Blessings from Iran

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  1. I am an Iranian living in Tehran. i just wanted to thank you for all your supports and all the things you have done and are doing. Even if we can't achieve our goal, it is enough that the world knows what we shrived for, what we shed blood for and how we craved to gain our freedom.

    remember us as who we really us, people free at heart if not free themselves. remember that we tried and died in our struggles to gain our freedom. We are not what our nation's leaders represent. it's enough for us that the world knows and remember us as such.

    my brothers and sisters all over the world, from any nation and religion, we thank you. we heard your voice and our heart is warmed by the fact that even if we face defeat, you'll remember us. thank you again, God bless you all
  2. Fancy Member

    We are one world, One people and that says it all. I am not sure if I can be as brave as you guys.
  3. Good day from an American

    I personally have not a care about Iran or its future, but I do have a great sadness that personal freedoms are being squashed by a bunch of paranoid old men, that have decided to view their population as mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed shit).

    I truly feel for the people and sit with anticipation of a new future for the people of Iran and wish them all the grace of god to find their freedoms.

    Regards all, go in peace.
  4. Freedom-IRAN Member

    Power to the people of Iran who are putting their lives on the line to show the world and IRI that they may have the power now, but they can't keep the people quite forever... Let the posts and images tell the story. I am setting up as many proxy servers as I can to help get the message out... Long Live Freedom.
  5. Support

    My brave Iranian brothers and sisters,

    We, the people of the world, would like to declare our support for your struggle.

    We stand with you, as you fight for your rights.

    Peace to all of you.
  6. Keep Up The Fight

    From the comfort of my chair in England, I wish all the people in Iran protesting, all the strength and love you need to achieve your dreams.

    You are not alone
  7. the one good thing I can see coming out of this event is that for one of the first times in the world, the people are coming together, regardless of where they are from, regardless of race, culture, belief. People are uniting to help people they dont even know, or have even met. I am an american and to be able to see people from across the world thank others they cant even name is awe inspiring. Keep up the good fight, I hope all stay safe in these terrible circumstances. Peace
  8. Tony C Member

    I sit safe tonight in my living room. There are no sounds of gunfire outside of my windows. There are no shouts of protest, no fires burning, and no bodies in the streets. There are no thugs on motorcycles chasing and shooting at innocent people. There are no signs of any unrest, only the sounds of people out enjoying a summers night. Preparing for the weekend, cooking out, having family and friends over to join them feast. On my television is the sights and sound of the hometown baseball team and its fans enjoying a summer night out at the ball game. My child enjoying a sleep over with one of her friends. Myself amid a two week vacation from work.

    I have sat watching the horrors of the people of Iran on the internet and on my television. I am saddened and horrified by the treatment of the people of Iran by their government. I am also horrified by the lack of importance of human rights and total lack of respect for the people of Iran. The only difference between myself of any citizen of Iran is of geography. We are the same. We are all human beings. We all want to have a happy life, we want have a family, have hobbies and fun, we want to love and be loved. There is no difference other than our location on this earth.

    To the people of Iran, my heart and prayers go out to you. Being half a world away, I cannot do very much in the way of helping you except for teaching my own children that we are all brothers and sisters in this world, and that that we are all miracles of the universe, nothing less. I can also try to fight against ignorance and apathy around me. I fear it is not enough, and pray for a peaceful and sucessfull outcome one day for the people of Iran.

    You are important, and desrve respect.
  9. thank you for your support, all of you. you don't know how much this means for us. your words strengthens our hearts even if we are oceans apart.

    we are prepared to march Saturday, in response to the supreme leader threats. many of us may now live to see another day, he said he won't "guarantee" peoples safety if they go out again, and the reformists leaders will be responsible if "any blood is shed". but we are not afraid. we will make history today.

    Watch us world, if we can not live as free people, we can at least die as such

    thanks again for your words and supports.
  10. I support your movement towards freedom!!!! never forget...... wa are free Americans and we love, and support you!!!
  11. Tony C Member

    You have touched my heart with your words in a way no other ever has. This single post of yours is indeed the most important I have ever read. I find myself in awe of your absolute courage and desire for freedom. I also am thankful for my chance in life to communicate with you.

