Blackout planned for 9 tonight Iranian time

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Bugs Bunny, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Been checking the tweets in the last wee while.

    The people are in the streets again. Tear gas. Gunshots. Families of prisoners are at Evin in the hundreds.

    Big news is the planned blackout at 9 tonight Iranian time. People are asking each other to turn on every appliance at exactly 9 pm. This is all over twitter. People are asking each other to tweet and retweet.
  2. rizah Member

    hey Bugs
    do by any chance have any info on the black out in farsi? I'm trying to pass it along to friends
  3. No. so sorry. I don't speak Farsi and I got this news straight off twitter. Can't you just tell them in Farsi? Do your best. Nobody's alone. :)
  4. rizah Member

    We seem to have the same problem. my farsi sucks and this is why it take me hours just to read the title of some website. no worries, i'll try some other way. I'll give you an update if i find anything useful :rolleyes:
  5. Can anyone help rizah with a translation? Rizah why don't you start a new thread here asking for help getting this message retweeted out there in Farsi?
  6. I can translate. Would you like it in Farsi alphabets or Latin?
  7. time is of the essence. Give Farsi first. and then Latin. Thank you. :)
  8. here it is:
    مهم: راًس 9 شب تمام لوازم برقی خانگی را به برق وصل کنيد

    it says "important: plug in all electrical appliances at 9 PM".
  9. Cool. Short and sweet, easy to tweet. Thank you. :)
  10. You're welcome! I'm here if any other translations are needed.
  11. Full description in Farsi:

  12. You guys are awesome! :)
  13. rizah Member

    A BIG thank you @ you 2!

    i'll just go and tweet away then :D
  14. So far only one tweet: the blackout is working.
  15. Frylock-IRAN Member

    Great to hear, last time it was to knock the speech off TV, do we know if this is general disruption or is there a goal here? (Take out the street lights and you have the cover of darkness.)
  16. I think it was strategic, not tactical. But maybe in the future...

    Also I really haven't heard anything more about this.
  17. OK, here we go:

    From the twitter:

    Tehran electricity went off in several quarters, Tehran Pars, Sardar-e-Jangal, Mehrshahr(Karaj) &... RT RT

    Unconfirmed: lights out in part 5 of tehran

    unconfirmed: tehran pars va sardar jangal jahaiish NO LIGHTS - ALL IN TEHRAN

    Sure is dark out there did someone leave a light on?

    confirmed lights out in Karaj Iran
  18. Frylock-IRAN Member

    Thanks Bugs, you and a few others here sure have cut into my other activities as of the past month. Keep up the great reporting.
  19. Perhaps it would also be a good idea to sabotage electrical transformers? Of course, as long as it doesn't backfire - the basij could also use the cover of darkness to commit atrocities in plain sight.
  20. a desert Member

    Normally I'd agree, but I don't know how the power grid system works there and I wouldn't want to cut essential services (mainly hospital and education for youngsters).
  21. Mmmm... transformers are dangerous. I wouldn't mess around with them. You could start a flash fire really easily. Actually it would look more like an explosion.

    Hospitals and essential services generally have backup generators. Actually many apartment buildings do too.
  22. Ray Murphy Member

    For a few hours in some places.
  23. Jakomeyu Member

    is this what happened with ahmedinejad's speech, when the power went out, or was that faulty electricity?
  24. Longer than that.

    Point is: short term blackouts will work. Long-term blackouts will harm the vulnerable. Transformer sabotage will cause explosions and neighbourhood fires and again harm the vulnerable.
  25. What happened?
  26. Jakomeyu Member

    the blackouts
  27. I know the blackouts happened. I posted the twitters here. :rolleyes:

    What happened with A-jad's speech?
  28. Jakomeyu Member

    the power went out during his speech
  29. Frylock-IRAN Member

    That was also planned ahead of time.
  30. What was planned ahead of time? The blackout? Or the interruption to A-jad's speech? btw, I'm sure the State Media have backup generators.
  31. a desert Member

    The key word here being generally. It's not guaranteed. And who's to say some well-meaning person wouldn't accidentally cut it?

    I agree, short term is better- and easier to control.
  32. Yes, state media does have generators, but the user created blackouts are acts of defiance and a political statement. During the 1979 revolution, the workers at the power company would cut the power ever night from 8:00 to 9:00 PM, which was when the state media news was on. That was the shah's way of broadcasting his propaganda. Now they are trying to do the same thing.
  33. FreedomAgent Member

    IT is not the over usage of electricity that is causing these black outs. (Don't ask don't tell... Thanks)
  34. rizah Member

    As far as I know, it was to bring the IRIB TV News Broadcast down @ 9pm, because they refuse to broadcast what is happening in the streets of Iran
  35. OK, now I understand. Thanks for this. :)
  36. Are you saying the power utility workers are causing the blackout? Any more info/evidence of this?
  37. Nichol Member

    satellite foto's of blackouts?

    Just wondering: would these blackouts be visible on satellite photo's? Would it make sense to find out when satellites pass over Teheran in the night, so people know when to cause a nice blackout? Of course somebody would have to then post the before/after foto's somewhere for people to enjoy.
  38. I tried briefly to find some satellite photos, but no joy. Maybe somebody else?
  39. JohnDoe Moderator

    Karaj is the size of a city in its own right!!! It's a massive place.
    This is brilliant!:D
  40. Ray Murphy Member

    The blackouts should reduce the number of tweets.

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