Blind Gossip Hints that Travolta's Are Next to Divorce!

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Internetzin Member

    All righty taking bets now, How long until Kelly Preston dumps him like.a hot rock? She has got a rep to protect after all she see herself as next COB!
  2. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    It's like Never Never Land, only he gives Xenu Juice to masseuses.
  5. Anonymous Member

    There oughta be a "Vomit" button, next to "Dumb".
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The Daily Crabbie: John Travolta's Alleged Gay Lover Doug Gotterba Told His Boring Story To The Enquirer

    Doug Gotterba is a 62-year-old gay former pilot who says he was John Travolta's on-off fuck buddy back in the '80s before Travolta got heavy into Scientology. In an interview with the Enquirer Gotterba claims he met Travolta in '81 and quickly kindled a hot hot hot sexual relationship with the actor. He says Travolta whisked him away to a resort in Carmel and fed him dinner and then invited him up for a massage that turned into gay fucking. He calls Travolta's fucking "gentle but very passionate." He also says Travolta once talked about making a sex tape and also enjoyed cavorting with multiple men.

    Wait, you mean Travolta used to be fun? But what the hell happened? Oh right. He met Kelly Preston and got into Scientology. Gotterba says the last time he ever saw Travolta was in '91 after John had retreated into the closet. He says he asked Travolta if he preferred men or women and Travolta answered that he still preferred men. But I thought Scientology cured the gay? I guess that explains all the masseurs. John still needs a few more treatments so he can be totally straight like L. Ron Hubbard (who absolutely DID NOT molest little boys on his boat no matter what anyone says). So sad John. You could've had an awesome life of putting your dick wherever you wanted without shame. But instead you chose quack religious nonsense and borderline sexual assault as an outlet for your unwanted desires. But at least you get to fly planes!
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  8. muldrake Member

    Oh, I dunno, this is pretty camp.

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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    He should have done Battlefield Earth like that. Far more terrifying.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    This was posted on one of the cult's YouTube accounts:

    WNBC 27 August 2012 John Travolta/Kelly Preston at Scientology Celebrity Centre Gala

    Published on Aug 30, 2012 by scientologymedia

    Extra (excerpt) 27 Aug 2012

    John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston dancing up a storm at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center anniversary gala. The couple telling "Extra" the center has helped them through tough times in their lives.

    John Travolta: "On my most stressful days I can come here and by the time I walk out, I am a different person."

    Kelly Preston: "It's just a perfect little safe place to be able to flourish as an artist."

    Comments are disabled for this video.
  11. RightOn Member

    ooh! So COS likes the press being there. When it's to their advantage. I wonder if they demanded the long shot to show how many people were there. LOL
    And is that what EXTRA calls "dancing up a storm"? pfft!

    Screen grabs and shoops! oh you talented people on WWP! do eeet!

    ANd JT speaks the truth!
    "by the time I walk ou of here, I am a different person"
    indeed Johnny! Indeed!
  12. Bipolart Member

    Flourish as an artist??? She sounded like such a snob.
    He's a different person? He goes in John Travolta, and comes out Elton John.
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  13. RightOn Member

    lol!!! Bippy! perfect!
    And why does he look like he sleeps in a coffin now?
    he looks so alien/vampire like now
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  14. Florish as an artist? Girl hasn't made a good movie in decades (arguably ever; drugstore cowboy was entertaining but it didn't take much chops to play a bitch, did it Kelly?) and she makes herself sound like a bloody Barrymore or Redgrave or something. La-ti-dah.

    And Travolta is reaching George Hamilton territory. He looks like a faded gigolo version of his former self.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Her greatest flourish as an artist:
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  16. Bipolart Member

    Not even a low-cut top.
    There is nothing to see here, please move along.
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  19. RightOn Member

  20. Thanks!
  21. RightOn Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Actually, given Travolta's proclivities, it's more likely Elton went into him.
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  24. muldrake Member

    John Travolta: "On my most stressful days I can come here and by the time I walk out, I am a different person still gay but at least I've had a blowjob."

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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Travolta's hair is distracting because it looks so fake, like a painted tennis ball.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. I know! At least elton wears good wigs.

    As for the EJ/JT juxtaposition, lets be fair. At the same age Elton was somewhat easier on the eyes as well.


