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  32. Hotaru Member

    Business is normal anyway, rather it being bought directly, from a store or pirated. People do what they do and I am just giving a sarcastic grin to those who think the roads are paved with gold. I missed that memo when everything ended up to be fine and yes 'these people' have adjusted accordingly, however it is not so easy for others to adjust because they had nothing to adjust from. :(
  33. 0fuhr Member

    If you buy it directly from the artist there will not be any intermediary, and the money will go more directly, and wont get used on random shit.
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  34. RoflCockter Member

    exactly, I know about this stuff because my father is an independent writer and he calced me through what he actually gets for a single book sold. book costs like 15€ and he gets less than 1 € if you buy it in the shop. now hed be willing to sell it for 5€ net + production youd be able to said book at like 8€ price, thats 50% less than from the bookstore with 4x income for my dad.

    i mean, wtf economy?
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  35. 0fuhr Member

    Less bureaucracy more money!
  36. How would we know he's written a book? Where to buy it? You forgot about advertising and distribution, shipping costs etc, think it through.
  37. 0fuhr Member

    Do you know What bureaucracy is?
  38. Do you know what ignorance is?
  39. ogisforbes Member

    I supported "Black March" because another member of the Anonymous Collective presented what seemed to be a reasonable idea. The success or failure of the Op is not really a point of consideration to me. I simply thought that adding my support to a collective effort seemed much more entertaining than devoting a page of ranting poo about why things fail.
  40. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    LOL!!!! U MAD, bro?

    What part of "NYPA STFU and GTFO with this fail" did you not get? Sorry that cold hard logic and fact butthurt you so and raped your world view. However: Don't let me stop you from doing something absolutely pointless and meaningless. Just don't show up a month later bawwing how it was fail. You were told. Proceed at your own risk.

    Also: Sorry to hear you have severe ADHD and can't read past three words or everything has to be put to picture in order for you to process it. Believe me: If I had pictures to show you how fail this idea is, I'd show it rather than post wall o' words.

    Then again: I don't give a fuck nor do I have any to give. Enjoy your AIDS.

    BTW I posted that wall of words close to a month ago.

    For your efforts:

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