Blessings from Iran

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  1. My thoughts and heart are with you all in Iran who are standing up for your freedom! I would stand next to you if I could. Instead I shall spread the word as much as possible. Much love from colorado!
  2. From a Friend in the U.S.

    To All My Brothers & Sisters in Iran,

    On May 4th, 1970 elements of the United States Army Reserve fired on protesters at Kent State University in Ohio. Four students were killed and nine were wounded. All of the dead and wounded were citizens of the United States. No individual or group of individuals were held legally responsible. Yet, in the end democracy prevailed and the administration of our president, Richard Nixon, was brought down. Though Nixon resigned on other charges, the wave of anger grew because of the shootings at Kent State University.

    Such will happen in Iran. It is inevitable. What you are doing is sowing the seeds of justice. Those seeds will bear fruit. Some of you may not live to see it, but most of you will. You have more friends than you realize. May God be with you.

    A Friend
  3. United, it feels good

    Your revolution is everyone's revolution, esp. that of us who lost ours decades ago. You hold the torch for civilization.
  4. On Self-evident Truths

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    My heart burns with passion as I struggle to scrape one more piece of information about the happenings in Iran. I love each and every one of you so much, my brothers and sisters in Iran that my heart aches at the every line I read, every video I see about your struggle. Even if your struggle fails to reach it's ultimate end, know that you have achieved change. Because of you I am a changed person and all around the world many are changed because of your courage.

    I live so close to you. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. And I feel, only if I could, I would just reach over and touch you. I feel your struggle is my struggle. I feel I belong right next to you on the street, being beaten by buttons or shot through the heart. But I am at a loss on what I can do besides running Tor.

    I feel your struggle is the struggle for basic human dignity. Something so desperately needed by so many millions/billions of this world. Your struggle is the struggle to lead a life becoming of a human being. It is the eternal struggle of all simple people, who make simplest, most basic of demands.

    Nothing is more obvious to me then the fact that your oppressors are nothing but selfish and petty men, and their only concern is their sense of power, which in fact they are desperately lacking in character. Their character is pathetic and their struggle is based on the disgusting premise of a love of power and absolutely no moral standing whatsoever.

    If you ever cross the border, because of necessity or hopefully because of choice, know that here you have brothers and sisters, who see you, who love you, who pray for you.

    Allahu Ekber!
  5. Greetings from USA! I have studied in my own countries history books of how we fought so hard for our freedom, and even when it looked like there was no hope left, we continued to fight and in the end, justice prevailed. I pray it will be the same for Iran. The sacrifices people make for freedom had never been real to me until recently, when i saw the Iranian people making the same sacrifices. One thing i have heard from several countries is that you are so brave, braver than we could ever hope to be. People view you as heroes, someone to look up to. The entire world is on your side! I pray for your safety and for your victory. I look forward to the day when i can be in an online forum with iranians, and the topic wont be brokenhearted over so much tragedy, but just two human beings chatting and being friends.
    - a supporter from Texas, USA
  6. Its just the begining

    thanx again for all your supports and words. you give us the will to continue. it is good to know even if the victory is faraway, our actions inspire someone out there. it is good to know that the bloods we shed everyday, the pains, is watched by someone who can see the meaning behind it.

    thank you world, pray for us, pray that Persia can take its rightful place among others in the world and contribute its own share to humanity.
  7. I truly hope that someday we can all meet in the streets of a free Iran.
  8. I wish I could tell each and every one of you that in a week, a month, or a year, you'd be living in a free Iran, a country that wouldn't act to quell all forms of dissent with violence.

    I can not promise you that.

    I wish I could promise you that no one would die needlessly, that the blood would not have been spilt in vain.

    I can not promise you that.

    I wish I could promise that, throughout the ages to come, people everywhere would know of your bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.

    I can not promise you that.

    What I can promise is that, so long as my heart beats in my chest, at least one person knows and remembers.

    What I can offer is the humble appreciation of a fellow human living worlds away, physically and socially.

    I hope that my modest awe and humble efforts to spread the word are enough, as I have little more to offer.

    May we one day meet in Tehran, or London, or Cairo, or Sydney, or Beijing, or Washington.

    Peace by upon you all.
  9. From Texas, our hearts and our prayers are with you, Iran. We will not forget you.
    Your hard earned freedom will come!
  10. Peace to Iran

    84% of the electorate voted in Iran. So called western democrazies could never achieve this. Now there are people in Iran electing for freedom with their blood. There are degrees of separation, yet we are as one. There are degrees of oppression and degrees of realisation and where the two meet there is (r)evolution.

    Peace to the people of Iran and may they win.
  11. heidir Member

    my heart is with the brave people of Iran

    You make all of humanity proud! -- an american

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