    And he's got more brains than Travolta could ever had, even post scientology JT is not known for his IQ.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I guess they didn't have dentists in England in the 70s.
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  29. failboat Member

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  30. Anonymous Member


    I counted only 3 celebs at that "gala" - John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Erica Christensen.

    Have other celeb's abandoned the cult.......or did they just dive under the tables when the photographers were there?
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  31. Internetzin Member

    Gotta be careful with those table hiding celebs, theys smart!
  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta's Lover Feels Bad For Kelly Preston!

    Aww, John Travolta's alleged gay lover of 6 years feels sorry for Johnny's lady-beard wife Kelly Preston!

    Doug Gotterba has been dropping so many John Travolta sexy-time secrets, it's like they were hot potatoes!

    The pilot even divulged that Johnny asked him to make a sex tape starring the two beefy men to satisfy John's insatiable sexual urges!

    But now Doug is shining the light on the woman who has stayed loyally by John's side throughout every gay scandal - and goodness there have been A LOT!

    Doug expresses:

    &quot;I feel bad for Kelly, she's obviously in the middle of it… How can you not be aware of it? &quot;[On meeting John after their affair ended] I just said, 'So John tell me, do you still prefer men or women now that you're married?' And he answered me, 'Well, Doug, I still prefer men.' And I said, 'Okay.'&quot;

    And IF these claims are true, we also wonder how Kelly could ignore such blatant infidelity…

    Perhaps she doesn't really care? Or maybe she's blanketing herself in denial?

    We hear Scientology hands out that shit fo' free!

    Check out some pics of John and Kelly looking all couple-y throughout the years (below) and decide for yourself whether their love seems more genuine than forced! [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]

  33. anonanchovie Member

    She is a better actor than him. She a least acts the part of a woman in love with her man. He always looks like he is shying away from her, like he doesn't to contract female cooties or sumphink...

    I never met Preston, but I would surmise that she a cold and calculating person. I would guess that she has JT by the short and curly's and that she loyally reports back every move to mini nasty midget, David Miscavige. ( Where is Shelly, David?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I'll betcha Xenu is gay, just like Jesus.
  35. Anonymous Member

    But Mormon Jesus had three wives!

    But then, so did Tom Cruise.
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  36. failboat Member

    Anybody buy the issue? I'd love to see the photo album. Please tell me someone has the issue and will scan and upload images...
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I saw it at the newsstand of the checkout at my local grocer today, it is the September 10, 2012 issue.
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta Sucks Up To Kelly Preston With Parisian B-Day Bash! |


    John Travolta is making up for his gay-dramaz BIG TIME!!

    For the past year, Kelly Preston has surely been mortified by the slew of men claiming to have first hand knowledge of husband's love for peen.

    For putting up with all that bullshiz, Johnny throwing his wifey a crazyass Birthday celebration in Paris!

    Party insiders tell us:

    "John is flying a small group of friends — mainly couples — to Paris and is putting them up at one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Four Seasons George V. The five-star hotel, that is just steps from the Champs-Elysées, rents rooms for no less than $1,200 a night."

    Yep, that'll do it!

    We spotted the couple in out Paree Monday, smiling as if they didn't have a care (or sexual assault allegation) in the world! (See pic above!)

    Whether Johnny-boy likes playing with other guy's Grease Lightings or not, it's clear Kelly really means a lot to him!

    Happy 50th gurl! You deserve to have a GREAT time!

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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta Triumphs Against Author of 'Bathhouse Sex' Book |

    John Travolta just won a big legal victory against the author of a book who claims the actor frequented gay bathhouses ... TMZ has learned.

    You'll recall, Travolta was sued for libel by Robert Randolph -- the author of "You'll Never Spa in This Town Again" -- who claimed Travolta and his lawyer conspired to discredit him and his book by spreading lies about his mental health.

    Randolph's beef stems from a letter fired off and allegedly leaked by Travolta's lawyer Marty Singer, which stated Randolph suffers from mental problems -- and claimed his book was packed with lies.

    The judge dismissed the case today -- agreeing with Travolta and Singer's lawyer Lynda Goldman -- ruling the letter was a legitimate part of the legal dispute over the book, and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

    Translation -- Travolta and Singer can't be sued over what was written.

    Source and comments:
  40. Anonymous Member

    The judge suffers from mental problems.
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