    Be strong and be safe.
  12. antennae it

    Our freedom was not free, and now YOU are making history!!!!!!! we believe in you, we support you, and we accept you as brothers. our religion may be different but, but as Americans we accept that!!!! pray to who you may..... I am american and I respect you for who and what you are!!!!

    your friend.
  13. Best wishes from Antarctica

    To the people of Iran, your voice has been heard around the world, even as far as the White Continent. I have been inspired by what I have seen you accomplish, and by the photos I saw of protesters evacuating a wounded policeman - one of the men who had opposed them - to safety.

    Those photos speak more eloquently than a thousand speeches.

    From what I gather, most of the police have been hesitant to use deadly force, and all in all my respect for the people of Iran - on both sides of this issue - has risen considerably of late.

    As we celebrate mid-winter today, I will be keeping you in mind. Best of luck.
  14. TheSkySoldier Member

    U.S. House votes 405-1 to condemn the elections

    Yesterday, it was announced that the United States house of Representatives voted to voice their opinions of the electoral crisis in Iran, voting 405 to 1 to condemn the actions of the government's illegal and undemocratic partake in the election process. And while the people of the United States and throughout our government continuously ask that our President join us in supporting a free and democratic Iran, we get no response. Let it be known that although the United States and Iran may have our differences, we support the movement to put Mousavi in his proper place as the new President of Iran and continously request President Ahmadinejad and Aytalloah Khamenei to step down and let the rightful leaders take over.

    From the United States of America, I say "Long live a free, safe, and democratic Iran, where its citizens DO have a voice and CAN rebuild a sound and strong nation of pride and economic success"
  15. Runa Member

    Oh, dear. Are all Iranians so romantic and tragic?

    If you're set on obtaining victory, you'll get it. If in tomorrow's march, the people walking sense that violence might break any minute, they break lines and go back home. You organize a group of strong ties to form a resistence. You'll have to, because the govt. will probably retalliate.

    I believe religion is ingrained in the phsyche of the Iranians, to accept with such resignation the thinly-veiled threat made yesterday by this supreme leader. I'm a bit puzzled by this. Were it to happen here in my country, people would rioting in the streets clashing with the police, asking for the suprem leader's head, for the resignation of 3/4 of the current cabinet, and for the President to be sent to jail. :D. Then again, we don't have the last 30 years of history Iran does.

    Smile. The future looks bright.
  16. know that whatever the outcome, history WILL remember you. the price may be steep, but freedom is something you could enjoy for generations to come.

    you fight for freedom, you fight to become the masters of your own destiny.

    and if the gouvernement cracks down to heavily, i belive the internationnal community will interfere, we can't let the iranian people be beaten into submission.
  17. tiberiandusj Member

  18. Alaska supports Iranian freedom.
  19. Is it alright?

    Ugh, is it alright if I say "Kick Ayatollah's Ass"? Or is that just not the right words?!
  20. Lynx Member

    Figure of speech i suppose so but not literally.

    "kicking ass" is a term often employed to say you are triumphing like "i kicked his ass during a card game" this doesn't mean you walked around the table and kicked him to win the game, only that you played your cards right.
  21. From the US. Some of our ancestors fought for the rights we take for granted today over 200 years ago.

    Our beliefs can be different (for example me, a nonbeliever), our governments can disagree, etc...

    But when it all comes down to it, nothing separates us but a timezone.

    We should all be able to enjoy the rights essential for well-being, and be able to defend those same rights without fear of suppression.

    The attacks on peaceful protesters over the past days in Iran have made me sick, sad, and angry. The Iranian people deserve their rights, and have every right to protest for them, even if the government does not agree.

    I'm not going to sit here and try to tell the Iranians what to do. It's ultimately up to them on what path to choose, but I sincerely hope that freedom is in their immediate future.

    Stay safe, and keep fighting.
  22. Shared history


    I come from Poland and since I was only 6 when communism fell, I don't remember too much of 'old Poladnd', but I know lots of my fathers stories about struggling with security police and censorship. During the marshal law in Poland, when they pull army tanks to the streets against unharmed civilians to protect the regim, all the world had been showing support to Polish nation including president Raegan who kept a candle in the window of White House in memory of all Polish people fighting for their freedom. And I can say for sure, that this kind of support really helped to warm up hearts and feel with hope. In times, when having radio was forbidden, or they put a person to jail for 2 years because of having one leaflet telling the truth.

