"Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Oinkertron9000, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

  2. the_cloak Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    OSA cannot stop us. Our intelligence is far in advance of them. Sure OSA can try to pry into people's past, but they do not have our ability to dig out the lulz and leaks and turn it into win.

    [Image pulled at request of AIS]

    Note this isn't really an RPF camp, this is just a test image made on 8/8/8 of some remote farm or survivalist camp. Images of any RPF slave labor will not be made public but turned over to the FBI and other agencies.
  3. Anon-007 Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    Phew, panic over !!!!! It was only the 'illegal immigrant' stuff being released.

    For a moment, I thought that someone had upped the timeframe for the reveal of the 'Under Age' tape collection to the media. Boy was Ron a gross lard-ass - I bet those girls are still having nightmares even today!

    Still, I'm sure that a few million in damages from his estate will bring the smile back ;-)
  4. Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    On no, much moar than that happened on 8/8/8

    Lurk a bit moar and you will find it.
  5. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    I thought it went well :(
  6. momISanon Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    The start went VERY well....and it continues. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! :twisted:
  7. Kharnon Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    That entire blog is pro-scientology, anti-anonymous. Just another scifag propaganda site probably written by "Terryeo", "Luana1980", or some other poor keyboard slave chained to a desk.

    The doublespeak self-description is transparent and frail.

    Ex-member critical of both Scientology AND the anti-Scientology movement

    Bernie, if you're reading this, get help. Seriously. Scientology has taken everything away from you, OTs still get sick, the org is miserable. Think about it.
  8. momISanon Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    Haha! Can't wait for that little 'bomb'. :twisted:
  9. EPICF4ILGUY Member

  10. AnonyFag Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    Fail this, flop that... Whatever.

    This whole thing is dependant on personal perspective and what you do with it. Living in a pretty much Scilon Free zone means that I don't have anywhere near the enturbulation opportunities as those living in the big cities like L.A. or Clearwater. There are so few Anons apparently here, that it seems like a one Anon crusade. Does that stop me? Fuck no.

    All it means is that one has to get "inventive" with your activism.... I'm out there, placing materials 5 nights a week. You're all aware of the Maxim coverage by now. Where I work gets this mag in on a regular basis, and it tends to sell fast. So despite having no Org or Dianetics center to rail against, I make sure that each Maxim has a mini flier right at the beginning of that article, on page 109. Every one. I also hit the geek mags too. I have someone else in the household distribute every day they leave my home, leaving YFTCs wherever they can drop them. I talk to anyone I can by easing it into the conversation.

    There's LOTS to be done here! It may not feel as thrilling or subversive as "black ops", but if you're actually dedicated to the movement, if you really have heart in it, you'll use your brain and come up with what you can do. the thing is to NOT sit on your ass baaawwwing and waiting for someone to come hold your hand, leading you in the right direction. To me, the whole idea is to be able to exist and function as not only a whole unit, but as a single entity if need be. that's the beauty of this thing.

    If you're going to get all fucktarded just because you don't have umpteen dozen anons with you to validate your participation, then GTFO. Learn to think singularly. If someone shows up to support you and give their assistance, welcome it, but expect nothing. Act as if you're going to be alone, even if you get "assurances" of others coming. Play the "what if" game.

    I've been in the anti-CoS activism game long before EO or Chanology showed up (no, I'm not OG), and so I'm used to having just myself and perhaps a couple of others to depend on. Some here may do well to think singularly and anything that appears on top of that is all gravy.
  11. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    It's not pro-Scientology at all. Go to Bernie's actual website, he at least admits the Xenu story, fair game, disconnection, the RPF etc exist. I actually emailed him a while back, he emailed back saying he approved of what I was doing (protesting) but I should be careful I don't cross the line between protesting and harassment. He might be wrong about some things and he might jump to a lot of conclusions, but trust me, he's not a Scilon.

    This is from his site:
    Valid and Invalid Scientology Criticism
  12. MKUltra Member

  13. snowwhite165 Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    yes I noticed there are a lot of scientlogy drones. trying to discourage anon. you can all ways tell by there language lol there fun to play with. you got to love it.
  14. anonymusicz Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    u r OSA!!!!! get thee behind me!! remember, Anonymous is nice, and Anonymous is the friend of every suicidal emo fuck out there! we're here to help!

    to OP: srsly, if you didn't see anything on 8/8/8 though, you were not on the interbutts, or your weren't doing your part.

    get to it or gtfo!!!
  15. anonymous299 Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    When Will They learn that just because we haven't cracked Davey boy around the head with a shovel, it doesn't mean we're not digging out their foundations.
  16. mistah Member

    Re: "Black Op 8-8-8. Another Resounding Flop"

    i luv 8-8-8

    i smell win as long as we can deliver

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