Blackout planned for 9 tonight Iranian time

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Bugs Bunny, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. A lot could be tweeting from their cell phones though. And given we often get running updates from protests, I think it is from cell phones.
  2. I reported from tweets.
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, but nothing much is being tweeted from all of Iran in relation to blackouts.
  4. Enough was being reported. I wasn't going to post repeat tweets. What on earth are you trying to say? That the blackouts didn't happen?
  5. It is past midnight now.

    I would assume that people who acheived blackouts reported them. No one going to tweet to say "we didn't get blackout"
  6. Ray Murphy Member

    I was simply saying that people in Iran are not tweeting anything much about blackouts at their locations. Re-tweets and outside-of-Iran tweets don't mean much.
  7. And you know this how exactly? :rolleyes:
  8. Ray Murphy Member

    I wonder if they will report when the blackouts have finished. Surely someone in Iran will do that.
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    By watching the tweets.
  10. Well, maybe Ray.

  11. مردم در خیابان ها باز هستند. گاز اشک آور. Gunshots. خانواده های زندانیان در زندان اوین را در صدها نفر می شود.

    اخبار بزرگ از روشن چراغ ها برنامه ریزی شده در 9 امشب وقت ایران است. مردم با یکدیگر به سوال در هر نوبت در لوازم دقیقا 9 بعد از ظهر. این همه هیجان و ارتعاش بیش از شده است. مردم هر یک از درخواست های دیگر را به صدای جیر جیر و retweet. هر شب ساعت 9
  12. Ray Murphy Member

    Has anyone followed up on that video of basiji shooting people today?
  13. And your watching the tweets is different from someone else's watching the tweets how exactly?

    If a tweet comes from Iran and then is retweeted to Miami and then retweeted to Bombay and then retweeted to Mexico City and you pick it up at Nanaimo: what relevance does your picking it up at Nanaimo have to the tweeting activities of Iranians?

    Just because you read a tweet from Nanaimo doesn't mean it wasn't retweeted from Iran. I doubt if a person in Nanaimo can see a blackout in Iran. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  14. Ray Murphy Member

    We need to see original tweets from different eyewitness tweeters if any credibility is to be given to claims that blackouts are (or were) widespread in Iran.
  15. JohnDoe Moderator

    Or we can just have some patience and wait until the green brief comes out:D
  16. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes. This should be worth following up to see if any significant blackouts did occur.
  17. Ray Murphy Member

    Here's what I have just found on Twitter for "blackout"

    afashionfan: iRanRgreenRT @perry1949 RT @BesooyeEnghelab Karaj electricity
    was out from 9 to 10pm tonight. Green Blackout? #iranelection #iran #gr88
    8 minutes ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    afashionfan: iRanRgreenRT @EANewsFeed No cnfrmd reprts yet of Green Blackout
    causing pwr blackouts 2night The Latest from Iran (21 July): No Lull in the Cycle of Protest | Enduring America (expand) #IranElections
    #iran #gr88
    34 minutes ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    RezaIrani2: RT tehran pars va sardar jangal jahaiish NO LIGHTS - ALL IN
    TEHRAN #Iranelection #Iran Green Blackout?
    about 3 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    afashionfan: onlymehdiconfirmed lights out in Karaj, #Iran #iranelectoion
    Green Blackout? RT RT
    about 3 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    EdMomeni: No Power Blackout in Iran
    about 3 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    FreedomF8er: RT @Joey19912: RT @persiaTrain: @#iranelection the blackout is
    working! #iranelection#oxfordgirl#stopahmadi
    about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

    iranfarda: the blackout is working! #iranelection#oxfordgirl#stopahmadi
    about 3 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    simsters: Activists encouraged to create power surge that will result in
    blackout & a chance to protest in darkness. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Arrests at new Iranian protests (expand)
    about 4 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    iran_royal: no blackout so far
    about 4 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    Fortythievez: It's 8:15 P.M. in Tehran. Green BLACKOUT is approaching. Ready
    your appliances. 'Turn On Your Appliances Tonight' - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 2009 (expand) #Iran #election #gr88
    about 4 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    GirlieShow: Luckily, the blackout didn't last long. The lights were only out
    for about 5 minutes before they were turned back on again.
    about 5 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

    kthoughtworker: RT Iran: green Blackout tonight--all hi-volt appliances ON
    at 9pm,OFF at 9:05 RT #Iranelection #tehran #iran #neda #sohrab
    about 5 hours ago from mobile web · Reply · View Tweet
  18. "We"? I only see one of you. Speak for yourself. You need to see original tweets. Others have either seen original tweets or have developed a network of credible sources.

    If you do not believe a blackout happened, then why not just say so? Or, for that matter, if you oppose causing a blackout, then why not just say so? Why get all personal and undermine citizen tweeters?

    Sheesh! Rather than just say that you oppose the blackout, you have developed a habit of attacking or undermining (albeit more subtlely now than before) everything which does not fit into your preconceived idea of what the protests should look like.

    It is the people who are going to choose what the protests are going to look like. They are going to protest in whatever way they choose. Why? Because they can. Take it in.
  19. The Green Brief just reported that the blackout happened.
  20. JohnDoe Moderator

    You enjoyed reading that part Bugs eh?;) (And writing it even more!)

    I felt your smile of satisfaction from here!!!!!!!!!
  21. Ah! I'm busted!

  22. the blackout is just as good as that iranian guy giving the basiji drinks spiked with laxatives :D

    oo screencapcha is ported sorbets, brb frosty dessert
  23. Ray Murphy Member

    Was it more than the 5 minutes they were aiming for. I forget what NiteOwl reported now (seriously).
  24. Correction: from Time Magazine:

    Electricity was not interrupted because the backup power plants were not shut down. But there is a way to do that.

    Someone has started a thread here: Power Outage Recipe -How & Why

    This gives a better method for shutting down the entire electrical grid.

    On Tuesday, as far as I know, the instructions being passed around were simply to turn on all applicances for 10 minutes at 9:00 pm Iranian time. This just activates the backup power plants.

    To de-activate the backup power plants:

    1) Agree on "ON" time (5-10 minute range)
    2) Agree on "OFF" time (1-2 minute range)
    3) Agree on "RE-ON" time (1-2 minute range)

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