    Now I am living in a free country and I feel like I owe something to all the people in the world that are in the same situation as we were in Poland more than 20 years ago. We have won our freedom without sheding blood, without firing a single bullet we have overthrown the regim and I know for sure, that Iranian people will also do this!

    It is not the tanks, not the guns, not the secret police that makes the country, but the PEOPLE. And no law, no goverment no any dictator can steal a right of freedom and free speach from anyone, because the history showed many times, that all the regims must fell.

    Greetings from Poland,
  23. Gharib dar ghorbat

    We fully appreciate your sacrifices and we support you 100%. Good luck and keep safe.
  24. Good luck

    I doubt I have the words for this nor do I feel I can make any difference. I am not in any way religious or have I had political inclinations previously. However, I wish you all the best, stay strong and I hope more than I ever have that a real difference is made for you, the people of Iran.
  25. Dear humans

    Unfortunately I am passing my recovery days after open heart surgery,just now
    (6 PM), Iranians are receiving the hot bullets,tear gas,water cannon balls&battons
    because they were walking in silence.

  26. KA

    Not subtle: kick *ss
    Subtle: Google has inserted a green "i" to logo today

    Our thoughts & prayers are with the Persian nation!
  27. Solidarity from the US

    Good luck. Know that we are behind you in spirit, and that what actions we can take that will help, we will.
    Allahu Akbar.
  28. Iran

    Im in iranian living in the US. It makes me sad that iranians are being hurt and treated the way they are for doing what we can so easily do in the US freely (for the most part). I feel proud of being Iranian especially when seeing my people fighting in what they believe in no matter what the bullshit government threatens them with. Peace will never be possible but every hand that raises in its power, is one step closer to near attainability
  29. The people of Iran are incredibly brave to be standing up to the government. With reports coming in of people being shot dead, I admire you. Your passion will not be forgotten.

    We are with you.
  30. Don't Give Up

    My heart goes out to everyone struggling for greater freedom in Iran. Remember that they are only cracking down because they are afraid. Deep down they know they can't stop you. They know the world has changed and refuse to change with it. Stand strong and stand together. Your brave struggle is an inspiration to people around the world. I am an American and although our governments may not get along the people of the US stand behind the people of Iran. The future holds no place for oppressive dinosaurs. Their time is passing, not just in Iran but all over. They can't hold back the tide of change.

    The people united will never be defeated. Don't give up.
  31. My Thoughts and Prayers

    As I too sit in a chair watching everything that is happening on my T.V. from the safety of my home, state, country........ I feel sad, angry and helpless about the Iranian plight to freedom. All I can do is pray for the safety of all the Iranians.--- Know that the whole world sees what is happening and the majority of the free world is behind your plight and sees your sacrifices that are being made to accomplish this great thing we call Freedom.
  32. Primroses Member

    Dear people of Iran,
    My heart breaks for the people of Iran and that you are going thru this and that people are being injured and killed :(
    Though I know that being so far away here in the USA it is not enough sadly all I can do is reach out a hand of friendship and caring for you to hold on line. Please, know what many in the world are watching and concerned and are expressing there feelings of this injustice to the people of Iran to there governments. Protests are taking place in the USA. People are posting from all over the world. Please know you are not alone the world is watching and is angry! Are soldiers are posting that they want to come and help you, Are news is flooded with the small amount of pictures and words getting out of Iran, Are conversations are about you.

    The people not the governments of the world are now uniting for the people of the world. Some beauty is coming out of this and I am so sorry it took this to make it happen...


    As I stare to the heavens I realize that there is a higher entity guiding and that the gift I have is hope and that I need to cherish this and hold it close.
    Just for the time I will hold this hope and try to be kind in a world so full at this time of anger and turmoil.
    Just for this moment I will star into my child's eyes and see the excitement of the world and the beauty within it that he can only see in his eyes for he doesn't see the turmoil.
    For a few moments I will try to remember and re learn innocents and beauty and hold hope close and hope that others also hold this dream.
    For a few moments I will stare at the sky and wonder how many at this moment are doing the same all over this world.
    Hope, dreams and beauty. Is this to much to dream. It is now to far away to grasp and hold again for all of us...
    For today I will care for everyone and look into the eyes that many rush past and not just pass by I will smile at them.
    Today I will break this silence that we all share ... and express a care that is seeming to be lost.
    This world is the home of are children .. Vast the distance between us at times yet distance should not diminish the care and thought some have forgotten yet this I shall not...
    Are world, are children, are hope, are caring, are love, are life...
    some thing to many forgetting to cherish...
    For this moment I will raise my hands and hope that others are no longer forgetting and smile
    and keep this moment of hope and caring for the world and its people alive in myself forever..

    May what ever gods you believe in bless and hold you all!

  33. This thread should be called Blessings from The World, for it is the brave men and women of Iran who deserve all of the praise for taking up the fight of freedom. The world may never again know bravery and strength of spirit as is shown right now, and from the bottom of my soul, may God bless each and every one of you. I have now donated all the bandwidth I can to Tor so that you brave protesters might have just a little better of a chance to communicate, to organize - it is truly the least I can do.

    May God guide you on your journey towards a better future, from an American Christian.
  34. atmasabr Member

    Original poster, thank you for your kind words. We will do what we can. I cannot promise peace between us or our countries if you fail, but for your sakes I pray that God turns my heart if I ever support a war. I won't forget.

    The truth is, sometimes I feel so crushed by how little we in the US can do that I want to put myself at God's mercy. Please don't die. It is not too late for Khamenei and your other leaders to choose peace. You give me a little more hope if our prayers are reaching you. Is it safe to tell your families?

    Have faith, even if it looks like God is turning against you. Stay close to God, so that you know what He is telling you, and let that comfort you.
  35. Iran

    God bless you for your courage and commitment for freedom. You are in our prayers. USA citizen
  36. 20 june protests

    Thanks for all your kind words and supports. we truly appreciate it
    yesterday, Saturday 20 June protests was faced with terrible security forces and Basij. we resisted, we took hits but held our heads high and in most of places drove them back (they numbered more than protesters in some places). reports are of at least 25 dead and probable 150 and thousand wounded. the hospitals are not safe anymore because Basij forces come and arrest the wounded in hospitals. many foreign embassies opened their doors to receive wounded, we took most of them to these embassies instead of hospitals.

    helicopters poured down chemical thingies on people. at first we thought it was boiling water. but later after unusual burns we realized its some kind of chemical. probably tear gas crystals in water. imagine, they are pouring liquid tear gas on the people! there was tear gas, water canons and shooting everywhere.

    look at this video. A Basij memeber shoot a young girl through the heart. she is dying under her father's hand. the one with blue and white strip shirt is her father. he is comforting her, calling her "daddy,stay calm, its alright" as blood pours out of her nose,eyes,ears and she dies... dont look if you cant take it. you judge for yourself what kind of monsters we are dealing with here.

    [ame=]YouTube - Iran Election June 20, 2009 A girl shot by a basij member in Kargar Ave, Tehran Iran[/ame]

    Mousavi came into the crowd and supported them.

    we answered Khameini, the supreme leader. now he can go to hell, i guess he has no where else to go.

    thanks again for all your supports.
  37. We still sleep here in America and Europe, but I can see by my clock that you fighters in Iran are just waking up - preparing, no doubt, for another day-long incursion against injustice. I simply cannot thank you enough; the world cannot thank you enough. Stay strong, for the billions of the world are with you. For God is with you.
  38. I can't imagine the strength it must take to go on fighting with the inevitable danger and inhumanity over there. You all are remarkable and the world will remember this.

    I wish there was more I could do to help. Sitting here, reading about the atrocities...hearing about people my own age, just out of school, like me, and thinking about the hopes and dreams you all must have...I wish I could be there to help you. I wish there was more we all were doing or could do.

    Know that you are in my thoughts, and the thoughts of my friends. Please keep yourselves safe as much as you can.
  39. Our government might not speak out in absolute favor of the suporters but rest assured we citizens are with the brave Iranians fighting for their freedom.
  40. My American/Christian heart and prayers are with you

    To all people putting their lives in danger for the freedom all mankind deserves, we love you, our prayers and thoughts are with you. You inspire the rest of the world with your courage and bravery. May the Lord please bless you with success and bless Neda's family for sacrificing their amazingly beautiful daughter and sister for freedom, sweet freedom.

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